November 12, 2004
flashy fun from Nudel

Thanks to Nudel for this cool flash greeting. Great picture, and sketched with a mouse!

Just awesome.

I have a ton of stuff to catch up on, I know.

More later.

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November 10, 2004
Getting down with Sta-cie!

Thank you Sta-cie!

Thank you to everyone for your comments and greetings, you all so rock.


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Beautiful. From Vika.

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Whoa Irene, YOU Rock!

An awesome greeting and beautiful wallpaper from Irene! Thank you!

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Thank you Wanda!

Thank you to Wanda for this fun Neo & "krixinity" image! Hee!

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Thank you Nettie!

Thanks to Keanuette for this hella cool Constantine graphic. *mwah!*

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Thank you Zen


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April 14, 2004
why I'm the luckiest girl on the web

Beautiful! From Julie! Nudel and Zen

I actually wept before 7 am this morning and it wasn't because the cat woke me from a Kieferdream (which is true) or I was out of coffee (which isn't...thank gawd).

It was because I felt so warm and fuzzy and was feelin' the love.

Keanuette made me this fierce greeting before she left for her trip to this side of the pond, rawrrrrrrr.....and Zen sent me this desktop greeting with just about everything I could want for a present pictured (y'all get the halfsize version).

Nudel blogged a birthday wish and also made soymilk come out of my nose, bwahaha!. There were lovely picture posts for yours truly from Catz and Sta-cie as well, you guys rawk!

-update: Holy Crap! I need to pay better attention, Sta-cie's was WAY more than a picture! It's the GREATEST THING EVER.

Not to mention all the wonderful snugglies from all of you in the comments, including my secret internet boyfriend, James who made me think there was some hot Constantine news going on over at the hellforums, only to find that webmaster John McMahon risks sleeping on the couch for turning the whole forum into a greeting for me and my birthday buddy, Sethos!

Oh! Oh, and along with lovely warm wishes and pictures from my great friends in the various egroups I'm in, JeniLyn sent me Dr. Mercer's "Happy Birthday, Baby".....*swooon* Perfect!


Then, I get to the office and find that a dozen freaking red roses have been delivered.

From Julie!, Nudel and Zen.

At this point I pretty much lost it. I'm still sniffling.

You guys are too much. I'm blown away.

And it's not even noon yet.

I want to say something poignant and perfect about friendship and distance and Keanu bringing such wonderful people into my life, but I think I might just take another big sniff of these flowers and dance around the office some more.

***Some other wishes that were too cool not to share...
From Irene and Daria.

And lookie what skits made! Wowsers!

Thank You!!!

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February 02, 2004
artistic merit

I can push pixels around, but I can't draw at all and I always have such great admiration for those who can.

keanu drawing by Diane

Diane sent me this great drawing that she did and I'm happy to be able to share it with you.

Along with being one of the most photographed actors around, I'd bet that he's the subject of countless works of art as well, from notebooks to sketchbooks to oil paintings.

I've been lucky enough to receive and share several drawings by Maribel.

On the web there are drawings by the talented Lailinka and also, KeanuWeb has a large collection of drawings by some very talented artists and fans as well..

Drawings, songs, stories and poetry....Keanu certainly is a wonderful muse and it's always great to see what he inspires in others.

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November 09, 2003
something of his presence
He is a presence that shines, that attracts even in the most quiet, remote moments. . . He sat alone on the stage in the empty hall, on the one case not yet yanked out by the hurried but precise movements of the crew. He looked tired, yet relaxed, removed from the frenetic rushing backstage or the VIP area, which held the only people left in the building. He smoked, and taking alternating sips from a bottle, swinging his legs occasionally against the case. A post-show winding down, a moment in which he looked out over the bare room, lost in his thoughts. It was as if he were releasing all the consuming energy of the past two hours, letting the passion ease away, a smoke from a fire softly extinguished. Half-hidden by the proscenium of the stage, few people could see him, or even bothered to look. They were caught up in their own partying, or their pressing determination to get backstage. I’m not sure what made me look – a shift in the lights perhaps – but when I turned, I felt my heart twist. He was alone, but not, contained so perfectly in that presence that is a magnet for cameras, an enticement for directors, an enchantment for fans. And yet, “just a guy,” winding down after work. I stared, unabashed, not wanting to look away, as if he existed there, like Schroedinger’s Cat, simply because I was looking. But the moments past, and he glanced offstage suddenly, as if someone, or many someones, had spoken his name. And he slid off the case, gathered his cigarettes, and loped offstage. But something of the presence lingered, glistening in a quiet time loop in the silent hall.

Thank you to RedKitt for sharing these beautiful words about him.

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click for larger image

Yum! Thanks BritJams for this tasty eye candy!

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So true a fool is love

click for larger image

How perfect that Irene chose to quote my favorite sonnet for this.


Thank you so much.

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click for larger image

Wowsers! I damn near bent my spoon when I saw this!
Smooches to Keanuette!

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click for larger image

click for larger image

Janice rocks for sending these cool becky and Dogstar greetings.


Thank you!

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I LOVE this one!

click for larger image

Thank you, Shanice!!!

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simply gorgeous

click for larger image

Thanks to Catz for this wallpaper. Gorgeous!

Here's another one sent by Catz, well after the deadline *cough*, but it was so good I had to add it.

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click for larger image

click for larger image

These great wallpapers were made by "jankoe". Great stuff! I think she needs her own site!

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In my arms

click for larger image

Thanks Atalanta for this design with a beautiful theme and touching lyrics by Rufus Wainwright

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from ~L

happy anniverary from ~L

provision, provider,
clear smooth slider.
surviving, maintaining,
slipping, gaining.
clever humors,
deleted rumors.
dancing designs,
private shrines.
goofy feelings,
rocking, realings.
linking, lapping,
refined mapping.
witFull clobbers,
styling slobbers.
scouping, scoring,
ripping, roaring.
glowing glances,
quilted chances.
honorably inventive,
patiently attentive.
yin yang yearns,
a place to turn.


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Kisses and Motorbikes

Thank you to Paine for this Neo and Trinity wallpaper. Sigh, Such love!

click for larger image

And Melissa rocks for sending this!

click for larger image

Be sure and click this one for the larger size to read the cool becky/dogstar song inspired greeting, RAWK!

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A Beautiful Sonnet

"An Ode to Keanu"

Deep brown orbs that with one look, suck me in.
And with a glance know my heart's desire.
They cause me to think of thoughts filled with sin.
They do know when my heart is afire.

Oh, lucious lips! So like fresh red roses,
Ready and waiting for that one great kiss.
My soul does know what a threat it poses,
Yet, that moment I do not want to miss.

That hair! Those beautiful locks of brown hair.
My fingers wishing they could run through it.
My nose wanting to breath it up like air.
Adore it so, with these words I have writ.

Oh, those eyes, lips, and hair! I love them all
Wish you knew I existed when I call.

~By Talia

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Let's get this party started - Deux

ooooh, swanky!

Thank you to Wendy of for this fantastic SimKeanu and SimKrix, ready to celebrate keanuvision's 2nd birthday in style.

And I'm going to make this the official give-away entry as well.
Here's how that's going to work....

Everyone who submits something and everyone that leaves a "Happy Birthday" comment on this entry up until midnight PST tonight will have their name put into a hat* and I will draw names to give away:

  • 2 Reloaded DVDs
  • 2 Revolutions Soundtrack CDs
  • 2 Dogstar Quattro Formaggi CDs
  • 2 pairs of Keanu celebrity photographs

Show me some love :)


*On Monday at the office, I'm going to print out the names/emails of everyone and then fold them up and put them into most likely a Big Gulp cup or something since I won't have an actual hat. I will do an audblog live as I draw the names. Multiple comments do not get multiple entries, but those who send in submissions can also leave a comment for two chances to win something. You can't win twice, but your odds are better if you send me something pretty.

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