Krix watches The Matrix: Revisited
Part 1

My pre-order comes in a day early and I have to go to work before I can even open it up. Time creeps by for several hours and then I drive WAY too fast to get home. I finally get there, make a big salad, grab a Sam Adams from the fridge, and pop the tape in (yes, you heard me, TAPE. I like my visual input linear...really).
First off, there's not 10 minutes of previews, thank god.
We open on a behind-the scenes shot and there's Laurence, playing harmonica in between takes of the Dojo scene.
How cool is he?
Then we get Keanu, in a neck brace holding out his
sweaty t-shirt for Larry Wachowski to inhale deeply.
"It smells like Kung-Fu" he says. Hee! I suddenly have the need to know what kung-fu smells like.
Then there's a rapid fire montage of our favorite scenes from the movie but with shots of the cameras and everything that goes on outside the frame. A LOT  goes on in these opening minutes including
Larry W. having some sort of fit, or maybe he's playing around or demonstrating something…I can't tell.
I definitely get the sense that this movie was a lot of fun to make.

"'It smells like Kung-Fu'
Keanu says. Hee!
I suddenly have the need to know what Kung-fu smells like"

Keanu does a raised eyebrow thing in the Oracle's kitchen and I squeal with delight. My cat looks at me like I'm insane.
OH! Nipple shot. I scream this time. My cat leaves the room..
Some really twitchy techno plays throughout this and I'm just starting to really groove and then the first of the "documentary" scenes opens with some WB bigwig telling us that while he didn't actually go out and
BUY his own private island when The Matrix was presented to him, he DID start shopping around.

Next, there is a bit on training for the Matrix 2&3… we see the Brothers W. enter the soundstage triumphantly.
As triumphant as backwards ball caps and jean shorts will allow, anyway.
This is followed by a lot of short clips of a lot of
important people saying very important things. Isn't Joel Silver a billionaire yet? I'm shocked they put him on a couple milk crates outside some trailers to do his segments. They must be cleaning the Black Velvet painting of Jet Li in his office today.
Soon we hear Keanu and Carrie-Ann (who looks cute as a bug in a knit cap and wrapped in a blanket) telling us about what it was like when they showed up to do the first picture. A big warehouse, WHAT? No coffee maker? I'd SO be on the phone to someone. Hugo talks more of the "
dinky-ness" of the surroundings..
Geoff Darrow, whose mind gave us the sentinels and all kinds of other creepy details of the atmosphere of The Matrix compares it to the difference between "
Working at NASA and working in a cave"
If that's the case, if The Matrix came from "a cave", then we may all be bleeding from the ears if our minds try and grasp what "NASA" gives us in 2&3.
I'm not going to re cap everything , but it looks like everyone involved has some really high expectations for these next films. Fortunately, I also sense that everyone's level of
commitment and enthusiasm to realize these goals is up to the task. It must be an extremely energizing atmosphere to work in, I'm charged just watching.
Oh and can I say now,
HUGE crushes on both brothers W. They TOTALLY remind me of the guys I was in computer class in high school with. Except for the earrings.
Keanu talks about the character and of the philosophy behind the picture. Tells us about
Baudrillard. He really gets passionate about what Thomas Anderson was searching for and why and how, and there's such a fire in his eyes. Paired with the fact it looks like he doesn't own a hairbrush, he truly looks like a mad genius for a moment.
I love it when he gets like that.
The Wachowskis use
Las Vegas as an example of simulacra, it's very deep and I can't wait to discuss it with them some day. (Hey I live here!! It's not THAT unreal…..oh OK it is.)
OK  things are moving fast now so I am just going to break down the next few segments by title and throw a few comments around.
[The screenplay] Laurence got it, why can't everybody? Here's a simple solution, you don't have to get it. Just trust the Wachowskis, people. And you, Carrie-Ann…just be sure your butt looks good in that PVC.
[The Road to The Matrix] WB guy tells us about Bound. Bill Pope likes the W's
Everyone has doubts the brothers can make a 65 million dollar movie work. Fools. You'll see.
[Storyboards] Geoff Darrow is a genius. Geoff Darrow is a freak. He's also a big cuddly teddy bear.
Who draws like a madman.
[The Look of the Matrix] Interesting segment. Every color, every fabric, every wall had a specific and purposeful look and feel. Green for the Matrix. Blue for the real world.
Next we get a look at just how large and complex the sets are. And how true to the vision they were.
John Gaeta wants to turn them into
nightclubs. Keanu and Owen Paterson talk more about simulation.
[Costumes] Kym Barret is so cool. And how lucky to get to dress everyone in this movie. I bet she had to measure inseams and everything.

Next up: Visual effects and more in Part 2
(plus more pictures once I charge some AA's)

Part 2 Visual effects and training!

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