June 16, 2006
yay to "The Jay"

[this is good] - (via keanuweb)

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February 10, 2005
such a super star


I found this yummy bit of congratulatory gorgeousness over at Nudel's.


Also, she has an adorable ad taken out by Sandy Bullock as well.

Also, if you haven't already seen it, Keanuette has a transcript of Keanu's Walk-of-Fame speech (and a clip to come). Quite charming and moving as well.

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January 26, 2005
sweet mary magdeline of the rechargable double-A's


gasp. that look.

New photo from Hong Kong magazine MILK, via Keanuweb, who will have a translation of the interview soon.

Must. Go. Change. Underwear.

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January 20, 2005
January 06, 2005
Keanu on Ellen

The lovely Jena has decided to send a letter/petition to the Ellen Degeneres to get Keanu a guest spot on her talk show. If you'd like your name to be included, Click Here to send Jena an email that includes your full name and hometown. Be sure to include the suject line 'Ellen petition'.

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December 17, 2004
Le Sigh. Le Thud.


Club-Keanu has unearthed some gorgeous "new" photographs from the infamous Greg Gorman photoshoot with Keanu. Click here to see the others...

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Keanu festive!


Cleo has some wonderful Keanu Santa graphics and animations to put the Ho Ho Ho right in you. Yeah, like that's a problem...
Anyway, Check them out!

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December 08, 2004
oh, and speaking of screen grabs

Both KeanuA-Z and the Club are tirelessly working on their new Ultimate Matrix pages, so be sure to check out their respective galleries all this week.

God, I'm going to give in and buy this by Christmas, I just know it.

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December 07, 2004
Pardon me, do you have the timeline?


Kudos to the lovely ladies of Club-Keanu and KeanuFan for this most auspicious labor of love.

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October 14, 2004
Hey dude, what's your story?

I'm really not a reader of fan-fiction. Maybe it has something to do with the few extremely creepy examples I came across in my early days of online fandom, but I really don't like the stuff that's about Keanu as Keanu. While I agree that he's an exquisite muse, and that there's frequently high quality writing involved, there's something about the things that are projected onto him that leave me a little squicked out. (Full disclosure: way back in the days I posted on USENET, I was baited into writing a piece of cliche-ridden tripe just to prove I could. I file it with the bungee-jumping experience. Regrettable. Should have kept my mouth shut.) We all have our fantasies but frankly I don't want to read every graphic, sticky, veiny detail of yours, ok? Thanks. That's just me though. There are folks that do, so....um....keep it up...so to speak.

lilted.jpg That being said, I recognize that fanfic is certainly a popular form of creative expression, and using what/who you know and love as inspiration to create is a great place to start exploring your skills. On the non-squicky upside, there's a lot of good character-based fiction out there, and since it actually serves to explore a character beyond (or before) what we experience in a flim storyline, I tend to find it easier to enjoy. The various stories found over at BillandTed.org are a great example of good writing by fans who know and love their characters.
These stories vary from short and sweet - including two different versions of how Little Bill and Ted met - to most excellent homages to classic tales with a twist - to the very touching and thoughtful, including one where Ted decides to use the time machine to try to prevent the death of his mother, and my favorite: Someone to Watch Over You, written from the perspective of Ted's mother about the early days of the friendship of Bill and Ted.


It was raining steadily by late afternoon, and already you and Bill were restless and wanting to go outside. As any concerned mother, I resisted your pleads at first, but the minute there was a break in the rain I gave my permission. I barely caught sight of your raincoats as you darted through the kitchen into the back yard to carry out your boat races or whatever it is you used to do out there in the mud and water.

I was surprised to see almost two hours had passed when the sound of heavy drops hitting the aluminum rain gutters urged me to call you inside. I stood at the back door to make sure that wet garments would not force me to clean the kitchen floor again. Bill stepped easily out of the black galoshes, and I thought how terrible it was that his mother couldn't even buy him the right sized clothes. Then I saw your unprotected, soaking wet tennis shoes and understood.

"Ted 'Theodore' Logan! What do you mean, going outside without your boots?"

"But Mom, Bill didn't have any boots, so I lent him mine."

You try so hard to protect your children, repeatedly warning them and keeping after them, and yet things get by you and you want to unleash your exasperation upon the unwitting youth. But your explanation got to me. How could I possibly punish an act of selflessness?

That one made me a little pheklempt. *sniff*

I haven't had a chance to read them all, but I'd venture a guess that none of the stories at BillandTed.org are beyond PG-13 (and I'd like it to go on record right now that if there exists any Bill and Ted slash? I DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT.) So if you'd like to take some time catching up on the possible histories and alternate exploits of the two great ones it's a good place to pass the time.

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October 11, 2004
rock and roll girls

I'm still recovering from having a crazy busy weekend with not one, but two Vibemerchant shows. The best part was that Nudel braved scary cab rides and smoke-filled dive bars to see us! It was so awesome to have her there and we had a great time. She even got to see me nail the solo in Oblivious on Friday night. Of course, she and Wanda (thanks for coming!) also got to see me completely fuck it up on Saturday after the bar owner told us to turn down and harshed the band's whole groove. Bah. We're going to start covering Vanishing instead. I can't take the pressure.

Nudel also got to see my debut singing a little backup on our new song, Knock Me Down . Yeesh, I was nervous. I ordered a double-shot of straight vodka before we hit the stage and set it on my amp for right before that song. I'm not sure if it helped or not, I couldn't really hear. Nothing was thrown at us, so I guess it was OK. I don't really want to sing, but it serves that particular song well.

I was less nervous on Saturday, but that was because NO ONE was in the place. Nudel and Wanda were the crowd and kept us going that night. The whole band thanks both of you for being there, seriously. We made a mistake of not flyering the area or promoting the show aside from on the website. Also, I pushed to go on by 11:30 because I thought that was plenty late, but the place must be a swing-shift watering hole because it was finally filling up at 1am with customers. Live and learn. We play there again on the 13th of Nov.

Anyway, I had a great time with Nudel here and can't wait for her to come back :)


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the need for Speed


Thanks to Ian for emailing me about his site speedcollector.com, which showcases his collection of Speed memorabilia. He's got everything from action figures to posters from around the world. I think my favorite item is the inflatable bus!

Take some time and look around. Each item has a comment section and I think Ian would really like some help from fans around the world with some questions about some of his items.

Also, Ian has a wish list, so if you have any Spanish promo postcards or rubber guns and wardrobe you're looking to get rid of, let him know!

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October 05, 2004
Nudel does Vegas

Eeeeee! I just got off the phone with Nudel! She's in Vegas this week and we've got plans to carouse this evening. When I get off work, I'll be picking her up where the bible salesman left Jjaks off and then we're going to the Little Buddha Cafe for dinner.

Not sure what's next, maybe I can talk her into hitting the Hard Rock for some blackjack.

Oooooh, maybe we should visit the Red Square vodka bar and then do some drunken audblogging. Hee!

I'm so glad she's here this week, especially since we have a couple gigs so she can check out the band.


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October 04, 2004
Happy Birthday Wanda



Rogan did this great edit of the Hellblazer #200 cover and I couldn't resist.

The Straight-to-Hell forums have changed location, by the way. The shiny new forum is here. The old forum is locked but still remains a useful archive of information, heated debate and full-on bitchery.

The new forum of course has a Constantine section so be sure to check in periodically for information and discussion.

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September 02, 2004
"It'll be one big endless party"


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September 01, 2004
The postman? He rang twice today.

Tomorrow may be Keanu's birthday, but the mail brought surprises for moi today.



Renie sent me a tape with her radio show on one side and all kinds of good stuff from Ridgefest on the other. All sorts of interviews with fans, soundcheck noise and the best part, Keanu leaning into her mic to say "Hellooooo"... So cute. It made me giddy just listening to it and it's the next best thing to being there! Must. Rewind. and Listen. Again!

"Helloooo." EEEEEEEEEEE!

And BIG Smooches to Zen, for sending me a video of The Great Warming, a documentary that Keanu co-hosted PLUS a disc full of memories from Wee Neo's trip to Quebec! I'll be sharing those later in the week.

Thanks you guys, this totally made my day!

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August 30, 2004
calling all you arteests

Creezy and Wanda are working on an online presentation of fan created graphic greeting for Keanu's birthday, if you'd like to contribute here are the specs:

- 480 x 360 or
360 x 480 pixels

- not larger then 100 kB

- filetype= .jpg or .gif

- include your name and location

Send them to creezy AT gmx.de

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August 20, 2004
Fender Friday


If you've seen "Larry", you might know why the sight of Keanu playing a red Fender bass just thrills me to no end.


This is just what I needed to jumpstart my busy bassplaying weekend. The Vibemerchants are getting together every day from now to Sunday, to learn some new songs, jam with some new friends and hopefully get some recording done.


Also, there are some Dogstar photos over at KeanuFan.com's gallery of him playing a nice white Fender as well.

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August 12, 2004
2 soulful


Speaking of bass.....

Soul2Soul has a new blog and has posted a bassload of great pictures from Ridgefest.

Go check it out and say hi!

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July 28, 2004
oh, hell yeah


Another Angel is back from Chicago and has her Ridgefest story and some magnificent photos up at KeanuFan.com

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July 20, 2004
Now all we need is a volunteer to jump out of a cake


Hard to believe this guy's leaving his thirties behind in September, huh?

If you'd like, you can leave him a birthday wish on the virtual birthday card created by keanufan43.

-via keanua-z

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July 19, 2004
a little buddha'll do ya


Warm up the sake! I'll be meeting keanuvisionary LoveTheLefty tonight to have dinner The Little Buddha Cafe, no california roll is safe!

And speaking of which, KeanuA-Z.com has posted an article from 1994 that you might want to check out titled "The Buddha of California"(see how I did that?), it's worth it just for the great photographs by Michel Haddi.

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July 14, 2004

"...both 'Harley" and 'Davidson'"


Chianti brings the funny.

And of course, thanks for the Vibemerchant shout-out!

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July 12, 2004
monday memes


My japanese name is Kawazoe (riverside) Kumiko (eternal beautiful child).

Aww, that's pretty.

Keanu's japanese name is Saruwatari (monkey on a crossing bridge) Kenta (healthy and plump).

Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.
-via kat

Why did the monkey cross the bridge? To get to the riverside.
So what happens next? Well, according to the "You and Keanu" quizzy thing over at Club-Keanu...

We'll meet at a concert. (check)
His first thought will be that he didn't notice me too much. (I knew I should have had him sign my boobs!)
Our first date will consist of me tackling him and dragging him into the bedroom. (Oh, come on. I'll totally buy him dinner first)
After he gets to know me he will think "there's the door" (What? I think 'plumpmonkey' is a great pet name! Quit throwing stuff!)
How it will all end up? We'll live happily ever after. (Natch)

And while I'm posting silly quizzy things, via damn near everyone , here are the results of my 20 questions personality test:

You are an SEDF--Sober Emotional Destructive Follower. This makes you an evil genius. You are extremely focused and difficult to distract from your tasks. With luck, you have learned to channel your energies into improving your intellect, rather than destroying the weak and unsuspecting.

Your friends may find you remote and a hard nut to crack. Few of your peers know you very well--even those you have known a long time--because you have expert control of the face you put forth to the world. You prefer to observe, calculate, discern and decide. Your decisions are final, and your desire to be right is impenetrable.

You are not to be messed with. You may explode.

I would never presume to take that test on Keanu's behalf, but I like to think he may be a fellow evil genius.

If not, I have a plan.......bwuhahahaha!

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July 01, 2004
get yer photoshop on


Catz, of A Girl Named Catz and The Softest Bear in the World fame has been making the www more beautiful one image at a time at her graphics site, DesolateSouls.net.

Along with an extensive gallery (and it's not just Keanu!) and great 'how-to' tutorials, the site has just launched the Desolate Souls Graphics Challenge.

July's challenge is here, so go register at the DS forum, fire up your Photoshop or grab an evaluation copy of Paint Shop Pro and give it a shot.

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June 25, 2004


A magnificent drawing of Keanu as John Constantine by Coffs of Keanu Reality, a russian fansite.

Check out more great inspired art here.
-via KeanuWeb

By the way, speaking of Constantine, does anyone have a Variety subscription?

Cinema Expo 2004, Europe's main exhibition trade show, closed Thursday with extended footage from "Catwoman," Oliver Stone's "Alexander" and Keanu Reeves starrer "Constantine" captivating delegates....

I'd like to know if there's anything else about Constantine in the article. Just not $29.95 worth of like-to-know.

And of course I'd really like to hear from someone that saw the footage.

Hmmmm, the Expo was in Amsterdam. Where the hell is Julie!?

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June 21, 2004
around the web

BEAUTIFUL - Nudel -via Nettie- has an entry on someone else he serves as muse for

Alternate GQ cover at Keanuholic

Sta-cie sleuths out this smiley pic from the Fashion thing in Austin

somebody's still smitten, and she shares her amazing words with us

Oy. This was posted by one of the guys at the HBforums - originally from petebevin.com

Keanuholic lists all the known becky songs. So why no CD yet?

loverly scan of Canada's hunkiest at Club Keanu

More exquisite photoshoppery from Catz

Another Angel's Bulletin Board wallpaper is the bomb. Check out all the galleries at Keanufan.com

off-topic but OMG how can you not click this!?

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June 16, 2004
Whoa! Not bad!

used with permission - Thanks Bill and Ted dot Org

Sta-cie found some great screengrabs over at BillandTed.org of a little known project that Keanu did with Alex Winter.

No, not Freaked, we know about that one. This one is a short for CBS - Hard Rock Cafe Saves the Planet -"Howie Meets the Ghost of Environmental Disasters Yet to Come". Circa? I don't know, but it looks hilarious. I was giggling like a fool trying to pick a picture to use for this entry.

BillandTed.org has several galleries, including some great fan submissions. The site is also updated regularly with a rotating video download and all kinds of other yummy Bill and Tedness.

Go check it out.

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June 08, 2004
I know I'm a little early but it's the 9th in London!


So we can start wishing
a Very Happy Birthday!

I knew there was something that I needed to do!

Hope you have a great day, girly!


Comments are off here, get thee to Keanuholic and show some love.

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gone rawkin'

photo from Keanu Reality - www.keanureeves.ru

I'd like to thank Keanu in advance for not doing anything particularly newsworthy over the next couple days because I need to practice. If anything comes up, I'm sure the rest of the Keanurati will have it covered.

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June 05, 2004
Last Night in Austin

Thanks POTD

Thanks to POTD for this fresh pic of Keanu from last night's charity fashion show that was part of the Dennis Quaid Classic events this weekend.

Check out the Club's gallery for more scruffy-yumminess.

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May 22, 2004

H!A!P!P!Y!  B!I!R!T!H!D!A!Y! If you're Julie! CLICK HERE!

If ever someone was a ray of sunshine on this weird and wonderful world wide web, it's Julie!.
From her overwhelming kindness to her zany hilarilty she's an extraordinary girl(she's really cute as well *wink*) and even though we've never met face to face, I'm so very lucky to call her my good friend.

Happy Birthday Julie!, I hope the day is as special and wonderful as you deserve.

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May 21, 2004

KeanuFan.com has added a whole slew of Dogstar photos to the gallery, go check it out.

(via club-keanu)

Also check out KeanuFan's cool caption contest.

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May 20, 2004
art he inspires

drawing by Toriane

Thanks to Toriane for sending in her lovely drawing of Keanu.

She even got the crinkle :)

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April 20, 2004
nettie on the net

Thank gawd there's internet cafe's in LA! Keanuette's posted reports of her experiences at the HOB and Green Valley shows at her blog, A Keanuholic.

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April 15, 2004
up-to-the-minute becky news

I just got off the phone with Keanuette in LA, she's at House of Blues and the band is sound checking right now :)

She tried to hold the phone out for me to hear but I couldn't.

I can't wait for tomorrow night.


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March 08, 2004
I can't wait to hear Zen's comment on the top photo...

Check out more at Club Keanu

Club-Keanu has a whole bunch of hand-rubbing, lip-pouting, goat-throwing, just-plain-cute screen captures from last year's MTV Moviehouse interview to promote Reloaded.

Check them out at the gallery.

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March 05, 2004
fine art and good reading

Drawing by Coffs

This gorgeous drawing of Neo (found at Keanuweb) was done by a russian artist (and Keanu fan), "Coffs", who has a website with some more lovely artwork, both hand drawn and digital. Check her out.

After you've filled up on eye candy, feed your mind by reading Brian Takle's insightful and interesting essays about the 2nd and 3rd chapters of The Matrix Trilogy.

The Matrix Reloaded: Explained

The Matrix Revolutions: Explained

Then, when you're feeling all smart and brainy, feel free to come do my taxes for me while I learn Funkytown.

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February 27, 2004
Catz Rawks

Well hell. My last audblog didn't post. It will probably show up later, five times or something....

Anyway, Catz so rocks. \m/

After dinner we were in the gift shop and they had the CUTEST SOFTEST stuffed bears. I swear, these things are made with the pubic hair of angels. So we both stood there fondling them for a few minutes, and Catz is so cool that she bought one for us both (I'm using the pic for the audblog image).

So we're like beanie bear buddies now. Hee!

We had a great dinner and I'm so annoyed that I'm sick and we didn't get to spend the whole evening having fun. I dropped her and her boy off at the Bellagio and I had to come home and put some Vicks on my throat and crawl into bed (sexy, no?).

But we're already planning a road trip or something as soon as an opportunity comes up.

Anyway, I'm off to bed.


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February 19, 2004
Catz Rawks

Catz has posted her Viper report from last night's becky concert, go check it out....

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February 06, 2004
Zen and the art of....

note from krix-"Julie! has taken over the blog this morning in order to do something extra special for Zen on her birthday. Y'all are welcome to follow along but please don't spoil the suprise!"

Hi sweet Zenny!!!!!

Because this is a special day for you, we have decided to throw you a global
And to make it *extra* festive, I've written a fairy-tale especially for
you! :-)
You are the main character in it, and bits of it have been posted on every
site that has a "Keanu-blog-posse" *blinkie*.

After you've finished reading the text here, all you need to do is click on
the link at the end to go to the next part! However, because of the different
time-zones, and because not everyone will have the opportunity to make an
entry out of it, you should not *panic* if you enter their blog, and see
nothing referring to this. You will find the next bit of the story in the
most recent comment-section. Should the link, for whatever reason, not work,
then just look at the address & type it in yourself - you lazy bum ;-)

As an extra note for people who might also read this, and aren't called Zen:
Please be aware that this fairytale is being monitored by the Canadian
tourist-board, so it may contains references and subliminal messages in
order to get you to book a holiday there & spend all your money on furry
little hats and grizzly bear t-shirts. It may also contain references to
Keanu Reeves. --but I'm sure you all don't mind ;-)

Ok, are you ready sweety? Then we proudly present:

An Original Tale by Julie!

Krix as Frixo; The bearer of the ‘thing’
Catz as Catzdalf; the old dude with the powerful *blinkie* spells
CuteTexasblonde as Arablonde; The lost king of middle-skirt
Keana as Intheboxomir; the heroic dude who redeems himself.
BakedNudel as Legonudles; the Elf-prince with disturbingly cute pointy ears
Sta-cie as Sam-ie; the trusty side-kick Blobbit
Keanu-Soul as; Merry-soul, the cheerful young Blobbit
Keanuette as Pippinette; the nosy, yet adorable Blobbit
And lastly Julie! as Gimlie!; the horribly ugly little dwarf, who can be
found deep beneath the surface of the earth, aka in the comments-sections

Special appearances will be made by:.
Joel Silver as ‘Jollum-Smeailver’; the one who keeps on saying ‘My precious’
when looking at his bank-account.
The academy awards-jury as Oscauron; the little statue who thinks he rules
the world
And certain movie-critics as Shutupman; the pathetic magician with

*croaky voice*

Once upon a time... A terrible blizzard hit Canada. As the wolves howled in the background, and people huddled together in their romantic wooden cabins, admiring the glorious view of frozen lakes and salmon-filled rivers through a curtain of dwindling snowflakes, they could not help but notice how blessed they were to live in a country so magnificent as theirs. Not only did they have fresh air, a friendly population, lots of yummie sea-food and were easily reachable by areo-plane (check your local tourist-office for bookings) they were also the ONLY country in the world that could officially claim that one of their citizens was in fact, Keanu Reeves.

This caused much joy in the daily lives of the common people.

However, they did not know 'yet', that their country was about to be graced by an even more unique presence. And that the ice-cold snowstorm itself was a sign from above that great things were about to happen.

Because one of the snowflakes in this magical blizzard contained...

-Do you want to read more? Then go to Keana-in-the-Box

Happy Birthday Zen!!!
If this can't defrost you, NOTHING will!

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February 03, 2004

Ok, every single one of the great new photos that Sweet Keanu has posted is begging to be made into wallpaper....

But I'm only doing one (for now).

I thought this quote fit well - click for wallpaper

Also, a couple more wonderful pics at this blog, KR-Online.

(I feel like an ass because I can't speak the language, is that Portuguese? Where's Bea when I need her!? I seem to remember her learning Portuguese before she went to Rio....)

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oh, hell yeah

sta-cie rawks her mad photoshawp skillz....

Catz, too!

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February 02, 2004
speaking the international language of hotness...

Photo by ADC - from Sweet Keanu's blog via Keanuette

Brazilian Blogger "Sweet Keanu" shares some GORGEOUS new photos of Keanu including some taken by Amanda DeCadenet (looks like the same shoot as the Arena Magazine ones).



Thanks, Keanuette :)

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January 26, 2004
Keanu has a posse

A blog posse, that is...


Thanks, Catz :)

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January 24, 2004
totally globular

Don't forget that Keanu will be presenting at the Golden Globe awards tomorrow. Thanks Jena for these programming notes:

  • E! is doing an all day Golden Globes special starting with coverage from the red carpet at noon ET - 6pm ET, followed by a 2 hour Live Red Carpet Arrivals Special starting at 6pm ET - 8pm ET. The Red Carpet Arrivals Special repeats after the Golden Globe Awards at 11pm ET - 1am ET.

  • The Style Network is doing a special before the awards from 6pm ET - 8pm ET (for PST, check your local listings, but I believe it's showing 3pm for you). The special repeats from 9pm ET - 11pm ET, and repeats again from 11pm ET - 1amET.

  • Golden Globe Awards, NBC, 8pm ET - 11pm ET

More programming listed at A Keanuholic.

Sunday is jam night for me, so I'll have to set my tape. I'm sure there will be photos at the news sources before midnight tomorrow as well.

I'm taking the weekend off.

Both Stacie and Catz are doing some great Keanu desktops and graphics so be sure to check them out, and Nudel's been getting her photoshop on as well.
Keana has posted some of her personal photos from when Dogstar came to town, and has all sorts of cute little girlies and gifs going on. I love the little flying Neo!
Sweet Keanu_Soul could charm the fuzz off a peach and she makes music videos!
And I don't know how Keanuette does it all, keeping up both a major site with news and gallery, her creative work on her blog and she still manages to be quite the social butterfly as well. Thanks to her and the Keanu blogger ring I've discovered even more Keanu fans with blogs, like Furious-Angel. A self-proclaimed 'bad girl', I like her already.

Have a good one....

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January 09, 2004

Thanks to Wry for pointing me to Keanu-site.com, a huge and glorious collection of Keanu screen captures.
Part of Keanupolis' K-Team, the lovely Natalia has not only most of Keanu's films covered but also the special programs "In His Own Words" and "Journey to Success", both of which have some great interview and appearance shots.

I LOVE the eyebrow thing

I love the lip scar as well

I don't really know what's going on here but I'm pretty sure I love it

Be prepared to spend some time looking at everything.

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January 08, 2004
Yodel Lay He Who?

KeanuA-Z has some video footage of a recent lucky fan encounter with Keanu in Switzerland.

For the whole story and the footage, go to KeanuA-Z.com.

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January 06, 2004
bloggy goodness

There seems to be a growing number of Keanu fan blogs so I've given the ones on my blogroll their own Most Triumphant section on the sidebar.

Check 'em out.

I put the Matrix related blogs there as well.

If you're a Keanu fan with a blog and want to be in that section, let me know.

Keanuette's started a new Keanublogger webring as well.

Oh, on an unrelated note, my Outlook keeps shutting down so If I owe you an email it may take a bit until I figure it out.

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December 17, 2003
Keanu dot orgasm

this picture has nothing to do with the entry, I just like it - thx POTD

If you happened to miss the most recent Leno and Letterman appearances, check out Keanu.org's multimedia section.

You can download those plus other clips, including Keanu's bit in the short lived Jay Mohr series, ACTION!, a definite must see.

(a zip utility and Real media player are required to view the clips after download.)

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December 16, 2003

image via keanuweb - drawn by the talented Lailinka

This is a beautiful drawing of Keanu, by russian artist, Lailinka.
More can be found here...

Just breathtaking.

-via KeanuWeb

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November 23, 2003
chocolate keanu


Ooooh, Club-Keanu has some lovely new pictures of Keanu, who's in New York doing press for Something's Gotta Give. He's just yummy in the chocolatey brown suit and (new?)shoes.

So speaking of chocolate, you know who RAWKS?

Julie Does.

I got a fabulous care package to help me with my fear of flying from her yesterday, all the way from Amsterdam. Along with a Kustom Keanu enhanced survival handbook, something with eyes that wiggle, and other very cool things, she also sent me.....Chocolate K-E-A-N-U!

I plan on savoring every nibble and making it last a long time. Or at least until the stewardess flight attendant starts pouring the wine.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:41 PM | comments (23)
October 30, 2003
arena rawk!

Keanuette doth rock muchly. \m/
Go to KeanuA-Z right now, avoid reading the article if you're non-spoilering it...but OH! look at the pics.

OK, who can get me a copy of this mag?

| from inside the mind of krix at 08:31 PM | comments (12)
October 27, 2003
Love is a Burning Thing

And it makes a fiery ring
Bound by wild desire
I fell into a ring of fire

Little did I know that last night - as Roi was teaching me to play 'Ring of Fire' over at Dave's - Batty and Jon, along with several other SoCal bloggers and many others were watching a firestorm right outside their windows, some packing their most important stuff and leaving their homes because of the worst wildfires in many years.

I fell into a burnin' ring of fire
I went down, down, down
And the flames went higher
And it burns, burn, burns
The ring of fire, the ring of fire

It looks like Batty and Jon's place was unharmed. I'm seeing and reading on the news that so many others were not so lucky. I always get especially sad for the animals in these disasters.

The taste of love is sweet
When hearts like ours meet
I fell for you like a child
Oh, but the fire ran wild

300,000 acres. That's a lot of land.
Looking at the maps of the affected areas, I know that these are the places that Tess and I drove through on our way to and from Solana Beach last month.
I hope that this gets under control soon.

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October 23, 2003
Return of the Club

It looks like Club Keanu is back up, although the URL is slightly different so update your links and bookmarks. The one I have with 'nuke' as a subdomain no worky, but this one does.

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October 07, 2003
how do you say "THUD" in Russian?

Keanu.ru, the Keanu Reeves - Russian Edition fansite has been added to the links.

It takes a little clicking around to find your way if you're like me and the only russian you know is Stolichnaya.

But totally worth it...

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October 03, 2003
A-Z 2.0

Keanu A-Z has a new look and format, and Keanuette has posted an interesting article from Showcase Cinemas Magazine, 'He's the One'
(she also sent me this cute 'get well' card yesterday so big germ-free cyber smooches for that too).

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:09 PM | comments (4)
September 23, 2003
swoon! his hair!

Go over to Reeves Drive and check out crowreaves fan report from the Thumbsucker set and look at the picture.

Eeeeee. I love his hair.

| from inside the mind of krix at 09:06 PM | comments (7)
September 15, 2003
damn....and yay!

The bad news is, William Gibson is quitting blogging.

The good news is, it's so he can start writing again.

| from inside the mind of krix at 03:48 PM | comments (10)
August 28, 2003
dogstar CDs for sale

Kat has all three Dogstar CDs up for auction, so if your looking to have an instant collection or want to have spare copies (because at some point these aren't going be be around anymore) check it out. I know that OLV alone has gone for close to twenty bucks recently on the 'bay.

She's also got some other CDs, quite a few videos and some PC games up there at cheap start prices, so please bid if you have an interest in anything because you'd be helping her out.

| from inside the mind of krix at 05:13 PM | comments (3)
JozWatch '03 - Mission: Keanu

OK, so there's another chance for good hearted fun with photographic proof today.
The Orlando Jones show also tapes by jozjozjoz. Well, technically it tapes close to her car.
We have no idea what time, though. So we need either:

a) someone to comment that knows what time the show starts taping.
Our operatives report that taping begins at 5 pm.
b) a smackload of excuses for why Joz needs to keep going out to her car instead of working. (She's already confessed to accidentally -shyeah, right--leaving her phone in the car)

--now that we know the time, it's pretty much in the hands of the Architect.

I told her she should trust in the plan of the Matrix, and make one trip out to the car today, with the camera and "Hi Krix" sign (which shall also include jozjozjoz.com...it's like sponsorship!) and if he doesn't cross her path it wasn't meant to be. It couldn't have happened any other way.

Of course, she's all "free will blah blah blah, in charge of my own destinycakes", so who knows.

Oooh! Here's a pic of the lot with something that is either a signpost or some guy doing an impression of Munch's The Scream. It's not Keanu, though.

click for larger image

BUT, Keanu just might be in the building under where the Hollywood sign is right now. How very exciting!

Or not.

In any case, I *heart* jozjozjoz for even bothering to try, and for keeping me updated on IM all day. At this point she could send a a pic of Orlando Jones' Security guy holding the sign and I'd be a happy camper.

| from inside the mind of krix at 10:43 AM | comments (18)
August 27, 2003
joz to the third power rocks muchly


| from inside the mind of krix at 07:02 PM | comments (3)
August 26, 2003

thanks to lomara, I now know the emoticon for "throwing the goat".


sucky or not?

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August 18, 2003
I'm late for work!

I just got home around an hour ago, and wanted to quick upload a few shots from the game from my craptacular zoomless camera before I went to work.

They can be found here.

Check Skittish (Wendy) and Lomara (Kimberly)'s blogs for links to galleries of their pics.

I hope to have some time later to do a little bit of a write-up, but right now, I'm freaking running late and on about 3 hours sleep.

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August 13, 2003
fan pics and tales

Keanu fan and Oregonian, crowereaves got to meet Keanu on the Thumbsucker set. She's posted a couple pictures over at Reeves Drive's board so go check them out.

Also, there's an amusing story here about a fan encounter.

(via club-keanu)

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July 26, 2003
it's today

there's still time to sponsor

I thought about blogging for blogathon this year, but ultimately chickened out for a number of reasons, one being that I'm afraid if I blogged for 24 hours straight, I might never want to do it again afterwards.

So, I have a huge amount of regard for those that are, and I'm sponsoring Jazz, who is blogging for Doctors without Borders and has all kinds of fun things she's doing to pass the time...or convince us she's completely mad, I'm not sure which. I'm also sponsoring Jenn, over at Greyhoundathon who is blogging for Greyhound Pets, which aids in finding retired racing greyhounds happy homes. She's also a foster for greyhounds and has some great pics and stories about the dogs.

You can go see who's blogging today at the main blogathon site, maybe pick someone to sponsor or just leave some comments, I know that it would mean a lot to everyone participating.

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July 18, 2003
oooh, there's this

Thanks to EVE for taunting me with the fact that she is going to Comic-Con and telling me about THIS at the Con:

5:30–7:00 The Matrix.com: Comics on the Web— The online Matrix comics include work by Larry and Andy Wachowski, Geof Darrow, Bill Sienkiewicz, Neil Gaiman, Ted McKeever, John Van Fleet, Troy Nixey, Peter Bagge, Dave Gibbons, David Lapham, Greg Ruth and Paul Chadwick among others. Learn the future of the Matrix comics, how soon the trade collection will be available, and perhaps get a free Matrix comic. Paul Chadwick (Concrete), John Van Fleet (Batman: The Chalice), and Bill Sienkiewicz (Stray Toasters ) and others join Spencer Lamm (who heads the team behind TheMatrix.com, as well as edits the comics). Room 6B

I think I'd like to go just to give webmaster Spencer Lamm a big kiss on the mouth for the wonderfulness that is whatisthematrix.com.

One other thing, Mikey2 has permission to call me "Krixy", because it makes me swoon (especially if I imagine it in the Stich voice), all the rest of you are guilty of unauthorized pet-naming, and you'll be hearing from my people as soon as I get some.

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July 01, 2003

Thanks to club-keanu for the heads up on this post by Tresses at the DMB that says that Keanu and Bret will be appearing on a Mr. Big (who I have never heard of) tribute album "...very unique project in which Mr. Big classic songs have been revisited, featuring all star vocalists and guest musicians as well as the band members themselves."

Oh, in case you are wondering, Keanu is in Paris working on that Meyers thing (oh look, his character has a name: Julian. You may recall that he also played a Julian in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, which was of course...the Worst Movie Ever....I'm just sayin'). He's also going to movie premieres and having lunch. Pics and links to pics can be found at Club-Keanu and Keanuholic.

Also, according to Lou Taylor Pucci's news page, Keanu will be arriving in Beaverton! toward the end of the month to work on Thumbsucker (why hasn't this movies IMDB page been updated?).

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June 16, 2003
The Matrices Re-Wroted

check it out at ifilm

Have you checked out "The Matrix parody to end all of those damn Matrix parodies", Dominic Mah's The Matrices?

You should go to iFilm and do that.

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June 14, 2003
Is this thing on?

I know. These outages are a huge pain.
Is it just me? or are Keanu sites are dropping like flies.....?


All gone or on a break.
I'm sure there are others that are just no longer updated.

KeanuA-Z in undetermined limbo. Keanuholic, Jen's blog, is still up though.

Reeves Drive can be found here until the regular domain resolves.

I feel like the red cross after an earthquake.

Anyway, I just want to say that I have no plans to go anywhere, but I am going to be turning it down a notch. So don't worry if you don't see something new here every day. I need a little break, and last weekend doesn't count.

Believe me, it SO does not count.

Besides, Roi wants to teach me to play bass.

i'm going to need this grin as inspiration

| from inside the mind of krix at 10:56 AM | comments (19)
May 16, 2003

Very, very cool!
Go read what Keanuette's been up to!


| from inside the mind of krix at 06:04 PM | comments (19)
April 24, 2003
go there

Club-Keanu reports that Keanu will be appearing on Leno on May 8th, so pick up a blank tape this week. Some other links to be found at the Club as well, so go check them out.

Miho has a great picture of Keanu and Carrie-Ann from a Japanese magazine in her updated Gallery over at 999.squares.net

And as always, look to The Last Free City and Matrix Fans for news and hype leading up to May 15.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:25 PM | comments (2)
April 22, 2003
Help Kat

help kat if you can, please

click here

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:36 PM | comments (2)
April 14, 2003
More feeling of the love...

Skits SO ROCKS! Go look at the awesome greeting she made on her blog!!!

I LUFF it.

Also, I have to share the brilliance that is Julie from the comments:

"Ode to Krix"

"Ahem.. 'do re miiiii'

Krix, 'oh' Krix
There's not a 'bad mood' that your blog can't fix
You've created a heaven for Keanu-craving chicks
Who aren't satisfied with just watching some flicks
Or reading gossip from blood-sucking journalist 'ticks'
(Those who rely on impolite 'stalking trashcan-tactics)
You're defending his rights like a female Malcolm (i)X
Against the jealous comments from impotent movie-critics
And give 'the people' their daily dose of Reeves-related kicks
With the aid of SIMS, ass-grabs and pretty photoshop-tricks!
Yes, my computer-screen recieved many affectionate 'licks'
When you once again added those beautiful Keanu-pics!
Threw in some Kiefer Sutherland ones in a tantalising mix
And carefully studied the direction of their di... (censored)
So here's my message for today and I hope it sticks
I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my...
Ehm.. eh... cervix!

PS; I know the last part sounds gross, but 'heart' didn't rhyme! :-)"

I'm blown away, girls.
These are the greatest!

~~~more love~
Keanuette sends Neo bearing flowers and candy, SWEET!

| from inside the mind of krix at 02:47 PM | comments (9)
So Beautiful

by Maribel

Thank you to the wonderfully talented Maribel who sent me this beautiful drawing.

::hand to heart::

Just stunning.

| from inside the mind of krix at 02:11 PM | comments (6)
April 09, 2003
Big Love, Tiny Phone

mr. wizard! get me the hell outta here!

Oooooh, I want to say THANK YOU to Tyler for the spiffy card I got from her today.
It has an itty-bitty cell phone charm on it!

| from inside the mind of krix at 09:33 PM | comments (10)
But I'm totally ready to meet someone at the state line to kill two birds....

Ok, this is such a cute idea.

I'd play, but I couldn't get kissed if I disguised myself as a CPR dummy and laid on the floor in a room full of Eagle Scouts.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:38 PM | comments (7)
March 06, 2003
The Greatest Lounge Band EVER

I'm late to post today because I'm still recovering from last night, which ruled. I got to hang out with Marcie and her love, Alan. We met at Bally's at some tequila bar with really slow service and chatted for a few (which was great because I missed them last time they were in town and really didn't get to spend time together during the chaos that was BlogCon, either).

And we got to experience the greatest lounge act ever.
Chey, Suzie and Mikey know who I'm talkin' 'bout...

Sounds of Joi

That's right, The Sounds of Joi. Live at the Imperial Palace.
I couldn't believe it when we walked in and they were playing again.

Joi is amazing. Teeny little thing with a great big voice. She can sing like nobody's business and even throws in some moves as well.

And the man behind the Joi, Bass Face. Yes, there are seven strings on that beast, and he works it. Bass Face puts the fun in funky, baby.
There was a new guitar player who was very cute but didn't play with his teeth like his predecessor. He was cute though. Did I mention how cute he was?

So it was quite the Boogie Wonderland and lots of fun. No sign of Chey's favorite dance partner, but we had a reasonable facsimile. Yes, those are roses and beer in his hands. The roses were delivered to Joi during the set and Cassanova there actually started snagging them and handing them out to all of us ladies. Poor Joi.
She finished out the night with a smile, though. And we got our groove on until the end at about 1 am. Stumbled back to Bally's and made plans to get together again soon. Either here or in LA, I'm definitely going to party with Marcie and Alan again soon.

This is the Las Vegas you don't see in commercials, kids.

And it's hella fun.

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February 23, 2003
picture this

click for larger image

Thank you to Maribel, an extremely gifted artist and Keanu fan for sending me this drawing to share with you all.

Just exquisite...

Some other works by Maribel can be found here and here.


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February 15, 2003

Those shrieks of laughter that sound like Betty Rubble is being held down and tickled by the feathers of a hundred ostriches?

That would be me.

Julie, the package came.

Meeces! And a TO. Die. FOR-fold out poster

OMg, squeal!

I can't wait to go home and show Humphrey.

Update: Humphrey approves! Maow!
click for larger view

| from inside the mind of krix at 10:46 AM | comments (5)
February 13, 2003
fess up

I received this candy heart anonymously this morning. Just wanted to say thanks ;)

| from inside the mind of krix at 11:52 AM | comments (3)
February 09, 2003
I can't think of an entry title

I had a great time last night.
For the record, there is much more fun to be had at the Imperial Palace lounge than at Cleopatra's Barge. (There's some sort of historical analogy to be made there, but fuck if I'm going to crack an encyclopedia for a joke)
Anyway, there was drinking (which is always fun, more so when you can carry your McCocktail around as you wander the streets) and dancing (which I usually only do as a precursor to mating. I'm as graceful as a grouse) and lots of giggles. It was very cool to meet Cheyenne, who rocks the house with her bad-ass dancing-with-strangers self.
Positively LOVELY to see Suzie again and meet her future husband *ahem*, Tim, who doesn't have a site, but is such a hell of a guy, that he gets linked anyway.
Oh! and Mikey was there too, and for all of you who mock my need to go buy new socks for every social occasion, let me just say: One of the first things Mikey said? "I like your socks."
So there. What a sweetie. I hope he got some action last night.

I hope everyone has fun the rest of the weekend.

I'm going back to bed.

| from inside the mind of krix at 11:52 AM | comments (8)
February 08, 2003
Bring it

Ok. I'm like ALL READY and waiting for Chey to wake up from her nap and call.

I hope she calls soon, I give my hair and make-up about a 4 hour window of uber-hotness. While it lasts, I think I'm gonna do a PictureYourself pic ;)


| from inside the mind of krix at 07:16 PM | comments (4)
Yay, look at me! I get to hang out with the popular kids!

Living in Vegas has its advantages. One of them being that people come visit because...well...it's VEGAS, baby.

I get to play lounge lizard with Cheyenne, Suzie, and possibly Marcie tonight.

I have no idea what we're doing, but I'm guessing that it will involve a lot of walking and drinking. Probably in that order because things get tricky when you switch them around.

I have to go buy new socks.

Oh, and there will be no glitter...I repeat NO GLITTER.

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:09 PM | comments (3)
January 21, 2003
Wow with a capital Whoa

Congrats to Keanuette on her two recent acquisitions!

I'm really happy to see a real fan rather than a stuffy collector get things like this.
Remember me when you get bored with those dogtags, girlie!

| from inside the mind of krix at 11:59 AM | comments (6)
January 15, 2003
I suck

I'm am an utterly horrid little beast for not participating in yesterday's Blogger Lovefest.
I started a post and realized that there was no way I could pick just one, or five or twelve...and it seemed like cheating to post my whole blogroll.

But I really do adore everyone. I'm just not used to being demonstrative for being demonstrative's sake.

I suck.

Thank you so much to those who deemed me worthy of your love.

I so fucking suck.

I'll try and make it up to you, somehow.

| from inside the mind of krix at 04:00 PM | comments (10)
January 06, 2003
RE: Fwd: FWD: re: AUGH!

KAT is the funniest girl in all the land.
Go read "Chain mail friendships broken down"

And remember....

Don't forward me any of that crap either.

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:17 PM | comments (7)
January 02, 2003
Being a better blogger

One of the resolutions I made for myself this year was being a more active member of the Blogosphere. This includes being less shy about commenting on other people's blogs and participating in various other forms of fellowship.
So I've entered wKen's photo contest, the theme being "I Love ____."

Please go leave a comment on my entry.

And check out the love on wKen's photoblog.


| from inside the mind of krix at 01:30 PM
December 26, 2002

Peace to you, Sharon.....

I just found out that Sharon T., a member of a couple of the groups I belong to, has passed on.
I don't know the circumstances.
I didn't know her well, only from her posts and emails, but I just got through crying, and I will probably cry some more. For her and particularly for myself, because I didn't know her as well as I would have liked to. And now she's gone.
It's amazing how people touch your life and don't even realize it. Sharon posted frequently, usually with spunk, sometimes with a counter-opinion...always with brilliance and thoughtfulness.
Here are her words in response to the question "What is a Keanu?" in one of the groups...

"By the way, I actually know the answer to this because it's one of the first things I read on the Internet. A Keanu is a cool breeze over the mountains.

Party on,

PS. Ok, ok, ok. Lest you chide me for lack of effort, I will elaborate.

Keanu is a breath of fresh mountain air in the parched desert of conformity. Keanu is a refreshing breeze of hope that enables us to continue bearing our burdens under the hot sun of stress. Like the wind clears the air of pollutants, Keanu clears our minds & reinvigorates our senses. As Cole Porter pointed out, hot weather is not conducive to romance, but Keanu is the evening breeze that stirs our desires with the fragrance of summer blossoms.

Keanu is a natural phenomenon, seemingly a gift from God. As with the elements, he cannot be contained or controlled by the petty & small-minded who contrive to do so. He remains something of a mystery despite diligent attempts to understand him, like the wind that last week defied the careful study of meteorologists & neglected to blow a storm our way as predicted."

Her passing comes as an unpredictable blow to those of us that knew her, even just through her words and appreciation of Keanu. My deepest sympathy goes to those that were closest to her.

She was a hell of a lady.

Goodbye, Sharon.
You will be missed....terribly.

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:25 PM | comments (14)
Oh no you di'nt!

You want some o' this?????!!!


Ha! You can't post HTML in my comments, so I thought I'd show you what Skits and Cheyenne just tried to do to me.

From skits:

from Chey:


I'll get you.....*wink*

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:16 PM | comments (7)
December 24, 2002
a greeting for the season

Happy Holidays, everyone....

Wishing each of you blessings, especially the kind that can't be gift-wrapped.

I hope everyone is surrounded by love, happiness and joy...
and the desire and ability to share it with others.

::hand to heart::


| from inside the mind of krix at 01:34 PM | comments (23)
December 23, 2002
Have yourself a bloggy little christmas...


Right-click and take this little wreath to your own blog. Link back to the site you took it from. Please, leave a message in the comments if you use it so we can see where it goes!

I got it from julie.

| from inside the mind of krix at 08:32 AM | comments (5)
December 20, 2002
It's friday, I'm in love

Hold my calls.
Tonight I will be curling up with a glass or two of wine (thanks Rhonda!)
and Tony Pierce.....

OK, ok.....it's actually Tony's book, "blook", I will be curling up with.

A girl can dream, can't she?

note the underline

| from inside the mind of krix at 07:17 PM | comments (7)
Blame it on the rain

It's raining here, and while there are no big waves to be had, I thought that Johnny Utah would be nice for today's Ass Friday pic.

Coz you look good in a wetsuit

Surfs Up!!!!

Oh, and EVE ROCKS!!! I'm sporting the rad "Slackers®" beanie in the office today, thanks to a suprise package. *smooch!*

| from inside the mind of krix at 11:19 AM | comments (3)
December 12, 2002
She can turn the world on with her blog


Happy birthday to the most fabulous woman in all of blogland.

10:45 pm-

and the party continues....

I wanted to post an amazing tribute. Why I didn't work on it yesterday, I don't know. But right now anything I write seems terribly inadequate for such a great friend and amazing person.
And the thing about kd is, she'd totally understand that.
And that's why I love her so damn much.

Oh, you can go sign her card if you'd like.

And this probably won't work but I'm trying anyway:

| from inside the mind of krix at 08:34 AM | comments (10)
December 10, 2002
I have a guest

Beautiful girls need beautiful blogs so I'm going to be hosting Bea for a while so she can get a feel for Movable Type.

Go say Hi.

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:33 PM | comments (7)
December 09, 2002
Who rocks?

Keanuette Rocks!

I came home from a hectic day to a lovely suprise from Keanuette!
My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Keanu movie, Feeling Minnesota on DVD.
Thank you so much!

| from inside the mind of krix at 08:03 PM | comments (3)
December 08, 2002
Oh CRAP! What Time is it in Rio de Janeiro?

Happy Birthday!

I KNEW there was something I was forgetting to do today....

Go wish Fair Beatrice *mwuah!* a happy birthday! There's still time!

And while you're there, read her blog. She has the most fascinating life of anyone I know, and she writes about it so charmingly. I swear they'll make a movie of it someday.

They'd just better not cast Keanu as Victor.
I'm not fond of this Victor character *wink*.

| from inside the mind of krix at 05:14 PM | comments (10)
November 21, 2002
For those of you who like to know where he is.

I trust we can all tell the difference between someone staking out a trash can and someone having a serendipitous Keanu sighting and telling a friend about it that happens to have a blog, right?


Go read A Girl Named Bob.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:50 PM | comments (5)
November 08, 2002
aesthetic friday

Something special for today....

© J.Barile

This was done by a friend of mine. It's the first piece of her artwork she's ever sold and I was honored to purchase it.
It's hand painted over the famous Gorman backside print and came with a handpainted frame as well.
The image looks a little crooked because I had to avoid getting a glare from the flash, but I assure you, it's perfect and I love it.

And aslo a HUGE thank you to Jena who sent me a wonderful package today.

| from inside the mind of krix at 11:25 AM | comments (4)
November 06, 2002

Hi Tony Pierce!

Um...hi....what's your name?

krix, with an "x" and a lower case "k", rhymes with Trix, like the cereal.

M'kay....hi krix.

I just wanted to to thank you for linking me.

Sure, I do that sometimes. When people link to me, I sometimes link back to them. I list the new links by month. It's very efficient. Have you pre-ordered my book yet?

Not yet, but I'm going to. Also, thank you for linking to keanuvision in your Winona entry. I noticed that you added it post-edit. Not that I compulsively checked or anything.

Of course not.

I feel really special. You're a very popular L.A. blogger. Do you have Keanu's phone number?

No. Now, about my book...

I just started reading busblog and gosh, Tony...you're swell.

Thank you.

Do you mention Keanu in the book?

Um, I'm not sure. You should really buy it and see.

Okay, Tony Pierce. I'll do that!

Thank you.

And thank YOU! Bye now.

| from inside the mind of krix at 09:44 PM | comments (3)
November 02, 2002
In my mailbox today...

Cheryl's Movie Backlot got a nice plug on the Pic-of-the-Day list today (Thanks Margarete!)so I scrambled to update with Cheryl's most recent entry, "Life Under Water". "Young Again" is also coming soon.
I just want to say again how honored I am to host Cheryl's looks at Keanu's films. And the "Life Under Water" entry is full of interesting stuff. I learned a lot after reading her report and am planning on watching it again soon with a new perspective.

I also received some pics from Asia from "ChicksDigScars" that I will post and comment on later. If you can't wait, I suggest you meander over to the forum site, Club-Keanu.com and check them out.

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October 26, 2002


Oh, and in further traumatization of krix: if you want to read the after-effects of my watching "Requiem for a Dream" tonight....read on.

I promise to only freak out a little, here.

Jesus Christ.
Am I supposed to feel like going out and parking my car on a hill of broken glass, putting it in neutral and laying my head underneath the rear tire?
How the hell did they keep people from just running out into traffic straight from the theater?
[::tries to type from fetal position.fails::]
My god - What a great movie. I'm sure I'll have nothing but praise from the heart for the makers and the actors of this film once I've actually recovered from seeing it.
But I don't (won't) want to talk about it.
It's like bungee jumping. I did it once and I'll never do it again.
This movie rubs salt in wounds, I feel like I'm going to throw up.
I refuse to watch the deleted scenes unless someone can guarentee that there's an alternate happy ending in there somewhere.
Art is best when it makes you feel. No matter what it is.
I actually like this.
It's good for me.
I need to scream but I'll wake the cat, and he's such a cute thing when he sleeps.
.....and I need a cute thing right now.
This movie should be mandatory viewing for everyone on the planet.

I just got everything nicely rewired and now I've blown a circuit, dammit.
I need to call someone I love.
Or something.

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October 23, 2002


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October 15, 2002
Rhonda doth ROCK muchly

I got a suprise package in the mail today...


Very cool, and great timing, since I wore my keanuvision hoodie to work today and was burning up.


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October 09, 2002
It's official

Hoopty is the sexiest boy in all of blogland!

Be a blog groupie! click here!

(scroll down to the Crimson and Clover post, and listen. SQUEAL!)

I swear, between the boys in Dogstar and this I'm going to have to go get a towel.

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October 05, 2002
Silly Feckin' Rabbit

silly rabbit on a jones

I pretty much got nothin' today.

Actually, I also have this...
Roi's CD is in "post production" and I'm working on the cover.


jamais vu

noun. The illusion or impression of never having experienced something that has actually been experienced many times before (cf. déjà vu).

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September 12, 2002
I'm up way too early

(title subject to change-mgmt)

Not only is Hoopty great in bed, he's also got the mad photoshop skillz...

hoopty all-star

And...drumroll please....the Golden Chuck page is updated, with correct spelling and everything!
So go buy shoes or something.
I'm going to.
As soon as I have some coffee.

I've added a few links to the blogroll, including Warren Ellis' "die puny humans"
(Warren Ellis writes comics and graphic novels. He has a pretty big bibliography, including several issues of Hellblazer. My project of the week is to get my hands on his full run, including some scans of #141:Shoot, an unpublished issue.)

Oy. And if you're looking for kat?
She'll be over here for a little bit.

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September 05, 2002
And it didn't hurt a bit

OK, so I don't actually have a DVD player yet, but I'm shopping for one.
I did however, purchase my first DVD.
Who's the man that finally got to me to break my DVD cherry?
Was it Keanu and the new Special Edition of Speed with all those yummy extras? Nope.
Was it Kiefer and the whole first season of 24 complete with alternate endings? Nope.

It was C.C. Chapman, the REwind Movie Awards' Director of the Year. I ordered his award winning short: Inquisition.


It was directed by C.C. (of course) and written by Garth Franklin, who some of you know from Dark Horizons.

"Blind dates are always tough, especially when you awaken the next morning to find you're the prisoner of a serial killer. Now, Daniel and Jennifer are trapped at the mercy of Travis Krieger - the so-called 'Angel of Death', one of two killers going around committing violent murders throughout the city. Twists abound in this dark tale which will blow your mind."

More on the story, behind the scenes, and ordering this independent gem can be found here.

I'm no longer a DVDVirgin and C.C.'s the man.

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September 01, 2002
You Go Girl!

This pic is for Lori...

AIEEE! I think this is it.

She knows why.

(pic from kcrl.net)

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August 31, 2002
This just in....

I am officially skits' bitch until the end of the year...at least.
She completely ROCKS.

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August 29, 2002

Do you buy stuff?
Of course you do.
Next time you want to buy something from Amazon, go to kat's page and get there through her affiliate link.

But wait, you aren't shopping for books or DVDs? Well, then you should go to kat's bigass page of affiliate links and I'll bet you can find something to your liking, whether it be cheese (mmm...cheese), zip drives, wine or lava lamps.

Go show some single-mom love.

And while I've got your ear, be sure to note the affiliate links on all your favorite sites and support them.
Those clicks add up, and you just might help keep your favorite sites online.

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August 28, 2002
Linky Luv

A girl named Bob has finally noticed that I've linked to her and has confessed to Keanu love.
This is what it's all about, people. Spreading the love. The more closet Keanu fans I can expose and/or convert the better.

I have a master plan. Count on it.

She also passes the litmus test of choosing Bogus Journey over Excellent Adventure, and, she writes some of the best stuff I've read in a while. I want to move to New York and be her best friend...or at least temp at her office.

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August 26, 2002
can we do it again next weekend?

Well, since I didn't have to deal with long drives or airports, I'm totally up for it.
What a great weekend. And the thing is, it was great not because of some event or activity or spectacle...it was the people. Bloggers rock.

I met up with the Hoopster, KD, Chicky, Jilly, nerdboy mikey and John from Pixel streams first and handed out some QF cds and Bill and Ted cards, thereby confirming the fact that, yes...I need to get out and be with real people more often.

Some room hopping ensued, where I got to meet a fucking whole bunch of other people including batgrl and Jon S. (who I'm sure I annoyed because the only thing I could think of to say to him was "how are you feeling?" and reminding him he was ill....anyhoo)
And also the glorious Muffy, who really does have the face of an angel and the mouth of a sailor. She coined the expression "leave a comment" for when you meet another blogger in RL and punch them in the mouth.

I inserted myself into the smoking cluster ended up in the lounge where we listened to a band that looked a lot like Morris Day and The Time do a ripping rendition of "Friends in Low Places" Shake your Grooove thing, you two-steppin' mothafukkers.
I drank several beers and a shot. I danced to "Brick House". I giggled and flirted and dumped ashtrays.
Eventually, I ended up in bed with Hoopty.

click for larger pic

Of course, that was mainly because there was no place else to sit in the room, we were both fully clothed, and had an audience of no less than five at any given time (not that that's stopped me in the past) but when I tell and re-tell this story to all the little bloggers of the future all I will say is "Yes, I was in bed with Hoopty," point out that he wears a size 13 shoe, and give a knowing wink.

Alledgedly, KD claims her groove arrived at the same time I did, however it should be pointed out that her first beer coincided at that time also. She's so great, and I was happy to be her directional, if not moral, compass for a good part of the evening. And yes, it's true...some people make drunken late-night phone calls at 3 am...kd sets up domains.

click for larger pic

To say C.C. is a hell of a guy is to make the grandest understatement ever. Even though he was beat from a long day of travel, he stayed up and hosted the Foopty Circus room and much merriment ensued until the wee hours.

click for larger pic

I stumbled out of the Aladdin at 5:30 am Saturday morning, went home and crashed for a few hours and was back in time for the big Shave Hoopty event.
Alas, I was not the chosen one...Jilly was. The room was packed. It was madness, but I had a good spot to watch the shearing.

click for larger pic

It was at about this stage in the shaving that Hoopty began to sing a Flock of Seagulls song, god...he's a funny boy.
For those of you that missed the hot webcam shaving action, you can see the animated gifs I made here, here and here.

Quite the vicarious thrill. I should have brought a change of panties.
After that was lunch with C.C., Chicky, Suzie, Mikey and a freshly bald Hoopty at the Harley Davidson cafe. Then a walk up to M&M and Coke world. I pretty much just tagged along, although I was much a tourist as anyone since I avoid the strip attractions as a local.
We then walked some more, around the "Desert Passage" which is a maze of way-too-expensive retail shops at the Aladdin. There was talk of napping but it never really panned out. I mixed up my attire for the two nights as everyone else was dressing up for Saturday's drinking and debauchery, and I was slobbing about in my "I [heart] Keanu" jersey (which got webcam airtime thankyouverymuch!). I changed my top, but was still the one thing that was not like the others when Suzie and Chicky gussied up for the night. Even though Chicky held me down and doused me with glitter, I was anti-glamourous. But oh well....after the Yard 'o Margarita at dinner, I really didn't care. More drinking, more walking lather rinse repeat, finally ending up back in the Foopty Circus room for a wind down. By 1 am I was a crispy krix and knew that if I was going to get home safely, I would have to bid everyone adieu and so I did. Goodbye kisses and hugs and I went down to valet where I waited forty-five-fucking minutes for them to fetch my car, while being notsoothed to the point of madness due to the fact that the fire alarm/siren/strobelights were going off in the parking lot for the whole time. I was also hit on by a strange italian man who is lucky I didn't punch him in the neck, but was just too tired to do so.

God, I know I didn't cover the half of what went on but I guess you'd say you really had to be there. The most fun was just hanging out and getting goofy with everyone. I wish I could have spent more time with skits, but as I understand it, she had other, more jiggly things to attend to. Thank you all. Especially Hoopty for my hoopty shirt and CDs, and to Chicky* for the wonderful soft thing and much more. I will definitley be at BlogCon, the sequel, even if it isn't in Vegas.

* Bonding with Chicken Little was possibly the best thing of the whole weekend. She's exquisitely wonderful and she makes me want to start kissing girls.

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August 24, 2002

Posting this from kd's room.
Having a wonderful time, pretty drunk, yadda yadda, getting ready to head over to the pajama party.

I love you man....really....no I mean it...c'mere...

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August 23, 2002
They're here!

that's me on the left...really!

Viva Las BlogCon! I'm so excited I dreamed about it last night, complete with a giant Hoopty running at me from an escalator, and that I had 4 tickets to Boy-lesque and couldn't get anyone to go with me! Analyze what you will....

Anyway, Batty has been here since yesterday and I talked to Kd on the phone a little while ago, she was with Jilly and I got her number for the hookup later.

Hoopty and the Chicky should be blazin' into town any minute now, bringing the zany, no doubt.
There's a soiree at Jon Sullivan's room tonight as well as the Foopty Pajama Party hosted by C.C. and that other, soon to be bald dude. Skits won't be here until tomorrow, but we can have Margaritas for brunch.
So many bloggers, so little time! The only thing that could make this any better is if Craig were coming...*sniff*

...and if there was a Dogstar show, natch.

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August 22, 2002
Vegas, baby

Not much going on today so I'm keeping my self occupied with general expectations and giddiness over BlogCon.
Good grief, I'm gonna be hip-deep in freaks tomorrow night...wheeee!

Skits had the brilliant idea of printing up "blog calling cards" for us all to exchange. Here's mine...


I've decided to dress up a bit for meeting everyone Friday, so look for me all in black except for my own pair of worn, brown Keanu-ish boots. I'll be the one carrying the Corona.

Anyway, I did a google image search on Keanu+Vegas, and came across this article, which is some sort of fictitious diary that was so cleverly written in order to mock Keanu's comments on drugs in the Vanity Fair article last year. So clever, there's no author credited, so I guess I'll just have to inflict discomfort on a random stranger today and let karma sort it all out.

Click for the article

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August 15, 2002
If it were up to me...

Keanu's next photo shoot would be done by Bobby Burgess.
copyright bobby burgess

Go look.

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August 11, 2002
Have I mentioned...


Or rather, BlogCon is coming to me.
In less than two weeks, bloggers from everywhere will be coming to Las Vegas.

Bloggers gettin' married, bloggers gettin' shaved, bloggers gettin' drunk and nekkid in the dancing waters at the Bellagio!

It's a very exciting time.

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July 27, 2002

Everybody's blogging like mad today for blog-a-thon. I actually have work to do so go visit my sponsorees:pervert club, and also kd and skarlet, & zel and see what up.

You can also go to the main blogathon page and check out all the particpants, news, awards, yadda-yadda...

So, shoo! Scat! Go spend some quality time reading about....damn near everything, I'd guess.

It's a good thing.

update: It's also HOOPTY's birthday so go dole out some cyber spanks.

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July 26, 2002
A Festival of Snark!

When the new season of 24 starts, you can find me over at snark!fest! dishing about every new hour of the second longest day of Jack Bauer's life.

Got Snark?

Hosted by the loverly skits, snark!fest! was (I think) originally a Buffy blog, but it's branching out. So when I found out that 24 would be one of the topics, I signed on.
Now I can feel a little bit better about my sordid affair with Kiefer, since I won't be over here waving it under Keanu's nose.
Anyway, if you're a Buffy, 24, or Smallville (hey! aren't ALL those on tuesday nights?) fan and find yourself with no place to vent about how fucking stupid Kim Bauer is, or how you want to bear Spike's or Lex Luthor's evil little children, then check out snark!fest!, eh?

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July 25, 2002


This Saturday is blog-a-thon.
All kinds of bloggers, including kd, zel, file13 and my sponsorees, the pervert club will be blogging every half-hour for a full 24 hours to raise money, and (more importantly) awareness for their chosen charities.
Hats off to you blogathonners! I plan on doing my best to harass each and every one of them in their comments on Saturday as a show of support.

And next month, coming right here to my humble hometown is BlogCon2002.
I'll hopefully be there for a good part of the festivities including the event that's being hyped more than the Matrix sequels, and is thrice as controversial...

Shave Hoopty!

That's right.

Everybody's fave-O-rite freakboy, hoopty has been growing his hair out since....oh, god knows when, and he's going to let some lucky contributor do the honors of shaving it all off at noon on Saturday, August 24 at Blogcon.

He's doing it all for Locks of Love.
You can contribute to the pot over at shavehoopty.net.
I'm going to be giving a dollar for each item bought at keanuvision's online store up until August 14. So far, that's only about 20 bucks, so I urge you to not put off buying yourself a pair of "I [heart] KEANU" boxer shorts any longer.
I still have a few copies of Quattro Formaggi to give away, and if you buy more than one item, I'll throw in a Bill and Ted comic book.
Just email me after you receive your order.

What could possibly be more lovely?

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July 13, 2002
Amish Tech Support

Laurence, over at file 13's Amish Tech Support doth rock muchly. Thanks to him, I've added a link at the bottom of my blogroll to allow you(dear reader) to add me (your humble internet Keanu-loving freak) to your blogroll with a simple click.
Wheee! I say, and verily.
Also, for those of you not on MT that want to be able to ping weblogs.com with updates, he explains how to do that with a simple click, too.
He's also funny and brilliant and if you aren't a regular file 13 reader, you should be.

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July 10, 2002
Dances with Films

Thank You, Goodnight, the indy film project that Bret Domrose has a part in, will be shown in the Dances with Films festival in Santa Monica on Friday, July 12. If you live in the Los Angeles area, go check it out.

Bret plays "Jim", the drunk bass player, which is very funny to me. Wonder if Reeves gave him any pointers?

Thanks to "Jack-n-Coke", over at the Dogstar Message Board for the tip.

Speaking of independent films, I'm way late in congratulating C.C. for his buttload of REwind movie award nominations. Including Best Director. You can check out his masterpiece : Inquisition on DVD soon.

I can't bitch about not having the opportunity to catch cool events like film festivals. We just had CineVegas here, and did I go? Nope, didn't even know it was going on until it was too late.
I'm such a loser.
I gotta start reading the paper.

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July 08, 2002
Keanu Blog webring

Zel started a webring for Keanu blogs.



Powered by RingSurf

The permanent webring thingy over on the side is simple text, hope zel doesn't mind but I don't do orange. It'll clash with my bluish hues. ;)

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July 05, 2002
Thank You, Ann

Thank you to Ann, who sent me a care package with 72 ounces of "Serenity Now!" (i.e., a 6-pack of Augustiner....) to help me get through these trying times.

This newest wallpaper is dedicated to her.

800 x 600
1024 x 768

The file sizes on these are pretty big, but one of the positive things about this whole server upgrade nightmare is an increase in space, so I might as well use it.

And thanks goes to Elsinore at The Daily Thud for the lovely image from Little Buddha.

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June 30, 2002

This pleases and amuses me....

click it, dude

I wonder if that dark haired kid in the fan photo section is legal yet?

I reeeeeeealllly want a Ted jacket.
Also, Hehheeheheee!

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The interconnectedness of all things

Including Keanu

Thanks to kd for the link.

Have fun!

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June 18, 2002

I thought about it, really I did. But there's no way I'm staying up and blogging every 30 minutes for 24 hours. I love to sleep, perchance to dream.
Plus, I'm afraid of what'll come out around hour 22.
So I decided to be a sponsor.

I'm sponsoring The Pervert Club

After a little shopping around, I decided to sponsor The Pervert Club because:

1) Their charity is The Make-a-Wish Foundation.
2) One of them has kitties named Neo and Trinity.
3) 2 words: Free T-shirt. You know I'm all about the t-shirts*, baby.
4) They beg really, really well...hee! Anyway, it felt like the right choice. I feel sexier already.

Yay, bloggers.
Yay, blog-a-thon.

*Speaking of t-shirts, I scored a 24/CTU one today. It's kiefilicious.

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June 03, 2002
New Blog in Town


Go over to www.keanublog.co.uk and check out zel's new Keanu blog!

She's put the blame on me for catching the blogging madness, and I don't mind at all. Even if I did, I wouldn't say anything, lest she come kick my ass with her karate-knowin'-self.

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I've had it in the links section for a while, but just wanted to mention if you haven't been over to check out reeves-dogstar.com yet, be sure to do so.
Along with regularly updated news, there's some good reading in the articles section, some spiffy video clips in multimedia and a nice gallery.

It even comes in a German version, so go check it out.

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May 26, 2002
To Lori

I'm on page 6 of the Baudrillard and my head hasn't exploded yet.

Yay me.

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May 23, 2002
I feel special

You know you've arrived when you get a combination personal shout-out and crotch shot from Hoopty.

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May 20, 2002
Bizzy bizzy bizzy

Ack, what a day. And it's not over.
Rather than bore you with that mundane crud, though...I give you:

Images of hoopty, enjoying his Dogstar Quattro Formaggi CD.


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May 16, 2002


(this was linking to the cam, but it's no longer there and there are a bunch of hideous pop-ups in its place....bleh)

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May 03, 2002

I just wanted to say that kd is the
be all and end all, web-diva-ninja-grand-pooh-bah-goddess-of the webiverse.

She fixed the archives AND the comments so they're all prettizens and stuff.
And I swear she did it in less than 49 seconds.
She's that goooooooood.

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April 13, 2002
Beer and Spoilers

In 2002, the wombattle for the future begins...

I've decided to actively avoid being spoiled for the Matrix sequels.
If you like that kind of thing, you should probably bookmark these sites and check in with them from time to time, because I won't be.
I know too much already.
I've decided to get all my Reloaded fixes at The Matrix 2 Info Center.
It's chock full of enjoyable misinformation that won't spoil any of the suprises.

Speaking of suprises, it's my birthday tomorrow and I got a package earlier this week from one of my best online Keanu pals. It contained two bottles of Keanu's allegedly favorite beer, Augustiner. Yes, I screamed. I've been trying to track down this brew for close to two years now. I intend to crack one open tomorrow and save the other for some other undetermined special occasion.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:36 PM
February 09, 2002
Shave Hoopty

Here's the deal:

I want to help you shave hoopty!

Hoopty is letting his hair grow until BlogCon 2002, which is going to be here in Las Vegas this August.
He's going to let some lucky person shave him for charity (yeah, some of you KNOW I'm all up in this...hee!)
Click that banner for all the details.
Anyway, here's what I've decided to do:
There have been some price changes at the keanuvision online store. Everything has gone up by 50 cents (technically 51, but whatever) EXCEPT the hooded sweatshirt and the ash gray t-shirt, they have actually gone down.(because...well, no one was buying them....) And from now until August, for every single item bought at the keanuvision store, I'm going to give a dollar to Hoopty's cause, which is a charity that helps kids with cancer get through chemotherapy treatments. If I get really drunk, I'll give up my hair, too........maybe......it's for the kids and all.

So that's a great idea, right? I'm sure you all don't mind throwing down an extra fifty cents to help these kids and to give me have a shot at fufilling my fantasy of shaving a strange man in public??
I didn't think so, but just in case...it gets better.
Anyone that buys anything after Valentine' day* and sends me a picture of them in their keanuvision shirt, drinking out of their mug or using their mousepad gets a FREE COPY OF QUATTRO FORMAGGI**

Plus some Bill and Ted's trading cards. Quite the bonus, eh? DAMN SKIPPY!

It's a win win win win situation. For You- For the kids- For me, if I get to shear the boy- for him, likewise....heh heh...EVERYONE

So think about it.
And if you don't want anything from the store, you can always go to ShaveHoopty.net and just make a donation.
Feel the love? I thought so.

Rock on.

| from inside the mind of krix at 03:13 PM
January 17, 2002

In a prime example of the internet snake chasing its own tail, I was happily suprised to be mentioned on that whole Vegas thing thread at ComingSoon.net's forum. And it seems that the guy who runs that forum, Frizzo the Clown (no, really, that's his handle) was all shocked and smiley that his forum was mentioned here. So in order to feed the snake and spread the love I'd like to give a shout out to Frizzo and MatrixFan. And by the way, I'm totally buying the whole Will Smith thing. It could happen.

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:15 PM
December 13, 2001
What are you wearing?

If Keanu were in the mood for some phone sex, he could call me up and breathe heavily into the phone,
"What are you wearing?"
And I'd be all, "Black suede stilletto pumps, candy-apple red lipstick and a big pout, baby..."
but I'd be lying because what I am actually wearing is a Manitoba Theatre Centre presents HAMLET starring Keanu Reeves T-SHIRT!!!!
It's my holy grail of shirts and now I actually have one!
Even cooler is the fact that I know it was formerly loved and cared for by another keanuphile and came with a loverly Holiday greeting, a Dogstar newsclipping AND a personal snapshot of Dogstar at The Whiskey circa '94 (in which Bret is quite the studmuffin in long hair and fashionably holey jeans and Reeves is wearing possibly the ugliest shirt ever) !!
THANK YOU 'Tash! Can I call you Tash? I feel like I can since I can smell your laundry!

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December 11, 2001
Who Rules?

.....and she KNOWS WHY!


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November 12, 2001
The Editing Room

So there's this guy, Rod.
Rod has a really funny site: The Editing Room.
You might have read his abridged version of The Matrix.
Well, in a quick browse of his archives, I found versions of Speed, The Watcher and Sweet November.
Actually it's "Sweet Autumn in November in New York" and frankly, it works (which is kind of sad when you think about it).
Now Rod certainly isn't a Keanu fan, but he's really really funny, and I think that his stuff is really all in fun, although sometimes he really does have some insight into moviemaking and movie going.

Upon further reading of Rod's homepage I've discovered that The Matrix is one of his favorite movies and that he collects PEZ dispensers.
::snark:: That's SO CUTE.

| from inside the mind of krix at 02:58 PM