June 13, 2006

Recently, thanks to the upcoming films' promotion and the world's most popular psuedo-personal ad ever produced by a publicist, Keanu's getting a lot of search engine attention, bringing new folks and fans to the site.

It's also brought a few fruitbats that I don't have time to clean up after, so I'm going to turn off all comments for the time being.

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August 04, 2005
I hope you know that this will go down on your Permanent Record


Of all the films archived in the Backlot, Permanent Record has gotten the most attention. It seems the song sung at the end of the film, Wishing on Another Lucky Star has a special place in the hearts of many people all over the world. Early on in the comments there were requests for a copy of the song and a helpful fan passed along J.D. Souther's version. Then when the film was recently released on DVD, another fan sent me a copy of Jennifer Rubin singing it captured right from the movie. Most recently, another talented fan took the time to work out the chords and share them so fans could pick up their guitars and play the song themselves. For that, to get the mp3's, and to read the comments from fans about it all, go to the PR entry at the Backlot. It's a shame that I've had to close comments at the Backlot due to spammers because it's pretty neat how folks came together around the movie and the song.

Oh, and the title of this entry gives me a nice little segue into mentioning that I'm going to see The Violent Femmes tonight!

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November 09, 2004
late for my own party!

Holy shit.

Today's keanuvision.com's 3rd Birthday.

That means I'll be taking content submissions of wallpapers, other assorted graphics, poems etc and sharing them. I'll have to scare up some goodies to give away, and we'll just extend it all through tomorrow.

Send me submissions to me at:

keanuvisionary at gmail dot com

It also means I'm down on my knees and thanking every single one of you for supporting and visiting the site. I know it's been slow lately, and I'm going to try and kick myself into gear I swear.


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September 27, 2004
it's monday


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September 01, 2004
spoofers love joel

Back when I was sucking up to Matrix producer, Joel Silver, I created an "i love joel @ keanuvision . com" joke address. Today I've received virus bounces and webcam spam from this address, so it's out there being spoofed. If you get any email from this domain, please just delete it. Thanks.

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July 14, 2004
for the record...

I just just want to clarify that the poster using the login "keanuvision" over at the Reeves Drive Forums is not me. It doesn't seem like their intent was malicious or anything, but I'd hate for there to be any misunderstanding.

Thanks to the person that called my attention to it.

update: It was an honest mistake, she didn't know and offered to change it. All is well and thanks.

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June 18, 2004
change of address

belly! belly! I want to pfffbbbt it! - Rizzo pic from Club-Keanu

Due to an annoying amount of spam and viruses I've begun to receive, I'm going to have to retire my krix at keanuvision dot com email. Please remove both it and blog at keanuvision dot com from your address books.

Thanks to the wonderful Kat, I have a brand new shiny Gmail address, so please use it if you need to reach me.

keanuvisionary at gmail dot com

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May 28, 2004
Awww, you guys

Thanks for submitting keanuvision as a candidate for Movies.com's Best Actor Fan Site Award.

I'm pretty sure I say "fuck" way too much to get past the final nominee approval squad, but it's nice that you thought of me.

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March 19, 2004
minor tweak

I've added the buzznet thumbnails to the top of the page.
This is just for the weekend so if you check in to see what's up you don't have to scroll down.

It's kind of off-topic right now, but it'll be really cool tomorrow night when there's a row of pics from Spaceland.

That's Roi and Dave up there by the way.

Both single.

I'm just sayin'

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March 05, 2004
I'm feeling rather pointy

Yes, I'm messing with the header graphic. It will likely change several times before I find something I'm happy with.

Kind of like my hair color.

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February 19, 2004
help with broken images

I'm hearing more from people that are coming to the site only to find a bunch of little red x's where the images should be. I've done a little digging and hopefully this will help.

(First off, let me say that this information is taken straight from this site and I just changed the names to apply here. So thank you to them. Yay, Sailor Moon fans.)

Anyway, if this broken image thing is happening to you, the problem is likely that your connection is blocking the HTML_Refferal command. You may be behind a firewall (and not even know it), and so your machine is not sending the proper information to the keanuvision.com server.

The HTTP_REFERER information tells the server where it is making the request from. In a normal case, the HTTP_REFERER may read "http://www.keanuvision.com", telling the server that the request for an image is indeed coming from a valid URL, and keanuvision will then send the image. If the URL is NOT a keanuvision URL, or, if the information is blank, keanuvision's servers will NOT send an image.

There are some programs that will blank out the HTTP_REFERER field. One that is particularly causing problems seems to be Norton Internet Firewall.

To fix this, open your Internet Security. Click "Options", select "Internet Security", then "Advanced Options." "Add Site", and enter "keanuvision.com" Select the site and click on the "Privacy" tab, and Set All options to Permit. Click "Apply" and you're ready.

If that's too simple and you want something technical and confusing, here's Norton's page about it.

I hope this works.

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January 27, 2004
Golden Globe clip no longer available


The Clips are no longer available

Thank you to Anja

also...PLEASE update your virus software, kids.
There's a new bug in town and I've had to delete everything in my inbox that had an attachment. Grisoft.com has free antivirus software if you need it.

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December 31, 2003
2003? Rawked.

it was a very good year

In the hype-proclaimed Year of The Matrix, I was happy to Take the Red Pill, but I refused to be spoiled or to be Warner Brothers' bitch.
I was, however, Joel's for the taking. Ultimately, none of my suck-uppery did any good, and the only way I got to the Reloaded Premiere was in my dreams.

You'd think the high point of the year would be seeing Keanu in person and shaking his hand, and while that was definitely not sucky, it's really just one of the outstanding memories I have of 2003.

With the release of Reloaded, traffic jumped, and I stressed out over bandwidth and down time. The solution was an upgrade and I can't express how grateful I am to you all for the success of the virtual garage sale to cover the expense and then some. Some of that surplus went to finally get a scanner which is fun to play with and also enhanced my creative output immensely, and some was spent on something I never thought I'd have the chance to experience...

I got to see Keanu Reeves play hockey. That rawked.

What else?....

2003 saw the end (no pun intended)of Ass Friday, but the beginning of the Keanu Mix project.

And speaking of music, it seems that the light from the Dogstar finally flickered out this year.

But, Keanu thumps on, with becky, and I've been very fortunate to be able to see them live a few times.

2003 was quite the year for Keanu as well, in addition to the new band and the promotion for Reloaded and Revolutions he shot Something's Gotta Give, and Thumbsucker and of course, is currently working on Constantine.

Ah, Constantine.
Thanks to Keanu being in this film I've not only spent over a hundred dollars on freaking comic books, but I've met some intelligent and interesting blokes at the Straight-to-Hell Hellblazer forums. I've also grown increasingly enthusiastic about the film, while growing to love the comic as well. Waffles anyone?

I know that I've missed some things so feel free to point out any egregious omissions or just your favorite memory of 2003 in the comments.

Most of all it's just been a great year of Keanu-luv and friendship.
I don't see how 2004 will be able to improve on this year, but somehow I know it will.

And I'm looking forward to it.

Have I told you all lately that you fucking RAWK? \m/

You do.
So very much.

Happy New Year.


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November 17, 2003
looks like I'll have to dig my tiara and kneepads out of storage

Well, this is a nice suprise....

CLICK here and Vote It seems I'm a nominee for a Women.com Groupie Award for Best Keanu Fan Site.
Other nominees are Keanuweb, A Keanuholic, Keanuville and Yummy Keanu.

If you'd like to vote for me, just click on the graphic and go to the page and scroll down to the little poll thingy.

I sort of wonder how they arrived at the nominees because it's not really a contest without Club-Keanu or Reeves Drive or several others up there, but in any case, it's a nice little write up.

This fan site takes the form of a Web log with daily postings, including pictures, poetry (check out "Ode to Keanu"), wallpaper and more. Enjoy the really personal feel of this site, as other Keanu groupies send in pictures and even create special graphics to celebrate the "birthday" of the Website.

Actually it's an Ode to his belly scar, but since they mention the site's birthday and all the contributions from you, it's cool.

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November 10, 2003
Of course you're all winners, but the keanuvison birthday drawing prizes go to....

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

eeeee! I was so nervous! Congrats to the winners :)

Keanu Celeb photos
RedKitt & R.J. Girl

Dogstar Quattro Formaggi CD
Janice & Ale

Revolutions Soundtrack CD
BakedNudel & Zen

Reloaded DVD
BritJams & Renee452

Again, thank you all for the great birthday celebration, I wish I had a ton more stuff to give away.

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November 09, 2003
If I had cockles they'd be warm

*hand to heart*

I just want to thank everyone for you submissions today and your comments every day. The domain has been renewed until 2005 so you're stuck with me at least until then, probably longer.

I'd also like to give a shout-out and a thank you to my webhost, Jennifer of WebSpun Consulting. For helping me get the site started two years ago, and for being a great friend and patient admin (especially when I call her at home freaking out about something).

Thank you for all your kind words and support, I'm so glad that I could make keanuvision something that I could be proud of and that others would enjoy.

And thank you to Keanu.
Without him, this would just be a blank page.

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Let's get this party started - Deux

ooooh, swanky!

Thank you to Wendy of skittish.org for this fantastic SimKeanu and SimKrix, ready to celebrate keanuvision's 2nd birthday in style.

And I'm going to make this the official give-away entry as well.
Here's how that's going to work....

Everyone who submits something and everyone that leaves a "Happy Birthday" comment on this entry up until midnight PST tonight will have their name put into a hat* and I will draw names to give away:

  • 2 Reloaded DVDs
  • 2 Revolutions Soundtrack CDs
  • 2 Dogstar Quattro Formaggi CDs
  • 2 pairs of Keanu celebrity photographs

Show me some love :)


*On Monday at the office, I'm going to print out the names/emails of everyone and then fold them up and put them into most likely a Big Gulp cup or something since I won't have an actual hat. I will do an audblog live as I draw the names. Multiple comments do not get multiple entries, but those who send in submissions can also leave a comment for two chances to win something. You can't win twice, but your odds are better if you send me something pretty.

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November 08, 2003
Guess what tomorrow is?

Tomorrow is keanuvision.com's 2nd birthday!
Yep, on November 9th, 2001 I finally became a dot com. I had a wallpaper site on Geocities for a while before that and technically started blogging on the old blogspot blog in September, moved to Movable Type the following May...yadda yadda, so in order to avoid confusion (and also domain expiration is a handy reminder), November 9th is the official day to celebrate.

How am I going to celebrate? By taking the day off and letting you supply the content.

From now until sometime tomorrow (let's say noonish, my time PST) I will take submissions of wallpapers, digital collages, other edits (including arty ones like the one from Shelly of Ashton-Kutcher.net below or silly ones like these magazine spoofs), drawings, poetry, lyrics/song parodies or anecdotes (as in "the funny thing my friends and I did to get a Neo standee from Blockbuster" or "The time I loaned Keanu my lighter outside the Viper room").

sunshine by shelly

Submission guidelines below....

Send all submissions to KEANUVISIONARY@AOL.COM. Put the word "birthday" in the subject line. Please do not send to my regular email.

Sending images:

  • Only one image per email. AOL puts multiple images into a zip-file, and I don't want to have to download mysterious zips. If you use that incredimail thing, have stationary or images in your sig, please turn it off, because it will read as multiple images. You can submit more than one thing, but do it in separate emails.

  • Images MUST be in .JPG or .GIF format (preferably JPG)No BMP or TIFF or any other weird files, please. Also, please make sure the file doesn't have to be resized. It should not be bigger than my screen.

  • PLEASE put a signature ON the actual image, down in the corner or something. Use your name, your screen name, whatever you want but if I get a lot of these I'm just going to put them all in a web album and upload it and I'm HIGHLY disorganized and I want to make sure everyone knows who did what.

  • Take a little time, don't just put an "emboss" filter on a pic and send it. (Actually, don't use the "emboss" filter at all. It's an UGLY effect). Send something you're proud of.

  • If you have sent me something in the past, please re-send (add the sig, please) it if you still have it. Like I've said, I'm really freaking disorganized and probably still have what you sent in a folder called "stuff2sort03" somewhere, but I can't find it.

  • BLOGGERS! This ain't just for Keanu fans. I know you got the graphic skills to go to the spoony category, pick a pretty picture and make me a damn birthday card.

Sending poetry, etc:

  • Copy and Paste your submission into the body of the email, do not attach a document.

  • Make sure you use plain text or a simple font. Ariel/Verdana 10 or 12 point is perfect. No scripty, giant or "baby-blue on a white page", please.

  • If it's an original poem/lyrics, format it like this:

    Roses are red
    Violets are not
    I love Keanu
    He makes me so hot

    -by Your Name Here

  • If you parody lyrics, please let me know the song and artist of the original, because I live under a rock and don't know my Pink from my Evanessance.

Also since birthdays are also all about the presents, I'm going to go through my stuff and find some things to give away. For sure there will be a couple Quattro Formaggi CDs and some Bill and Ted trading cards.

If anyone has questions about submissions, leave a comment.
Please hold your birthday greetings until tomorrow.

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November 02, 2003
Sunday is for cocktails

It's noon somewhere! (pic from the daily thud)

I'm getting ready to go meet Marcie of Dogs Don't Purr at Quark's Bar for some midday cocktails of the Romulan Ale variety. I might be smuggling little co-pilot Neo in to intimidate some Klingons.

I would take Lobby or Dojo, but they are too busy mocking and playing mind games with Real World Neo, aka "Dickie" for his bad hair and worse fashion sense.

I would have introduced "Dickie" (a cruel nickname, foisted on him by Lobby due to his cheesy sweater design) sooner, but he really hasn't integrated well with the boys and frankly, we like to not air our little family dysfunctions in public.

Anyhoo, how about a couple links?

Thanks Joy for letting me know that E! online has a whole lotta Matrix and Keanu goin' on, and here's another article that I haven't even read for for fear of spoilage (I'll come back and click it on Wednesday). I like the title though, "Keanu's Hard Drive", because you know.....I'm twelve (insert "software" joke here).

And now, I'm off to go drinking and schmoozing.

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October 22, 2003
I may be benevolent, but I am still a dictator

Augh! (thank you to the Daily Thud for this pic)

Yeah, I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to this site. I've put a lot of work into it because I wanted to have a place where I (and other fans) could express appreciation for Keanu's movies and music, and adore him as a gifted and fascinating and beautiful man without having to deal with gossip, tabloid tales, and stalkerazzi images. So I keep that kind of thing off of here and ask that guests do the same.

I reserve the right to delete and edit comments that I find inappropriate, offensive or just plain tacky.

I rarely use it. I rarely have the need. But when it does happen, the sword of deletion will be swift and clean and if I'm in a good mood and the poster leaves a valid email address, I might even write them and explain why their comment was removed.
I might also be a bit more lenient towards regular commenters (editing rather than outright deletion) than with someone whose first post crosses the line right off, but the harsh reality is if it's personal, gossipy or otherwise inappropriate it will be deleted.

This is not to say that you should be afraid to comment if you are new to this site, but please....use good judgement. If it's something that you wouldn't want strangers speculating and discussing about you in a public forum, then it's probably not OK. His personal life, family, friends are all off limits. These are things that none of us know anything about and we don't need to in order to appreciate him, his acting or his music. Most fans know how private he is. Just read or watch an interview where any personal subject is brought up. He won't discuss these things because he doesn't feel they should be up for discussion and I try and respect that. And I ask that if you are going to leave a comment on my site, that you do the same.

Respect each other as well.
Attacking or insulting/flaming is also a no-no. Opinions can differ, but don't let it degrade into name-calling or other basic rudeness.

Leaving a comment for the sake of promoting your group or website is tacky and inappropriate. Doing it multiple times is spamming and will get you deleted and your IP banned.

Believe me, I know the difference between someone who has something to sincerely contribute to the discussion and who is just self-promoting.

Also, leaving unrelated frivolous comments just because you like to see your words on the screen is really not making a worthwhile contibution to the discussion, so please don't.

If you double/triple/etc post due to a browser glitch or something don't worry about it, I'll fix it when I see it. No need to add an additional "oops I double posted!" comment. That just makes more for me to clean up.

There is no need to sign your comments, your name is automatically put in the "posted by" place at the bottom. Also please don't "decorate" your name when you enter it in the box.

"Binky" is fine
"Binky!" is also fine
"~*~***Binky***~*~" is really not as cute as you think it is, just don't.

The comments for an entry are closed after seven days.

If you have a problem with the way I run things around here, then I would suggest that you don't visit.

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August 30, 2003
I'd rather be Melvined

Check out the Most Atypical Trading Card Archive

Dude, next time I get the bogus idea of scanning, cropping, touching-up and uploading 100 trading cards, both front and back.....make me drop and give you infinity instead.

Finally, The Bill and Ted's Triumphant Pro Set Trading Card Archive is done.

Let's celebrate with a new song for the K-mix...

Ataris - San Dimas High School Football Rules (please, don't stream. right click and save

Last night I had a dream that we went to Disneyland,
Went on all the rides, didn't have to wait in line.
I drove you to your house where we stared up at the stars
I listened to your heartbeat as I held you in my arms.

We hung out at the rainbow where we drank til' half past two.
Nothing could go wrong anytime that I'm with you.
Like crashing a hotel room or leading up to that first kiss
Or searching for a high school that you know doesn't exist...

These are the things that make me free
I feel like I'm stuck in "stand by me"
This night was too good to be true.

Today I woke up alone wishing you were here with me,
I wanted us to be something that we'd probably never be.
Today you called me up and said you'd see me at our show,
But now I'm stuck debating if I even wanna go.

Whitney, don't you understand that what I say is true?
I just want you to know I have a major crush on you.
I'd drive you to Las Vegas and do the things you wanna do
I'd even have Wayne Newton dedicate a song to you.

I only wish that this could be
Just dump your boyfriend and go out with me
I swear I'd treat you like a queen.

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August 27, 2003
categorize this

I won't do it for every movie, but since Keanu has the title role, I decided to go ahead and create a category especially for Constantine.

Also, becky now has a seperate category as well, rather than lumping all the beckyband news in it wahs which is getting full of my inane babble as it is.

Speaking of becky, there is a new picture of the band over at the official becky site, and don't forget to set your VCR for the Orlando Jones show tomorrow on FX. Roi's going to tape it for me....yay, Roi.

And I think that becky is probably in the studio taping the Sharon Osbourne show right now.

If anyone goes to either of these tapings, please drop by and let us know how it went, eh?


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August 19, 2003
traffic jelly

Wow, I see that the POTD link is bringing some new people to the site, which is always nice. Just so you know, we're rated 'R' around here.


I haven't had my coffee yet, but just wanted to say that I will have a write-up of the game later, so please stop back by.

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August 11, 2003
Bill and Ted Trading Cards 1-10


I actually started scanning and archiving the Pro-Set Bill and Ted Trading cards.
Cards 1 thru 10, front and back can be found here.
Right now, I'm just using a generated album page, pretty much no frills. It's going to need some fine tuning.

Anyway, I will be adding more soon.

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July 31, 2003
Ass Thursday

The good news is, Ass Friday is a day early this week.

The bad news is, it's a re-run.

The good news is, I'm getting the upgrade this weekend!

The bad news is, site backup commences around 8PM PST tonight so anything posted after that will be lost (this includes comments), so I'm probably going to not bother with anything very interesting or important for a few days.

The good news is, I am going away this weekend to Fran and Wendy's so I wasn't going to be posting much anyway.

The bad news is, I was going to do some audblog entries, but now it looks like they will be lost in the shuffle so I probably won't. And the voicemonkey is being difficult to log into.
Actually I probably still will do some audblog entries over the weekend, I've already paid for them. If I can just ask the first person to comment on the entry to copy and paste the audio link into their comment that would be great. (Since comments are emailed to me, I can restore anything remotely worthwhile if necessary)

The good news is, there shouldn't be a whole lot of actual down time, if any. And once the upgrade is done there will be no bandwidth or space worries.

So, I will catch everyone later. Make use of the links on the side, and have a great weekend!


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July 24, 2003
Going once...

Well, the Virtual Garage Sale is in its final hours, and again, I just want to say thank you to everyone that bid, supported, spread the word, etc.

You All Rock.

I'm especially flattered that I've gotten bids on the plate, thank you.

*One important announcement, if the eBay member jettamoose reads this blog, I need you to contact me through eBay(so I can confirm it's you), your email is bouncing.

Lastly, if you still have a fever to bid on things (especially if you have kids), KAT has some auctions up.
She's a single mom and you'd be helping her out.

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July 21, 2003
spiffy thing

If you have AOL AIM you can add the BlogChangeBot to your buddy list and it will message you when your favorite blogs (like say, this one) are updated.

Click here to subscribe this blog

If you are an AOL member and/or the link above does not work, then just add the screenname blogchangebot to your buddy list, and then message the bot with:


Be SURE you get the /MT at the end or it won't show the updates.

via mischiefgurl

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July 17, 2003
Eeeeeeebay and stuff

I can't let you go First, let me apologize to anyone who may have had the red and black Hardball cap on their watch lists. Once I realized that it was the only thing I had left from the things that Paramount sent me, I decided to take it off the block. You gotta allow me one act of seller's remorse, ok?
Secondly, Thank you all who are bidding and buying. I've already got 2 CDs and a comic/card set ready to mail. And I bought more shipping supplies yesterday, and it's all a little nerve wracking, but fun at the same time. Thank gawd for stamps.com, btw.

Lastly, a few have asked about direct donations, and thank you but accepting money just for doing this, something that I love to do, would just be too weird for me. Believe me, this isn't a crisis or anything. The site would continue upgrade or not. I just would have to wait until I could budget it in. And if you know me at all, you know I hate to wait for anything.

Seriously, thank you, but donations are not necessary. Save your money and come to the next becky or Dogstar show and buy me drinks.

The VGSale is working fine. Actually better than I could have imagined, really.

Thank you.

I'm making some space on my shelves and people are getting things they want. And the Hardball cap waffle not withstanding, I'm not sellling anything I can't live without. You won't see Dojo or Neo up there, eddieshirt has nothing to worry about. The only things that aren't duplicates of things I have are the picnic set, (which I decided should really go to someone that won't be tempted to use the thing, since it is a good piece of promo) and the pictures, that I'm not extremely attached to, because...well, they're pictures. And I've seen them.
I've decided to keep my collection of black and white photos, because one day they will look great in chrome frames lining my hallway of the wood floored beach house. I went so far as to take a photo of this one, but decided to keep it.

But the others will just sit in the envelopes they came in. Which is just wrong. But I have no place to put them up. They should be enjoyed.

All things Keanu should be enjoyed to their fullest.

Which makes me think I should start wearing my t-shirts more often.

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July 16, 2003

The good news is, I have been offered a great hosting package upgrade that will give me three times the space and five times the bandwidth that I have now and costs not much more than what I am currently paying per month. That means I would no longer be stifled and stressed by file sizes and traffic. And no more outages due to the evil exceeded bandwidth.

The bad news is that I have to pay for a year up front and some setup fees so I'm looking at about $180 to do this, which I really can't afford at the moment, at least not if I want to keep a few dollars on hand for emergency trips to California.

So, I've decided to hold a VIRTUAL GARAGE SALE and start selling some stuff on ebay to help pay for this upgrade.

please buy something

I've got a lot of STUFF.
Some of you might want to buy some of it and in turn, help me pay to upgrade the site.
So far I have a few QF cds, some comics and photos, and some special stuff as well.
I have more photos to add, a bunch of Hellblazer comics, and I'm going to root through my stuff and try and get some interesting things up there this week.

Thank you.

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July 10, 2003

whatever, dude

This is keanuvision's 1000th entry.

K is some sort of shorthand for 1000.

Keanu starts with a K, so does krix.

Whatever, dude

I really don't know where I'm going with this.....

It just seemed significant.

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blog, exciting and new

I FINALLY got my keyless remote installed on the Station Wagon, so it's like having a new car all over again, but that's not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about the lovely things that skits did by upgrading the blog for me.

There is a new self-propelled search box in the sidebar that should come in handy if you know you saw a post about something or other but don't want to wade through the archives looking for it.

But, if you do want to wade through the archives, you can do it by date, by category or you can go to the main archive page, which lists every freaking entry by title.
OR you can go to the category archive listing, which breaks every freaking entry down by category, and lists them by title and date.

This is entry #999, by the way. How insane is that?

And you'd think that I'd be working on making the next one special, but I'm really not

And look at the comment count! You all fucking rock.

Speaking of comments, life would be perfect if I could figure out how to make cookies stick in my pop-up comments again, but I can not.

The good news is, there is now limited html allowed in the comments, so if you want to make something bold or italic or link a word, you can. Providing you know your tags. If you don't, don't worry about it, URLs are still auto-linked provided they start with "http" and *this* will always suffice when emphasis is needed.

I'm pretty sure that MT 2.64 has some other nifty features as well, but I've been futzing with this thing all day and it's just a matter of time before I break something so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead.

| from inside the mind of krix at 04:43 PM | comments (2)
June 14, 2003
Is this thing on?

I know. These outages are a huge pain.
Is it just me? or are Keanu sites are dropping like flies.....?


All gone or on a break.
I'm sure there are others that are just no longer updated.

KeanuA-Z in undetermined limbo. Keanuholic, Jen's blog, is still up though.

Reeves Drive can be found here until the regular domain resolves.

I feel like the red cross after an earthquake.

Anyway, I just want to say that I have no plans to go anywhere, but I am going to be turning it down a notch. So don't worry if you don't see something new here every day. I need a little break, and last weekend doesn't count.

Believe me, it SO does not count.

Besides, Roi wants to teach me to play bass.

i'm going to need this grin as inspiration

| from inside the mind of krix at 10:56 AM | comments (19)
June 02, 2003
Was it the same cat?

I've changed something in the blog's matrix.

The main effect is that it's going to munge all searches for a while, but it shouldn't hinder enjoyment of normal bloggy goodness.

I should add that if you have hardlinked to any of the individual entries, you need to change "archives" to "dust".

| from inside the mind of krix at 07:25 PM | comments (1)
May 29, 2003
Ass Thursday

breaking tradition to better serve you--- Big Thanks to Chicks of CLUB-KEANU.COM for this pic

Due to bandwidth, keanuvision will probably go down one more time this month, most likely sometime tomorrow so I thought I would post this tonight.

My back-up plan isn't quite settled in yet so I just wanted you to know that I will probably just leave the site down until the new cycle starts on the first of June.

Thanks to everyone that is still hanging in there with me.

| from inside the mind of krix at 10:39 PM | comments (7)
May 27, 2003
Thankfully, that didn't last too long

Hollywood star Keanu Reeves clasps his hands to thank for Japanese fans gathered for the premier of his latest film 'The Matrix Reloaded' in Tokyo Monday, May 26, 2003. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

Of course, if I wasn't such a big hayfever victim slacker I might have something to post now that the site is back up.

As it is, I'll just apologize for the outage.

| from inside the mind of krix at 03:21 PM | comments (6)
May 21, 2003
comment wonkieness

No more pop-up comments for some reason, so now the comment link will take you to the individual entry page where you comment at the bottom. It's the same thing, only different.

Everything will be better soon.

I'm going to split the site in two and relocate this blog.

More info as it draws nearer.

| from inside the mind of krix at 03:48 PM | comments (3)
May 20, 2003
why can't my anomaly be as sexy as Neo?

There are some technical behind-the-scenes things that are pissing me off today. If things go a little weird, that just means the fucker chose the wrong door again.

You can help me de-bug by leaving a happy comment.

| from inside the mind of krix at 11:46 AM | comments (16)
May 06, 2003
alright, who ate my meaning?

And now for something completely different....

It looks like nonsense, but if you look deeper you'll appreciate the hysterical serendipity within the chaos (note the category on the powerade entry and the ass friday one below it).

Oh, I haven't laughed so hard at my own blog in ages.

keanuvision, filtered through the Eater of Meaning
(note: don't click on any links or comments thingies, you'll just get an error)
Eater of Meaning found via emptybottle.org

| from inside the mind of krix at 05:18 PM | comments (4)
May 01, 2003
test my monkey

click the monkey to hear my message

...thanks to Hugh at Voicemonkey.com

| from inside the mind of krix at 05:11 PM | comments (13)
Where do I begin?

Thank you all for the welcome back messages. Now to play a bit of catch-up....

I found out that indeed, there are some showings of Reloaded at 10 PM on the 14th here, So I am planning to catch that show as well as the 10 AM show on the 15th. At least that's the plan, as Fandango hates me today and keeps spitting out "so sorry, come back later" messages. Bastards.

Keanu was adorable on Entertainment Tonight (click that link, there's a video clip) last night. I missed it in the evening, but some mysterious force woke me up at two AM and rather than question it, I turned on the TV and yep, there he was all funny and charming and....well, it was hard to get back to sleep after.
The lovely Zion has posted some screen grabs from the segment over at Reeves Drive MB. (via club-keanu)

ComingSoon.net has a big gallery of Reloaded stills, most we have already seen, but some we have not. I really dig the first one (of him in front of the screens) and am going to try and figure out how to do a wallpaper of it, I think.

Oh, and the May Calendar is up.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:10 PM | comments (7)
...and we're back

A few things before I go to bed...

BECKY will be playing The Viper Room, next monday the fifth of May.

Keanu will be on the Today Show and The Tonight Show, next week on the 8th.

Speaking of the Today show, Al Roker is giving his weather reports from the Reloaded set all week, today he was really cute geeking out over the Zion set and talking to Owen. Oh, and in thier little coast-to-coast via-satellite banter with Mr. Roker, both Katie and Matt confessed that the have never seen the original Matrix movie. What the ....?

I don't think I can get my news from them anymore.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:01 AM | comments (11)
April 04, 2003
Baby got Backlot

New entry over at the Backlot.

Cheryl looks at one of Keanu's early works, Brotherhood of Justice, a made-for-TV movie from 1986.

This one also starred Kiefer, with a heart of gold and really big 80's hair.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:49 PM | comments (1)
Newscrawlers, Achtung!

My rss feeds are in the MT directory, not the root.
They're linked in the sidebar...

[xml] [rdf]

And no, I'm not going to put full entry in the feeds. You have to come here and look at the pretty pictures anyway, and if I start messing with my template, you just know I'll break it.


| from inside the mind of krix at 11:09 AM | comments (4)
April 02, 2003
search me

# 1 for CAT VOMIT


Yeah, baby....

| from inside the mind of krix at 09:12 PM | comments (6)
March 13, 2003
March 11, 2003

Ok, something is definitely screwed up and I have no idea where to start looking. I can't get the comment pop-up to work at all...

So you can click the timestamp of the entry to go to the individual page and use inline comments.

I still can't feel half my face to that's the best I can do for now.

| from inside the mind of krix at 04:25 PM | comments (10)
glitch in the blog

This morning at work I'm suddenly getting an error when loading this page. Can someone help me?

It looks like this.

I haven't posted or done anything different.
I'm using IE5.
Is anyone else suddenly getting this error?

It's driving me nuts.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:05 PM | comments (10)
February 22, 2003
In the event of an actual emergency...

I think one of the reasons I've been blank lately is the fact that I feel a bit stifled because of my bandwidth concerns. Looking at my stats, if February had a normal number of days, I would probably go over my limit. I'm working with my host to form some sort of plan that doesn't involve me shelling out another 20-50 dollars a month but once May comes around I'm not sure what's going to happen. I've tried making a few changes in things like adding no robots tags to the category and monthly archive pages. That way, someone coming here on a search doesn't load a whole graphics-laden-bandwidth-sucking page to find out that the extent of the info I have on the Superbowl Trailer is that I thought it "fucking rocked".

Anyhoo, I'm working on a backup plan. Last summer when the site went down? I wigged. It was like taking away my crack. I won't go there again.
No sir. *twitch*

A while back I registered krix.org so there's that. And yesterday I went ahead and registered keanublog.com. As of now, they are both just forwarded here.
But if something should happen and this site really goes down, remember those two names and I assure you something will emerge at one of them.

It's also possible that that once the renewal for keanuvision.com comes up next November, I will reduce it to a static wallpaper site and then split in two (kind of like Station) and make use of both of the new domains.

Or not.

I have no idea.

Sugar Free Red Bull rules.....


| from inside the mind of krix at 12:07 PM | comments (7)
February 14, 2003
Valentine's Serendipity

I think it's spiffy that I'm a search result for:

"don't you remember you told me you loved me baby"

| from inside the mind of krix at 06:17 PM | comments (2)
January 20, 2003
So now they're collector's items, right?

I still love Keanu, though

The keanuvision store is no more.
It seems both the "I [heart] whatthefuckever" and Mr. Reeves' first name "can constitute both copyright and trademark infringement", and it has been closed.

I really didn't think that they did, but I guess I can see how they do, so rather than argue it I'm just going to say thank you to those that have helped support the site by buying items from the store, hang on to them because they're irreplacable now.

And I'd like to apologize to whoever owns the rights to "I [heart] whatthefuckever" and to all the Keanus of the world.
Please don't sue me.

It's just as well...with the CDs and postage I was actually losing money.

So now, the only way to support the site is to tell me you love me.
It's cheap and priceless at the same time.

| from inside the mind of krix at 04:22 PM | comments (24)
January 07, 2003
Busy work

So I had nothing better to do, so I thought I'd screw up the site just so I can fix it.
Not really, but I decided to make a few changes because I'm stressing about bandwidth. I'm running at about 80% of my allowance and I don't know what I'm going to do when the TM2&3 come out. I've talked to my host and the cost of getting more bandwidth is incredibly high.
Basically, I've removed the keywords for those movies from my META tags. There are a lot better places to end up on a search than here. I've also noticed that the category that has to do with that little game I play has been getting a lot of traffic. It's graphic heavy and a bandwith hog. So I've changed the name of the category to "simulation" and re-spelled all references to said game to "S!ms" (with a ! for the i - that was the screwing up part. The auto-replacer not only changed the spelling in the titles and entries, but in all the filenames and hyperlinks, too. So I had to go back and fix them). Hopefully that way, people searching for stuff to do with the game won't end up loading that big bandwidth sucking category page.
If that doesn't help I may get rid of that particular category.
The entries will still be there, just not all one one page

I'm going to see how it goes for the next few months.

For those interested (some of them are amusing), here's some search stats:


1 wallpaper designs
2 keanu reeves naked
3 keanu reeves
4 geoff darrow
5 bill and ted 3
6 scsi1hlp.vxd
7 scsi1hlp.vxd download
8 sexy noses
9 bill and ted's excellent adventure script
10 ebay addiction
11 houseofblues
12 keanuvision
13 matrix spoofs
14 river's edge movie
15 dogstar clip
16 dream sneaks
17 jack bauer
18 n!pple wallpaper
19 watcher
20 bret heart

Dec- 2002

1 wallpaper designs
2 keanu reeves naked
3 keanu reeves
4 going commando
5 houseofblues
6 sex under water
7 under water sex
8 river's edge movie
9 matrix trailers
10 matrix reloaded release date
11 naked s!ms (changed by me)
12 bill and ted 3
13 permanent record
14 bill
15 bill and ted's excellent adventure
16 bret heart
17 jack bauer
18 sexy noses
19 bill and ted
20 kiefer

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:06 PM | comments (16)
January 03, 2003
That Tod

I had a boyfriend or two that my parents always referred to with a "That.." before the name. None were as endearing as "That Tod", though.

This month, Cheryl takes us back to 1989 and the wonderful ensemble film, Parenthood.

And of course, it's only fitting that this is today's Ass Friday pic..

That Tod's ass

thanks to Rhonda and kcrl

| from inside the mind of krix at 11:04 AM | comments (8)
December 31, 2002
My favorite year

If you thought I wasn't arrogant enough to do a "Best of Keanuvision-2002" entry, you'd be wrong...I'm actually pretty proud of what I've managed to do with this silly little fan site in the past year.

So here's a little look back at some of my favorite entries of 2002, one for each category...I've added new comments on them each explaining why they're special to me.

spoonyit wahstribedoodlesdogstar rocksred pillmedia spotcinemaoff-topicsimulatedspecial mention-the backlotspecial mention-bret at the viper room

It's been an amazing year and I hope that I can keep it up for another one.
Of course, it would all be meaningless if not for all of you.
Y'all make it so fun, both bloggers and Keanu fans.
You all rock.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comments and laughter, your emails submitting links and news and general warm fuzzies.

Keanu remains my inspiration, but my motivation is fueled by all the good friends I've made this year.

2003 is gonna fuckin' rock....

| from inside the mind of krix at 07:59 AM | comments (16)
December 18, 2002
Last minute shopping

Still don't know what to get the Keanu fan in your life? Want to treat yourself to a nice reward for getting all your shopping done already?

There's still time to get something from the keanuvision store and have it delivered by December 24. Cafepress is upgrading its standard shipping to make it so.

They've run out of ornaments, but there's still bears and thongs and jerseys and beanies so you can proclaim your Keanulove.

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:30 PM | comments (5)
December 07, 2002
Holiday Decor

I could have left the office an hour ago.

Instead I've been putting candy canes down his pants.

At least I'm in the holiday spirit~*

(p.s. assorted PSP tubes I used for decorating can be acquired at a1emporium.com. if you use PSP they have a lot of lovely holiday stuff.)

| from inside the mind of krix at 02:02 PM | comments (11)
December 05, 2002
A few words on spam

There are these nasty little "bots" that search page code for email harvesting. I've started getting more stupid spam emails recently. So much that I've removed the email links on most of the site and am considering changing my address soon. It's a pain in the ass. I've made posting your email optional for the comments and I'd like to suggest that those of you that do use the email field, go ahead and put a spamblock of some sort in it, i.e. boytoy@NOSPAMhotmale.org. Or use a "throwaway" addy.
Also, if you'd like to keep your email private you can put something in the URL box and that will show instead. Just remember to start it with an http://
I should have said something about this a while ago, and apologize if anyone gets some of the junkmail I've been getting. I don't even want to know what a "zoogirlie" is.
Viva la Delete key...

| from inside the mind of krix at 03:03 PM | comments (6)
November 21, 2002
site blather

kd reminded me how important is it to do backup, so I have spent most of the afternoon slowly downloading bits and pieces of the site. While I was doing that, I noticed that keanuvision was up well past 50% of its total hosting space, so I am doing some housecleaning. I dumped most of the MP3s that were doing nothing but taking up space for use in rotation on the MISC page. I don't know if anyone even checks them out. For right now I have an MP3 of a song by Beat Symphony called Poster of Keanu Reeves. I got it off Napster way back when, and I've actually tried to find out if the band had a CD or anything. Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and keep it available since I don't think it's easily found anywhere else. Plus it's cute.
I've also decided that I won't be adding any more wallpaper albums to the wallpaper page. All the new ones will be found here in the creations category. Someone remind me to put a note to that effect on the wallpaper page, mkay?
I've been hanging on to the past calendars, also but at the end of the year all of those will go by the wayside in order to make some space and I will start over for 2003.
Lastly, I think I'm going to delete the old blogspot blog so I can dump a bunch of image files that are only used there. So if you have a sentimental attachment to it, go give it one last look, because its days are numbered. I don't think anyone goes there anymore, and it's just taking up their server space, too. There's going to be some sorting involved so I don't dump any pics that are in imported entries.
There may be some broken image links and unavailable pop-up pix in the older archives while I sort things out. I'll try not to mess things up too badly.

I'm smoking like a fiend today.

| from inside the mind of krix at 03:33 PM | comments (13)
November 14, 2002
My ego knows no bounds

It's all kd's fault for reminding me just how easy it is to register a domain.

I'm now the proud owner of krix.org.

It doesn't go anywhere yet (although I'm trying to get it to forward to this here blog). But it was available and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. It's nice and short, something attractive in a domain.
krix.com is for the speaker manufacturer and krix.net is taken and "under construction".
I really don't have plans to do anything with it. But it's nice to have, just in case I get a letter from Erwin's office, Keanu retires or becomes a $cientologist or something.
And of course, if he should ever make me an offer of a position as personal jester/sex-kitten, I really couldn't maintain a public website about him, right?
Not that ANY of those things will happen.

As of right now, I just have it to have.
And it feels good.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:40 PM | comments (7)
November 02, 2002
In my mailbox today...

Cheryl's Movie Backlot got a nice plug on the Pic-of-the-Day list today (Thanks Margarete!)so I scrambled to update with Cheryl's most recent entry, "Life Under Water". "Young Again" is also coming soon.
I just want to say again how honored I am to host Cheryl's looks at Keanu's films. And the "Life Under Water" entry is full of interesting stuff. I learned a lot after reading her report and am planning on watching it again soon with a new perspective.

I also received some pics from Asia from "ChicksDigScars" that I will post and comment on later. If you can't wait, I suggest you meander over to the forum site, Club-Keanu.com and check them out.

| from inside the mind of krix at 10:43 AM | comments (1)
November 01, 2002

There's a new section over on the sidebar, STELLAR, and it's categories for the blog.
First off, I want to thank kd for helping me get it all set up.

Anyway, it's an unexact science and some posts are in more than one category. And it was kind of hard to label everything from the past, but I managed.
I thought it would help to have all the wallpapers, Sim stories and whatever together for easy reference.
Here's a little breakdown of the categories and what's in them.

adoration - expressions of love in varying forms and intensities.

babble - I do that a lot, so naturally this is the largest category

buds - friends, other bloggers, linky love

creations -wallpapers, downloads, misc art/designs by me

dogstar - about the band, its members, news and reviews

matrix - Matrix trilogy stuff

media - misc articles, scans, links to articles, etc

movies - stuff on Keanu's films, past and upcoming news

not keanu - non-Keanu related entries

simulation - vicarious living at its silliest

site - site updates, including Backlot stuff

And yep, It's Ass Friday already...

hey batter batter

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:01 AM | comments (4)
October 25, 2002
Buy something, already

By this cute bear and more at keanuvision's store

There are some new items over at the keanuvision store, including this cute widdle bear (awwwww!) and....ehem....thong underwear.

And I'm going to make this offer.
I'm going to try and make any southern California and (of course) Vegas shows that Dogstar (hopefully!) might play in the upcoming future. If I'm there and I see you throw a keanuvision thong up on stage, I'll buy you a drink.
If he picks them up and looks at them, I'll buy you 3 drinks. If he puts them on his head? You'll drink on me for the entire evening.

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:17 PM | comments (6)
October 16, 2002
Search me

I've added a Google-powered search box down at the bottom of the sidebar.
With over 400 blog entries, I thought it might be helpful.
It's ugly and I hate it, but it will have to do until I either get the courage to upgrade to MT 2.5 myself, or have the right combination of good timing and suckupititude to talk kd into doing it. Or maybe she can just help me with applying a style to it (gosh...I hope she reads this).
I rather like the fact that it searches the whole site, including the Backlot, the Revisited recap and even comments.

Speaking of kd, go check out her son's photoblog at kurtwood.com. I don't know how many 5-year-olds have their own domain, but then, I don't know how many have such an outstanding photographic eye, either.

| from inside the mind of krix at 07:30 PM | comments (4)
October 12, 2002
New Backlot Additions

Added 4 of Keanu's films to Cheryl's Movie Backlot.
Below are some of Cheryl's quotes, click them to check out her entries on I Love You to Death, Little Buddha, Feeling Minnesota, and Chain Reaction...

Moler saw this story as an "ideal comedy feature film." Go figure.

Not many celebrity fans can boast that their object of affection has played the founder of one of the world's major religions.

Perhaps Baigelman summed it up best: "It's not boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. It's more like boy meets girl, has sex, finds girl's dead body, and buries her. That sort of thing."

So what went wrong? Keanu said "its the hardest film I've ever done." That's okay- its the hardest Keanu film I've ever sat through.

Also, while looking around this morning I came across some behind-the-scenes photos from FM taken by Wilson Webb

click for larger viewclick for larger view

More photos from the set of FM can be found here.
No others of Keanu, but nice just the same.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:05 PM | comments (2)
October 04, 2002
Clear your caches

Played around with some new graphics this morning. Did some fine tuning on the rest of the site, the calendar page now has the same look as most of the rest. I thought about re-working the wallpaper albums, but changed my mind. They'll have to stay black.
I think I'm getting the sickness that everyone else is getting. Or it's just nauseating ennui.

October 8th, Dogstar can be spotted on some program called Rank on the egregious E! network. And of course, the shows in Thailand and Japan are coming up in a week or so. Maybe we'll get lucky and get some pictures.
I hope these shows go well, and the guys decide to do some US dates before the bass player gets caught up in his next project.
Come to Vegas, Dogstar. Please.

Oh, and Happy Ass Friday....


| from inside the mind of krix at 11:53 AM | comments (11)
October 02, 2002
Backlot update, and then some

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Permanent Record have both been added for discussion over at Cheryl's Movie Backlot.

And speaking of the Two Great Ones, BillandTed.org was updated recently and you can view a video clip of the intro to the animated series over there, along with all kinds of other things Bill and Ted-ish.

Lastly, please make sure your virus software is up-to-date. A new one seems to be making the rounds and it's one of those that spoof addresses, and cause all kinds of trouble. I got two of them today (which I deleted unopened), and I also heard from someone that got one from my address. Which of course was spoofed. As a general rule, I NEVER send attachments unless it's expected (i.e., You write and ask for something). If I have something to share, I'll blog it. So if you ever get an unexpected email from any @keanuvision email, just delete it.
One of the reasons I continue to use AOHell as an ISP is because it never automatically downloads files when you open an email. I have all my keanuvision mail forwarded and if I see something weird, I go to my webmail server and delete it unopened.
I also use Norton, but if anyone needs virus protection, you might check out AVG, it has a free version and is frequently updated.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:31 PM | comments (2)
September 21, 2002
Wish I was in Santa Monica


Some of the coolest bloggers I know are going to be having big fun at the Santa Monica Pier in a couple hours. I wish I would have taken the day off and driven out. Feh.

I really hope that Dogstar plays a show or 2 in LA before the end of the year, because that's the reason I'm holding on to my roadtrip tokens. I plan on dragging a few bloggers with me to a show if it happens. I kind of like the idea of a posse.

What else...?

Ah! Site updates- I've got a 4th wallpaper album up. faithful blog readers will have seen them before but now they are all in one spot for your desktop pleasure. If none of them suit your fancy, there are 3 dozen more to choose from. Just go to the main wallpaper index and poke around.

I also intend to get the metaKeanu gallery up sometime soon.

I mailed off the check for hosting for the next year. Can you believe Keanuvision.com is almost a year old? Craziness. And my 1 year bloggaversary is coming up sooner than that.
No fanfare, please. It'll just encourage more psychobabble.

| from inside the mind of krix at 11:38 AM | comments (12)
August 16, 2002
Oh, Rupert


Prince of Pennsylvania is up for discussion over at the Backlot

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:09 PM
August 15, 2002

While my blogroll continues to grow like wildfire, my Keanu-related links could use some help. If anyone has any Keanu/Matrix/Dogstar links that they would like to recommend, please leave a comment and I'll check them out. Only sites that are still being updated, please. Anything tasteless or that has a bunch of pop-ups is right out, too.


| from inside the mind of krix at 03:23 PM | comments (1)
August 12, 2002
And now a word.....

I want to thank everyone that has made a purchase from keanuvision's online store.
You've made it possible for me to donate $22.00 to the Shave Hoopty project.
I'm simply giddy.
The shaving will happen on Saturday, August 24 and while I can only hope to be the one to do the honors, I plan on being there with my camera to document the mayhem.

Anyway, I've knocked 51 cents back off each item, plus for a limited time, the "I [heart] Keanu" jersey is on sale.

Buy me!

So, if you've been putting off getting one, now is the time to do it.

And yes, I still have a bunch of Quattro Formaggi CDs to give away with every order.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:47 PM | comments (5)
August 01, 2002
Las Nubes

dashing, isn't he?

Paul Sutton sure is a dreamboat. I can't get too creamy over him though, because he reminds me too much of pictures I've seen of my dad when he was in the service and well........ew.
I liked A Walk in the Clouds, it's a great movie to watch with your mom.
The cinematography is breathtaking and Anthony Quinn is a joy, always.

What about you?
Go discuss over at Cheryl's Movie Backlot.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:05 PM
July 28, 2002
And.......we're back

Yes, the site was down earlier but everything seems to be OK now.

Thank you to those that emailed me.

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:28 PM | comments (2)
July 22, 2002
It's a little owl, and its eyes wiggle!

Winston is the pookiest!

Once I fleshed out my collection of Keanu flicks and started tracking down some of the earlier ones, I was not prepared for the squealfest that was induced by Winston in The Night Before.

The dancing alone was enough to make me revert to hopping up and down on the bed, and his giggle when he's talking about the magnet?
The cockles of my heart doth boil over.

He made me wish I'd went to my senior prom (instead of taking mushrooms and going to the drive-in, always the freak rebel....).
Of course, the boys as cute and charming as Winston didn't exist at Bonanza High. Or, if they did, they weren't falling over themselves to date the weird tall girl with glasses and two-toned hair.

So, have you seen this movie? Did you love it?
Go discuss over at the Backlot.

| from inside the mind of krix at 11:36 AM
July 15, 2002
Just Johnny

How many gigs?

Cheryl really hated Johnny Mnemonic.

What did you think of it?
Go over to the Backlot and discuss.

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July 08, 2002

Imported the few "keepers" (i.e., actual content and not just me bitching) from the old blog.

Added Much Ado About Nothing to Cheryl's Movie Backlot.

Oh yeah, and I re-uploaded 2 of the song samples in the Viper Room post.

I actually have work to do in 3-D today (I know, I'm as shocked as you are) so that's all for now.

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July 06, 2002
Yay me.

Blog is back
Now, back to work.
I still have to make up for the posts that were made and lost, the only real important one being the Viper Room report (which I have at home, thanks to Zel *smooooch*)
I'll probably import some of the posts I did this past week or so over at blogspot.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
I'm just so fucking happy this is fixed.

Thank you all for hanging in there with me.

*happy dance*

Ya know, I'm just not gonna mess with anything for a few. Things are squirrelly and I don't want to lose a bunch of work again.

just keep yer fingers crossed, eh?

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June 16, 2002
Reel Talk

I'd like to invite everyone to check out Cheryl's Movie Backlot.

Cheryl does a great job researching, providing insights and back stories about Keanu's Filmography for one of the lists. When it was suggested that they be archived on the web for posterity and for a wider range of discussion, I basically did the email equivalent of a Horshack impersonation.
"Oooooo, ooooh! I'll do it!"

There's a long dry spell between now and Reloaded, and it is a good time to revisit our old favorite Keanu movies.
It's set up like a blog, with each movie having a seperate page and comments section for discussion. Movies will be added periodically. Naturally, I encourage everyone to participate. Ask questions, and if you have answers, please share your knowledge with others.

So with all the appropriate fanfare, keanuvision.com proudly presents...

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June 08, 2002

Not much going on today so I thought I'd hawk the keanuvision online store a bit.

Added a new item, this spiffy "I [heart] KEANU" license plate frame:

I've already ordered one for myself.

No, the "REEVES" plate doesn't come with it, that's just for show.

I'm still giving away a copy of Dogstar's Quattro Formaggi CD with every order, and if you order 2 items or more, I'll throw in a "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" comic book.
And a dollar for each item sold goes to charity through the

Shave Hoopty Project.

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June 01, 2002
First Month

Well, it's been a whole month with the new blog. I'm still having fun. I love the comments feature and just want to thank everyone that has joined in, and invite others to not be shy about it.
I'm fighting the urge to complicate things, like adding skins and such. I'm sure that down the line I might give in to temptation to start tweaking with stuff again, but for now-so far, so good. I do have one new thing planned for the near future, but I'm not going to spoil the suprise.
Anyway, it's going to be a cruel, cruel summer. I'll try my best to come up with some interesting or amusing entries to help us both pass the time. You'll know I'm getting desperate when I break out the Neo dolls for bizarre photo dramas.

There's still a whole year until The Matrix Reloaded comes out. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to weasel my way to the premiere. Maybe if I send a letter every single day to Warner Brothers, they'll let me come just to shut me up.

I'm only half joking.

Dogstar will be playing in Japan and possibly Thailand at the end of summer. Maybe there will be some L.A. shows in the fall. And maybe some others when the reported new CD gets made and released. I'm not going to break my 500 mile rule, though. Probably not, anyway. We'll see.

Oh, and cafepress has added some new items to the product line.
Frisbees, visors, cooler bags...
And I think there are more coming this week. So if anyone sees an item in there that they might want emblazoned with "I (heart) KEANU" let me know and I can add it to the store.
A dollar for every item sold until August will be donated to Locks of Love, and The Children's Hospital Oakland through the Shave Hoopty project.
I still have a bunch of Quattro Formaggi CDs to give away with purchase, too.

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May 28, 2002
More Google Madness

If you came here looking for this or this, I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Move along...weirdo.

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May 27, 2002
My first amusing google referral

the matrix, trinity's ass spell


Also, a LOT of referrals for people looking for that QF fix file, and for Geoff Darrow.

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May 02, 2002
So far, so good

Well, I started working on the side, with my links and friends and such. I'm not done adding stuff, but I've typed 'a href' quite enough times today, thank you. I've also got all the links on the other keanuvision pages updated to come to the new blog, even the flash menu on the main page.
Yay me.
I need to figure out why the archives look like crap, I'm sure it's some sort of stylesheet issue. I want the look to match this, not that generic black stuff. That's my main problem with importing the archives. That, and plain figuring out how the hell to do it. I'll be reading the MT manual and support forum a lot in the next few weeks, I'm sure.
You see, my plan is to get the whole site to look nice and whole (meaning the look pretty much matches throughout) and generally lovely by the time Reloaded comes out, because there will probably be a whole new crop of humans searching for Keanu on the web. Since I hand-coded the various other stuff in plain old HTML, it's going to be a lot of work.
Which is fine, really, just daunting. I wish I had time to take a class.

I'm also going to add a "Features" section on the side, that will have the link to the old blog, Krix watches The Matrix Revisited and the Quattro Formaggi Fix and anything else that really doesn't fit in any special category.
Fun fun fun.

Enough of this boring website stuff, here's a nice picture, courtesy of The Daily Thud..

oooooh, he's exciting the lemurs

...because you can never get too much Keanu tongue.

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May 01, 2002
Let's get this party started

Well, it's the first of May so I decided I'd better just start writing something, anything here in order to make it feel like a real blog. I got the header picture up but of course there's still a hell of a lot of work to do. I'm not nuts about the layout, it's going to take a lot of tuning. See where that calendar is? (it should be to the right, but it may be at the bottom if your screen is 800x600, that's one of the issues I have with the layout) Anyway, I really want to put that full length sexy Fierce picture there, but it doesn't want to co-operate. I also have a lot of linkage to import and what-not, too. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the Blogger archives. I know there is a way to import them all over here, but I may just end up putting a "go to the old blog" link somewhere.
Of course, I'm tackling all this at SO the wrong time in my life. I have all kinds of stuff going on in 3-D. That's just the way I am. I work best under pressure.
So here it is, The Beginning of "Inside the mind of a Keanu fan" Version 2.0.


and stuff......

Oh, yeah. One of the new features is you can leave comments.

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November 24, 2001
Keanuvision Store

OK, here's the deal.
I really wanted to make keanuvision.com T-shirts and whatnot to help promote and support the site. I built the site out of love but even though I'm getting a great deal on hosting, it still costs money.
HOWEVER it is not legally or ethically right for me to put a picture of Keanu on merchandise for sale. Even if it is one of the pictures I took at a Dogstar show, because it is still his image. I can totally respect that. So even though I am sure one of my designs with his scrumptious self on it would probably sell, and I might even make some money before I got a letter from Erwin Stoff, I'm not going to do it.
Instead, I made some plain text designs that you can get on mousepads, t-shirts and mugs.
You can find them at the new keanuvision.com online store.

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