September 30, 2003
october calendar

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in my opinion

This whole Dogstar thing has been handled very badly.

(link removed because the message has been deleted)

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pics on the 'bay

I've put some Keanu pictures that I've bought in the past up at eBay if anyone's interested.

All proceeds go to the Red Bull and Vodka fund.

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Revolutions news

clck to see all of the domestic Revolutions posters



Through IMAX Digital Re-Mastering Technology, Highly Anticipated Film Will Also
Debut in IMAX® Theatres in the U.S. on November 5, Marking the First Time a
Major Live Action Movie is Released Concurrently in 35MM and IMAX’s Format

Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures will unveil THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, the final explosive chapter in the blockbuster MATRIX trilogy, at the exact same moment in time in every major city around the world on November 5. This unprecedented distribution scenario will make the highly anticipated film available to fans simultaneously at 6 a.m. in Los Angeles, 9 a.m. in New York, 2 p.m. in London, 5 p.m. in Moscow, 11 p.m. in Tokyo and at corresponding times in over 50 additional countries worldwide. The announcement was made today by Dan Fellman, President of Domestic Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Veronika Kwan-Rubinek, President of International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures.

"Given the enormous popularity and success of the Matrix films throughout the international community, we’re thrilled that we can bring the final chapter of this amazing trilogy to fans simultaneously around the world," Kwan-Rubinek said. "We thank our exhibitors for their unqualified support in staging this extraordinary event."

"The zero hour simultaneous opening of REVOLUTIONS once again positions the Matrix films as the cutting edge experience in motion pictures," Fellman added. "Audiences came out to see THE MATRIX RELOADED in record numbers, and we appreciate the enthusiasm, collaboration and support of our exhibitors in helping us bring THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS to audiences on November 5."

"We received such an overwhelming response to RELOADED from audiences around the globe that the Wachowski Brothers wanted to give our fans the chance to experience the final piece of the Matrix puzzle at the same time in every major city worldwide," said Joel Silver, producer of the phenomenal Matrix trilogy. "It's an incredibly complex and exciting venture that furthers the Wachowskis' vision and underscores the trilogy’s theme of integration."

To date, THE MATRIX RELOADED has earned over $734 million in worldwide box office, making it the highest-grossing film of 2003 and the highest-grossing R-rated film in history, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, RELOADED scored the record for the largest single week ever with $158.2 million and reached $150 million in a record-breaking six days domestically; internationally, it is the 10th highest grossing film of all-time, and is the first film in history to gross more than $100 million in a single weekend.


In conjunction with the REVOLUTIONS worldwide distribution event, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS: The IMAX Experience will debut at IMAX Theatres in the United States on November 5. This marks the first time a major Hollywood live-action event film is released concurrently in 35mm and IMAX’s revolutionary 15/70 format.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures previously collaborated with IMAX on the hugely successful release of THE MATRIX RELOADED: The IMAX Experience, which debuted on 39 IMAX screens on June 6, launching three weeks after the 35mm theatrical release of THE MATRIX RELOADED on May 15. THE MATRIX RELOADED: The IMAX Experience later expanded to 54 IMAX screens throughout North America and 12 screens internationally, grossing $12.4 million worldwide to date.

"Following the unprecedented audience response and box office performance of THE MATRIX RELOADED: The IMAX Experience, we couldn’t be happier to offer fans the chance to see THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS: The IMAX Experience on the same day as we open REVOLUTIONS in 35mm," Dan Fellman said.

Like THE MATRIX RELOADED: The IMAX Experience, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS: The IMAX Experience has been digitally re-mastered into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® through revolutionary and proprietary IMAX® DMR™ (Digital Re-mastering) technology. IMAX Theatres offer unequalled clarity and intensity of image as audiences experience one of the biggest films of the year on screens up to eight stories tall and 120 feet wide, and surrounded by 12,000 watts of pure digital sound.

In THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, the final chapter in the MATRIX trilogy, the rebels' long quest for freedom culminates in an explosive battle. As the Machine Army wages devastation on Zion, its citizens mount an aggressive defense – but can they stave off the relentless swarm of Sentinels long enough for Neo to harness the full extent of his powers and end the war?

Written and directed by the Wachowski Brothers and produced by Joel Silver, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS stars Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving and Jada Pinkett Smith.

THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS will be released worldwide on November 5 by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, and in select territories by Village Roadshow Pictures.

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September 29, 2003
I need to score some Keanudone

Either I'm suffering from the worst case of Reeves withdrawal yet or I caught something this weekend because I feel like hell.

So take these links and I'll see you in the morning.

Pics and report from the show over at Club-Keanu

Bid on Paulie's autographed game-worn SCORE jersey for a good cause.

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September 28, 2003
friends don't let friends audblog drunk

I'm home and beat. Thanks for listening to my INSANE audbloging. I had no idea I made so many calls.

becky really rocked last night and the SL boys thrilled and delighted today.
What a great fucking weekend.

Hi! to the new friends I made, especially to Frell, with whom I shared a very special LIVE Ass Saturday moment (eeeee!).

And now it's a quick email check and then to bed for this sunburned girl.


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September 27, 2003
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insert air guitar here


Catch ya later!

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September 26, 2003
warning: girl blathering ahead

I have about twenty minutes before I have to leave for the airport to pick up Tess. We're driving to Solana Beach in the morning to go see becky tomorrow night. Sunday we are going to catch the Suburban Legends guys at the Pier in Oceanside. It's going to be a fun weekend. I'm not going to let the Dogstar site setback get me down, even though the nostalgia will be compounded since Tess and I will be together. Our friendship was borne out of a love for and desire to see that band. We saw our first show together, we went to the Avi (Dogstar's last stateside show) together.

But we've seen becky together a few times, too and tomorrow will be another memory to create and cherish and relive in phone calls and emails and private jokes forever.

It's time for something new and it's gonna be alright with me.

I'm bummed about the end of the Dogstar thing, but it's not like someone died.
It's not like there will be no more music. In fact, once Bret releases his solo CD and tours to support it, there will be even more music and trips and good times with good friends, old and new.

And the important part is that there is music being made, and as a fan of Keanu's, I'm happy that he is playing and enjoying himself.

Rock on Keanu.
Rock on Bret.
Rock on Robert and Rebecca.
Rock on Paulie.

Rock on Dogstar Fans.
Rock on becky fans.


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I can handle this

Joey also won an Emmy this year, Congrats!

Joe Pantoliano aka Joey Pants aka Cypher has a new show debuting tonight on CBS, The Handler.

. From underground prostitution rings and drug traffickers to the worlds of high tech and high finance, it's a behind-the-scenes look at how Joe's well-schooled operatives infiltrate and tackle them all. Joe is the ultimate "puppet master" who also interfaces with government and local law enforcement agencies that come to him for help with both long-term and quick sting operations. He knows from personal experience that going undercover is an all-or-nothing job. Any lapse in "character" can mean the difference between life and death for his operatives, and Joe goes to great lengths to make sure his people are properly prepared, mentally and physically.

There's still another month before the new season of 24 and the rest of the new crop of shows seem to be a big assortment of suck with a few shows actually worth watching.

By the way, Las Vegas? Not one of them.

But I have heard good things about The Handler and plan on continuing to ignore the ever-ringing phone and keeping my Friday nights free in order to watch.

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sucky. definitely sucky to be no more.


-expect the domain to begin forwarding to porn in April 2004. (Not if I can help it, actually)

-It's still not completely "official" that the guys will never play together again....oh screw it, why keep kidding myself?

-Bret better get his ass in gear and release that CD and do some shows. I fucking miss you, dude.

-I consider myself very fortunate to have seen them several times.

-I'm not changing my license plate.

-FUCK! *sobs*

-Some of my favorite songs were the newest unreleased ones. I can't believe that so many will never get the chance to hear them.

-I hope that their friendships will last forever, even if the band does not.

-I'm going to assume that "hibernation" has just naturally lapsed into a terminal coma through no fault of anyone and that Keanu is not a big fat liar, even though he said that Dogstar wasn't done this June because as far as he knew at that time, it was not.

-I really need to believe that last thing.

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I'm waiting for them to install the Johnny Mnemonic 80 gig dashboard computer

(on IM, moments ago...)

krixy: oi. I just had to go outside and give someone a tour of my car

Jozzy: LOL

Jozzy: "And here is the the Keanu wing of my vehicle, specifically dedicated to his Bill & Ted days"

krixy: haha

Jozzy: "Over here is the 'Youngblood' glove compartment"

Jozzy: complete witha set of hockey pucks

Jozzy: "Over here is the "Speed" steering wheel and driver's seat" (So apropros, Krixy!)

Jozzy: "The backseat is an homage to 'My Own Private idaho'" (no comment on what happens in YOUR backseat. tsk tsk. )

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the official keanuvision position on Matrix spoilers

lala la! I can't hear you

For the rest of you...

The newest full length trailer is now up at The Matrix Official Site and also some new still photos.

Club-K has some shots from the trailer in their gallery

The club also reports that there will be a Matrix Revolutions:First Look on HBO.

Dark Horizons and FilmForce also have some coverage.

And of course, if you just can't get enough of that sweet matrixy goodness, there's the various fan sites and forums:

Last Free City
Matrix Fans
Matrix Community

and blogs:

Matrix Essays
Hack the Matrix

...where you can speculate to your heart's content.

39 more days!

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September 25, 2003
Constantine begins shooting

From - Snipped for content, read the whole article here.

Michael Uslan had a whole boatload of news on the Warner Brother/DC movie front, which is good since they've been pretty much dormant so far. "I'll mention that we begin shooting 'Constantine' tomorrow...fantastic, fantastic script," enthused Uslan. "And I have to especially credit the people who have done such a good job, it's taken years to get this going...Lauren Shuler Donner, Lorenzo DiBonaventura. This is gonna be a good one, folks, it really is."

By the way, I will be reporting on his hair color this weekend.

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awww, this gives me warm fuzzies
Long-gone microchipped cat finds owner

SAN CARLOS, Calif. -- Call it Ted's excellent adventure, with a high-tech twist: A cat with an ID microchip implanted under his skin was returned to his owner 10 years after he jumped out a window and vanished.

Chris Inglis' sleek, black feline, Ted, was fitted with the chip back when the technology was still new in the early 1990s. But he was gone without a trace for a full decade before someone found him this week.

Ted - named for Keanu Reeves' character in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" - was brought to the Peninsula Humane Society's animal shelter, which tracked down Inglis despite outdated information on the chip. The cat was found about 13 miles south of where Inglis used to live in Burlingame.

When the pair reunited Wednesday, the cat "rubbed his face on my hand, climbed right up and started purring," Inglis said. "It's pretty monumental. It's almost surreal."

Where Ted spent all those years remains a mystery, but it appeared someone had been taking care of him.

Inglis remembers that one of the things he and Ted liked to do was cruise around in his car. On their way home from the shelter, Inglis said Ted "put his front paws on the dashboard," just like in the old days.

Anyone have a pet named after Keanu or a character? I've always thought Jjaks would be a great name for a dog.
And my girl cat has recently developed a bad habit of chewing patches of her fur away. I could call her Marlon.

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teevee stuff

Check your listings and tune in to your local syndicated airings of ET and Access Hollywood (thanks geebie) for all kinds of Matrixy goodness tonight.

I'm going to skip it, because even if it isn't spoilery, Bob Goen creeps me out.

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circa 1989

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September 24, 2003
If you think I was pouty before.....

According to this article, Disney Hall - where the Revolutions premiere will be held - seats 1800.


EIGHTEEN HUNDRED PEOPLE are going to this premiere and NOT ONE OF THEM is me.

Oh, come ON!

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looking into the spoilery abyss

it's calling

OK first off, if you know or even suspect something - I DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

I think I already know more than I want to, but I've decided that I am going to trust the content that comes from The not to spoil me and so I went ahead and downloaded the new trailers.

I've only watched the "Help" one so far though. I'm trying to prolong the blissful ignorance as long as I can.

I'm still not going to any forums, and am trying to avoid most articles as well.
It's going to get even harder as the days go by, I'm sure.

The comments have convinced me to stay strong and avoid the trailers, even.

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VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Please remember that you are not competing in a sprint, Virgo. You are running a marathon. You should therefore be sure to pace yourself and not be overly concerned about the fast-starters who have sped ahead of you. I also advise you to clear your beautiful mind of envy and self-doubt, as well as the pushy expectations of people who don't know the intricacies of what you're doing. Now here's the most important thing: Use your fine mind to figure out how to be motivated by pleasure, not pressure.


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poster boy

Once the k-mix is done, I think this will be the cover.

click for larger image

It's from a comic written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Philip Bond called "Kill Your Boyfriend". It was a single issue that was advertised in one of the Hellblazers I bought a while back (they are both published by Vertigo). I loved the girl on the cover, with her red hair and glasses holding a bottle of vodka, she's my cartoon alter-ego.
The gun? Not so much.

(update: Hee! W. sent a non-violent version of her HERE! Thanks!)

Anyway, I sought it out and eventually got a rare copy on eBay.
It must have been kismet. I love the fact that she has a poster of Keanu Reeves on her bedroom wall, and I had no idea there was a k-connection until I read it when it arrived.

I don't actually have any posters of Keanu on my wall.
I have my Dogstar Fillmore poster, and a couple of other things like the set list from my first Dogstar show in an acrylic box frame. I'm still waiting for my brother to frame several others, especially my Hamlet poster and a couple one-sheets. I figure once they are professionally framed I can get away it even though I'm technically a grown-up.

Why yes, I am still single....

Even if I wasn't, they may not hang in the bedroom, but I would never give up my posters framed collectible Keanu prints.

Beat Symphony - Poster of Keanu Reeves (right click and save)

I've been a patient boyfriend
So why can you never bend
Why do you always have to get your own way...always...
This isn't just about a biased call
That just looks hellish on the wall
This isn't a just a personal attack
Just take it down and while you're at it
Take your Beanie Babies back

I'll let you watch Must See TV
And I'll let you sing off key
Pick at my food, why not I'll share
You can even let Regis Philbin
Teach me how to be a millionaire
Steal my car keys
Wear my shirts without asking please
You're a fool if you really believe
I'm gonna let you keep up that poster of Keanu Reeves

I can take a blow by blow
Of the Rosie O'Donnell Show
I even managed to eat that cake you baked
Your taste in music has lacked for a couple of years
And that sounds hellish on my ears
Don't even skip to the next track
Just take all of those CDs back

I'll let you watch Must See TV
And I'll let you sing off key
Pick at my food, why not I'll share
You can even let Regis Philbin
Teach me how to be a millionaire
Steal my car keys
Wear my shirts without asking please
But you'll surely drive me into drink
If you make me listen to another song from N'SYNC

Oh no - Don't you even think about turning that on
Ooooh! You're pushing it
Ok, but if you turn up the volume I'll be gone!

You want me to go where?
Oh no, I don't think so

This isn't because Gene Siskel died
I'm being honest, I felt guilty the last time I lied
You know I didn't read any reviews
I just know I don't have 2 hours to lose.

I'll let you watch Must SeeTV
And I'll let you sing off key
Pick at my food, why not I'll share
You can even let Regis Philbin
Teach me how to be a millionaire
Steal my car keys
Wear my shirts without asking please
But you really must think
That I'm some sort of sucker
If you think I'm going to the new movie with Chris Tucker

Walking slowly to my grave
Turn me into some sort of sex slave
Make you wear that shirt
You can even have another
I'll even go and buy cigarettes for your mother
You can talk in your sleep
But modern art that you can keep
But you're a fool if you really believe
I'm gonna let you keep up that poster of Keanu Reeves

(Thanks to KeanuA-Z for help with the lyrics)

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September 23, 2003
swoon! his hair!

Go over to Reeves Drive and check out crowreaves fan report from the Thumbsucker set and look at the picture.

Eeeeee. I love his hair.

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bookLA interview

Q: So how was it to go back to The Matrix?

Keanu: I read the script and I thought it was beautiful and so exiting and I couldn’t wait for it to start. I went into intense and extensive training and then we began, first in Oakland, Northern California. And it was about working on the script, figuring out things with the directors and getting myself into shape for the shoot.

Q: Did the first movie change you, did it open “doors” in your mind?

Keanu: Well, I’m lucky that the material, itself is so beautiful and asks some universal questions on top being fun. My role, Neo, is a very reflective role and a searching role as well. I was important to figure out my part in its deepest form.

Q: What did you learn about yourself?

Keanu: That I had a lot of questions…

Q: Did you find any answers?

Keanu: I’m still finding out…figuring out answers…

Q: How was it to shoot in Australia and to be gone for so long?

Keanu: It was a great experience even though I missed friends and family. I spent a full year in Sydney but it was such a labor of love... it was very demanding... it was a great experience.

Q: Apparently some people connected to the film died during and after the shooting, did this affect you?

Keanu: Well, sure but I focused on the work. If you work and put your mind into it you can move on and keep going.

Q: Do you identify to the aesthetic of the film?

Keanu: I love the costumes and the glasses, the production design is amazing, and the vision and effects are so unique. It was fun to be Neo… but in real life I stay away from my costume… unless it’s for Halloween! I’m so glad that people around the world enjoy the whole Matrix experience.

Q: How did you approach the role as an actor?

Keanu: There is real strong formalism with the style of the film. It’s about having strong feelings and very minimalistic, direct behavior to express them. It’s a real economy of acting, when you move it’s like a Japanese samurai, this is my intention and it’s what I do, it’s straight and not flamboyant, it’s clean acting.

Q: How was doing the sex scene with Carrie Anne Moss?

Keanu: Well, sometimes it’s very uncomfortable to film those type of scenes because you’re in the nude and you’re in public and being filmed. So we talked about it way before and we figured out a comfortable environment for Carrie Anne and I. We got used to the set, to each other and to the camera and we tried to figure out how to shoot it without being too graphic. I trust her and I was eager to do this scene. That scene is about true love, about communion of the souls. It’s Neo sharing his love with her but also expressing his fear to her, of losing her. And she is very giving and accepting and it was great to show their strong relationship.

Q: You were both totally nude?

Keanu: No…we both had things to cover our genitals…it was not like Adam and Eve before the apple…

Q: What about kissing Monica Belucci, she says you’re a great kisser?

Keanu: Well, thanks, she is quite fantastic herself! She and I worked before on “Dracula” and we did a lot of kissing also! Every time we meet we kiss! I can’t wait to work with her again!!

Q: Do you think your career really changed with Matrix?

Keanu: I feel very grateful with my career and to work with such a great film. It definitely helped me develop a good relation ship with Warner Bros. And hopefully I will be able to do more exceptional films. Besides I’m busy, I’m doing a film with Nancy Meyers with no title for the moment with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton… To go back to your question I feel that The Matrix is bigger than me, and people like it because it’s an ensemble of great things, I’m just a part of it…

Q: How was it doing your fight scenes?

Keanu: It was so much harder to “Matrix 1”! To learn the weapons and do the multiple fights with sometimes more than one enemy. It really was tricky and intense. A great challenge!

Q: At what point Neo has a difficult choice between trying to save his love and saving humanity?

Keanu: My character didn't choose humanity... I chose love... that's my choice, my character's choice.

Q: Do you still do martial arts?

Keanu: No I don't …What I learned was really movie Kung Fu…it’s not quite the same as the real thing…

Q: What’s your favorite power in The Matrix?

Keanu: To fly! It’s so much fun doing the shooting on wires and to fly…in the film I’m flying like Superman… it’s so much fun!

Q: What are you afraid of…the dark?

Keanu: Yes.

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today is tuesday

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September 22, 2003
becky's Galaxy Quest

Becky will be playing at The Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA. on Saturday October 4.

Go to the Galaxy's site for location info and directions.

Thanks always to Paulie for the news.

becky | from inside the mind of krix at 01:52 PM | comments (10)
The start of the Revolution

The hype for Revolutions seems to be starting this week.

Entertainment Tonight will be featuring behind-the-scenes stuff along with hopefully some interviews all this week, so you may want to set your VCRs.

Keep your eyes on the Official Site as well.

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at 11:26 AM | comments (2)
for your bookmarks

Warner Brothers' Constantine site

Nothing there yet, but big love to Adrian Brown from the insane rantings forum for the info.

constantine | from inside the mind of krix at 11:20 AM | comments (1)
September 21, 2003
return to civilization


I have a couple cats to cuddle and a lot of dust to shower off or I'd tell you how I just narrowly escaped having to stay up on the mountain for the rest of the week in order to cook for the menfolk, about screaming and sliding down a gravel hill riding the brake on the ATV and the yellowjackets who have no regard for one's personal space.

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audio post powered by ennui

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

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September 20, 2003
I'm being unplugged

nature boy

I'm off to commune with nature for a couple days, have a great weekend everyone.

I'll call from the entrance to Zion. Which probably won't be like I'm imagining it at all.

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September 19, 2003
those glorious brown eyes

click for the 1024x768 wallpaper

There were some really nice pictures scanned by a Japanese fan and sent out by the Pic-of-the-Day Club this week. Scruffy Beard and the most glorious brown eyes I've seen since...well, last time I looked into his eyes...


Makes me want to re-write some Van Morrison lyrics.

~Sha la la la la la......

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So long and thanks for all the....ass

going out on a high, ass

So, it's been 52 weeks of Ass Friday.

A year ago I picked up on an idea originally thought up by Tracy of Time for Your Meds. Instead of answering questions for the friday five or whatever for blogfodder, she suggested posting a picture of your or a loved one's tush instead and she dubbed it Ass Friday. Since there is no ass more beloved around here than Keanu's I thought "what the heck, it's content". I never realized how popular it would become (though I should have). And it's been fun (how could it not be?) and I am grateful to all of you have sent in pictures. Special thanks to Elsinore for today's pic, and for coming through a number of times when I made a special request.

And I know you're not going to like this, but.......

Today I officially announce the end (no pun intended) of Ass Friday.

I'm sorry, especially after reading so many comments about how you look forward to it, etc.'s time.

Why? A number of reasons. First off, there's only so many pictures of Keanu's butt out there. There are screen grabs, but I've pretty much used up most of the decent ones available and until I have a way to do my own DVD captures I'm not finding enough pictures that meet my standards. Also I've passed on several great shots of Reeves' backside because they were papparazzi shots, but I've probably let a few that would not make the cut otherwise go up just for the sake of having something, and I don't want to have to be ignoring my own guidelines for the sake of AF.

Another reason is that I really don't want Ass Friday to be keanuvision's "claim to fame". When I went to my first becky show at the Musician's Institute this June, I met some Keanu fans. Someone pointed me out as 'the one that posts the ass pictures every friday'. Frankly, I wanted to stop Ass Friday right then.
Instead I decided to try and always include something in the entry with the pictures - an article, mp3, or just something to spark discussion other than "woo! sweet ass!".

But still, it's started to become not so fun - an obligation - and just the pressure I put on myself to have to have something every freaking friday has become sort of a drag.

So thank you all for your enthusiasm, and thanks to Keanu for such a photogenic derrierre. Ass Friday will live on in the archives.

And you know, it's been so single-minded.
I mean there's a whole world of bare chest / belly scar / package pictures of him out there that we could be lusting after.

And who says we have to limit that to one day a week?

spoony | from inside the mind of krix at 08:12 AM | comments (19)
September 18, 2003
did you see it?

During tonight's Survivor there was a Matrix Revolutions spot!


Why is Neo in a blindfold so sexy to me?

thanks to bakednudel for the pic

(this season of Survivor is going to rock, btw. Go Drake!)

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at 09:14 PM | comments (15)
the reality of hacking

the pic is from entertainment weekly, but this is a more interesting articleHollywood hacks impress experts
By Tamara Chuang

IRVINE - In the sequel to the movie ``The Matrix,'' the svelte heroine's return to the futuristic world had a group of security consultants from Irvine's Rainbow Technologies ogling the raven-haired computer whiz.

But not just because Trinity looked hot in skin-tight black leather.

Trinity, played by actor Carrie-Anne Moss, uses genuine hacking tools to help Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, rescue humankind -- she uses ``Nmap'' software to scan the computer ports, finds the electrical control system's Internet protocol address and, voila, zaps the power.

``We were actually impressed,'' said Bernie Cowens, Rainbow's vice president of security services, who took his staff of ``fairly jaded'' technologists to a matinee on opening day.

``They are pretty hard to please when it comes to realism in the movies,'' he said. ``They all commented favorably.''

In the past, Hollywood's depiction of computer breaches left most security experts groaning in disbelief. Cracking a password in 60 seconds?

Impossible, they say. Computer screens covered with animated images of spreading viruses? Never happens. Zooming in on video recorded by a generic security camera? Ha!

But now, although Hollywood continues to exaggerate technology to make movies more exciting, hacking in films is becoming more realistic, computer experts say.

For example, this summer's ``The Italian Job'' showed a credible situation of how hackers might get into the Los Angeles transportation computer system to create the city's largest traffic jam.

And, while movie critics have panned ``The Matrix Reloaded,'' many computer-security professionals loved it and are eagerly awaiting the November release of the next movie in the Matrix trilogy, ``The Matrix Revolutions.''

``There's a new generation of filmmakers growing up with technology,'' Cowens said. ``They're acknowledging that the public is more (computer) savvy. It makes it more believable.''

At home, many people have learned not to open e-mail attachments from people they don't know. They know that, if they ignore that warning, the computer could stop working or slow down because a computer virus is sending itself to everyone in their address book.

They know that colorful images of viruses eating files don't really appear on the computer screen, as in the 1995 movie ``Hackers.'' They know, and were reminded by the Blaster worm attack on Windows XP and Windows 2000 systems, that breaking into a computer isn't as tricky as somersaulting across a pressure-sensitive floor to install a snooping device, as in ``Charlie's Angels 2000.''

``What seemed like science-fiction 10 years ago, people now know it exists,'' said Steve Gibson, head of the security consultants Gibson Research in Laguna Hills. ``Hollywood can now have someone lament about a computer having a virus. . . . You don't have to explain it anymore.''

Close to the hearts of many a security expert is ``WarGames,'' from 1983. ``That was one of the turning points (in hacker movies),'' said Riley Hassell, a security researcher with eEye Digital Security, an Aliso Viejo security-software company.

In that movie, Matthew Broderick, who plays a teenage hacker trying to access unreleased computer games, skips school for a week to research the life of a man who designed the ultimate computer game. His goal is to discover a secret password that will get him through the ``backdoor,'' a shortcut that programmers often add to software code so they can bypass security.

``That was pretty realistic,'' said Barnaby Jack, also a security researcher at eEye. `` `WarGames' was what got a lot of people into the hacking scene.''

Another highly rated movie among security-industry professionals was ``Sneakers,'' which was written by the same folks who wrote ``WarGames.'' The movie revolves around a ragtag team of hackers who were once on the other side of the law but are now in business to help companies find flaws in their security.

``That's what I wanted to do,'' Hassell said.

And that's what he does.

Hollywood enjoys the drama of hackers guessing passwords quickly and at the very last second, as in the 2001 movie ``Swordfish,'' which is about a hacker who double-crosses a crime lord by adding super-strong encryption to a bank's computer system. Of course, he's forced to break back in -- in less than 60 seconds.

`` `Swordfish' is a horrible, horrible example,'' said Chris Prosise, vice president of professional services with security firm Foundstone in Mission Viejo. ``The guy supposedly cracked the algorithm within a few seconds. But that's impossible.''

In reality, cracking passwords takes at least a few minutes, and much more if the word isn't in the dictionary, said Steve ``Rex'' Frank, chief technology officer of Alvaka Networks in Huntington Beach.

``If there's a dollar sign or something else, it could take a hundred hours,'' said Frank, a professional ``white hat'' hacker, which means he uses his computer skills for good.

Hacking a password is usually slow and methodical, he said.

``The password-cracking programs I use -- it literally will try A, A1, A2. Eventually, it will get any password.''

Sometimes Hollywood's knack for exaggeration misleads the movie-going public, Gibson said.

``I actually had one of my field agent contacts tell me that FBI management is upset because they can't track down hackers like they do in the movies,'' Gibson said.

Perhaps the biggest flaw in Hollywood's depiction of hackers is the portrayal of their lifestyle.

In ``Hackers,'' for example, the troupe of teenage computer geeks -- which included sexy Angelina Jolie -- go clubbing at night, in-line skate and throw parties attended by crowds of hipsters.

Hassell says he can attest that the hackers he knows aren't the most sociable or fashionable creatures.

``None of them are attractive people,'' Hassell said. ``These guys are big `Star Trek' fans. They eat chips and drink beer.''

Gibson tries not to think about inaccuracies in movies. He goes to be entertained.

``There is definitely a trade-off between accuracy and entertainment,'' he said. ``This isn't a computer seminar.''

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becky CD debut

from Paulie in email:

" hi! ... Friday Night September 19th, 2003 at 6:00pm ... Art Show opening featuring the paintings of Kirtland Ash with the newly added listening party featuring the new 9 song cd from "becky"! ... "BYOWAC" ... Bring your own wine and cheese! ... C'mon down and see the most incredible paintings and listen to the sounds of the new "becky" cd! ... It is going to be a great time so we'll see ya there! ... : )

Congrats to the band and have fun to everyone lucky enough to attend.
Buy some art!

I'm going to Utah this weekend. Bah.

becky | from inside the mind of krix at 08:50 AM | comments (9)
September 17, 2003
Um...Lance B. sleeps with a little DOG in his hotel room?


the bangs! eeeee!

Anyway, I'm watching the second airing of Sharon Osbourne right now.
Augh, becky's bass player is so freaking adorable, I could just die.

I tried to take some pictures of the teevee, but it just wasn't working out.

Thankfully Club-Keanu has some screen grabs over in their gallery, so go check them out.

becky | from inside the mind of krix at 11:13 PM | comments (12)
So you wanna read Hellblazer?

Here are some recommendations for any of you who want to read some Hellblazer, courtesy James at the insane rantings forum. And there are notes as to which may or may not be related to the film for those of you who are avoiding that type of thing.

ORIGINAL SINS by JAMIE DELANO (collects issues 1-9) ---The first nine issues, of which some plot ideas (Papa Midnite, the fly demon) have been borrowed. I doubt that the actual PLOT will have much to do with it though. As for the quality of the book: too much purple prose, but fine stories all the same. Sadly, Delano's later, better stories (Mourning of the Magician for example) were never collected. The first plot arc ran from issue 4 to issue 12 so the book ends on an unresolved cliffhanger. Also, some plots interweave with the Swamp Thing comic that was out at the same time. Not recommended for beginners.

---John Constantine discovers that he has terminal lung cancer. But when you're hated by both Heaven and Hell, where do you turn? +++Great story; the basis for part of the plot of the film.

---After forty years of dabbling with the occult, John's grown weary of constantly watching his back. Now he's forsaken magic for the love of his life, Kit Ryan. But trouble has a habit of seeking out Constantine, and amateur magicians, questioning angels and neo-Nazis threaten to tear his life apart. Can Constantine escape with his body, soul and heart intact? +++The TPBs miss out 16 issues of Garth Ennis' run, which means you'll miss out on the growing relationship between John and Kit. Ellie appears a bit in this one (it contains the birthday issue with Mange), as does Gabriel. I doubt much of this plotline will make it to the movie, however.

TAINTED LOVE by GARTH ENNIS (collects 68-71, Hellblazer special 1, Vertigo Jam story)
---Homeless and helpless on the streets of London, John Constantine soaks his sorrows in cheap booze and tries to forget his past. But his past has not forgotten him, and The King of the Vampires is stalking the streets in search of the fallen magus...+++Great storyline that probably won't make complete sense unless you know that John had a transfusion of blood way back in the Original Sins book. Also, The King of The Vampires first appeared in issue 50, one of Ennis' uncollected issues. None of this will be in the movie, I'm sure.

---After pulling himself together, John Constantine heads for a much-deserved break in New York. But the Big Apple has a rotten core, and an old foe named Papa Midnite is about to send John on a vision quest into America's dark shadow. With his soul lost in limbo and his body at the mercy of street thugs, Constantine will have to procure the help of a VERY dead Kennedy to survive.+++Papa Midnite returns, but in a plot which seemingly has nothing to do with the movie (here he's a very sinister villain, whilst the movie seems to want to use him as a good guy). An excellent allegorical tale. Also contains two other stories, neither of which are involved in the movie.

---London's burning, and the Devil has come to take his due. Race riots, lost loves, gruesome deaths and bad poetry come together in this final arc by Garth Ennis. With help from a young girl Constantine accidentally condemned to Hell many years ago, The First of the Fallen has found a way out of the deadlock John tricked him into, and he intends to take the magus' soul in the most gruesome way possible. +++THIS VOLUME IS NOT YET RELEASED. It should be out by now, but I think the cover artist is taking his time. Hopefully out next year. I suspect that several plot points from the Constantine movie are taken from this book, though I don't know enough to confirm or deny that suspicion. Generally speaking, if you want to remain unspoiled for the movie - give this one a miss, whenever it comes out. Definitely worth reading once you've seen the movie and read the rest of Ennis' stories though.

HAUNTED by WARREN ELLIS (collects 134-139)
---A freak coincidence puts John Constantine on the cae of a mutilated and murdered ex-girlfriend - but as he travels further and further into London's magical underground, it becomes clear that he is as much responsible for her death as the man who did the deed...+++Dark, dark stuff. Not connected with the movie in any way whatsoever, so definitely worth reading if you're interested in the character. Not for the squeamish, though.

HARD TIME by BRIAN AZZARELLO (collects 146-150)
---No smokes, no power, no money... no chance? John Constantine faces up to life in an American prison after being brought down on a murder charge. But who did he kill, and why? And will he live long enough for us to find out?+++Okayish plotline from the worst Hellblazer writer. English readers will wince at the Dick-van-Dyke accents, but fans of prison dramas such as Oz may find some enjoyment. Nothing to do with the movie.

---Hoping to find some peace from the ghost that follows him, John Constantine travels to the little town of Doglick, West Virginia. Here, John hopes to make peace with the wife of Lucky, the man whose death sent him to prison. But Doglick holds man dark secrets... the kind men would kill over.+++Absolutely preposterous plotline. Nothing to do with the movie, but not worth buying. Get Freezes Over (below).

FREEZES OVER by BRIAN AZZARELLO (collects 157-163)
A mythical killer stalks the trapped residents of a backwoods saloon, and the only one who seems to know what's really going on is John Constantine...+++Good collection this; the Freezes Over storyline is solid, and the two-part second story ("Lapdogs and Englishmen") is entertaining too. Nothing to do with the movie, so highly recommended.

I was going to link these titles to their amazon pages, but instead if you'd use this amazon affiliate link of kat's, and then do a search on the titles, it would be appreciated.

constantine | from inside the mind of krix at 03:44 PM | comments (7)
Dammit! Don't click the link.

This little article at Premiere has something in it I DID NOT WANT TO KNOW!

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at 01:48 PM | comments (7)

you can't really tell from this tiny thumbnail pic from Rex Features, but his desk is quite boisterously organizedVIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): During my recent visit to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert, I drank in an abundant array of confounding sights and enriching adventures that I'll remember forever. The last surprise I saw before heading home was among the most modest, but it's a perfect choice to serve as your ruling symbol for the coming week: a sign that read "The Very Tidy Pirates" above an image of a bad-ass dude wearing an eye patch and apron and wielding a vacuum cleaner and feather duster. I hope this vignette inspires you to be wildly disciplined, neatly rowdy, and boisterously organized.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at 11:22 AM | comments (15)
September 16, 2003
yo becky fans

Don't forget that becky will appear on the Sharon Osbourne show tomorrow, and be sure to double check your listings. I guess it's going to air at 11 AM, (that's AM as in - before noon - kids) in the LA area.

I watched the show last night, the set is HUGE!

She seems like a great lady, but I can't take her voice at all.

Thanks to Paulie for the heads up on that LA air time.

becky | from inside the mind of krix at 06:15 PM | comments (11)
not so insane after all

I've spent part of the day over at the insane rantings forum, and the folks over there have been really cool.

No, they haven't embraced Keanu as ConJob yet, but give me time...*wink*

I did ask for some advice regarding introducing new fans (us) to Hellblazer and here's what they say:


"So...wait a minute! You mean hearing about Keanu Reeves in this movie actually brought fans to the Hellblazer book?!"

Of course. At least it did with me. I hope that by the time the movie is out several of you keanuvision readers will be making regular stops at the local comic shop to check out the newest issue.

ChristianCage777 also says:

"Personally, I wanted to get a point of view for fans of Keanu Reeves or this movie as relates to comic books. My friend at the comic shop told me that he gets alot of new business right when the movie-themed comic comes out, but then they read current issues of, let's use Daredevil, and figure out that the comic and the movie are not exactly the same. Then, they stop caring about the comics.
Realizing that Hellblazer is even a much more FAR cry from the comic than the Marvel movies have been, I personally feel that this movie would not net many new 'Blazer readers."

Like I've said, I'm now a fan of Hellblazer regardless of what happens in the movie. And I've never read Daredevil, but I did suffer through the movie and would think that the comic being different is a GOOD THING.

I mentioned to them that some Keanu fans might not be reading Hellblazer for fear of spoilery...

L. M. Rosa pish-poshes:

"Tell those fans that the movie isn't borrowing any storyline or plot from the comics, so they're SPOILER-free... i think...

... and they'd should give Hellblazer a try, since it's an outstanding comic book...

[...] there are several tpb's collecting whole arcs and complete stories, which is best for newbies... that's a good start, and from there they can start collecting the monthly... the back-issues, they buy them as they show up...

And if you're looking to buy back issues, there's eBay or you might check (thanks Christian) or according to Funk, who also shares my love for surly bunnies.

Adrian Brown comes through with some titles to look for if you do want to know more about the characters and storyline:

"I'd say that there are certain characters whose story is being told in the film, and people might want to check out those issues.

Comics with Papa Midnite and Ellie would probably give no spoilers, but "Balthazar" or First of the Fallen as we call him sounds rather close to the story that is being posed for John (if not the Angie/John connection).

Because of similarities with Garth Ennis's run, the best stories to get a feel for the character in the film are those collected in "Freezes Over" and "Haunted" trade paperbacks which ought to be on"

Big Love to jmcmahon, the gentleman in charge of the site as well.

constantine | from inside the mind of krix at 02:09 PM | comments (5)
Ooo, this is much better than powerade...

matrix ducati

BOLOGNA, Italy--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 16, 2003--Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. (NYSE:DMH)(Borsa Italiana S.p.A:DMH), a leading manufacturer of high performance motorcycles, today announced that it is teaming up with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to produce a limited edition Ducati 998 and Ducati Monster 620i.e., each inspired by "The Matrix Reloaded." The motorcycles will be on display at the Ducati stand at the Milano trade show, EICMA (September 16-21), and available for model year 2004 at Ducati Stores and other Ducati dealerships around the world.
Warner Bros. Pictures' and Village Roadshow Pictures' action blockbuster "The Matrix Reloaded" is the second chapter in the Wachowski Brothers' revolutionary film trilogy. The worldwide blockbuster features a dramatic road chase on a Ducati Superbike.

The Ducati Superbike is celebrated for its design in countless museums and for its performance on racetracks all over the world. In its various versions, The Ducati Superbike has won more Superbike Championship races than the competition combined. The Ducati Monster has become a cult bike that invented a whole class of motorcycle: the sport naked bike. The Ducati Monster Matrix 620 tweaks the category with a spectacular "Matrix" livery, special paint and graphics. It is instantly the most desirable urban street fighter around.

bike detail

"Ducati is thrilled to be a part of this hugely exciting film franchise," said David Gross, Ducati Creative Director. "The Matrix Superbike and the Monster Matrix 620 capture all of the thrill of high performance sport motorcycling and the spirit of `The Matrix.' Sport bikes and blockbuster movies just don't get any bigger than this."

"We were pleased to use Ducati Superbikes in creating the unprecedented Freeway Chase sequence in `The Matrix Reloaded', and we're even more excited that two Ducati motorcycles inspired by the film will now be available to our fans," said Joel Silver, producer of the "Matrix" trilogy. "Like the visionary action and visceral storytelling that power the Wachowski Brothers' trilogy, Ducati motorcycles represent innovation, singular style and cutting-edge performance."

This fall, Ducati will celebrate the launch of the Ducati Matrix motorcycles and "The Matrix Reloaded" DVD with a series of global events. In the Netherlands, the retailer Bijenkorf, the leading specialty retailer in Holland, will display the Ducati Matrix 998 at their flagship location in Amsterdam at DAM Square, across from the Palace. Ducati France will launch "The Matrix" night during the week of the Paris Motor Show from the 25th of September to the 5th of October. 400,000 visitors are expected.

October 14 marks the highly anticipated DVD release of the record-shattering blockbuster "The Matrix Reloaded," which has earned over $770 million in worldwide box office to date. Warner Home Video's October 14 street date makes "The Matrix Reloaded" available to fans three weeks before the theatrical release of the final explosive chapter in the phenomenal "Matrix" trilogy, "The Matrix Revolutions," on November 5.

Founded in 1926, Ducati builds racing-inspired motorcycles characterized by unique engine features, innovative design, advanced engineering and overall technical excellence. Ducati has won eleven of the last thirteen World Superbike Championship titles and more individual victories than the competition put together. The Company produces motorcycles in four market segments which vary in their technical and design features and intended customers: Superbike, Supersport; Monster, Sport Touring and Multistrada. The Company's motorcycles are sold in more than 40 countries worldwide, with a primary focus in the Western European and North American markets. For more information about the Company, please visit our web site at

This press release contains statements that are forward-looking and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated, as described in documents previously filed by the Company with CONSOB and with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

"Matrix," characters, names and all related indicia are trademarks of and (C) Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at 08:16 AM | comments (4)
September 15, 2003
damn....and yay!

The bad news is, William Gibson is quitting blogging.

The good news is, it's so he can start writing again.

tribe | from inside the mind of krix at 03:48 PM | comments (10)
not gonna

I was tempted, but for fear of spoilage, I won't be checking out the 6 new Revolutions spots (in MPEG format) or the pictures over at the french site.

However, you might want to.

Well, that solves that. They have been taken down (thx for the tip, Jen).
I can't read french but it looks like maybe WB had them take them down?

Anyway, there are still some screen captures (which I only briefly peeped at).

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at 03:06 PM | comments (13)
Casting Call

Here's some info on some of the characters they are still looking to cast for Constantine. I put the majority of it in the extended entry as it might be considered spoilery to some.

"Constantine" (Warner Brothers) - Casting Call

A film adaptation of the classic Vertigo comic book "Hellblazer".

"Constantine" will star Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, a world-traveling,
mage-like misfit who investigates supernatural mysteries, walking a thin
line between evil and good. He teams up with a female police detective
named Angela Dodson, who seeks Constantine's help while investigating the
suicide-like death of her twin sister Isabel.

The investigation takes Constantine and Angela through the world of demons
and angels that exists just beneath the landscape of contemporary Los

Production will begin on September 22, 2003.

CAST MEMBERS: Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz

PRODUCERS: Lauren Shuler Donner ("X-Men") and Richard Donner ("Lethal

DIRECTOR: Francis Lawrence

The film's casting directors are looking to fill a wide variety of principal
and background roles.


[Chaz], Caucasian, 20s - 30s. A tough, shadowy L.A. cab driver and one of
John Constantine's oldest friends. Chaz has some ties to illegal activitiy,
but is making an effort to stay out of crime. Even though his wife does not
like Constantine, Chaz and Constantine are very close. They would do almost
anything for one another in a crisis. PRINCIPAL ROLE
(Hmmm, maybe Shia LeBouf isn't cast after all? it seems he'd fit better in the role right below--krix)

[Beeman], Caucasian, 20s. A highly intelligent, offbeat young guy who
assists Constantine with special information and occult artifacts. He's a
bit skinny and unimposing, but makes up for it with his mind. Beeman reads
to Constatine and Angela from an ancient scroll, which explains what
supernatural troubles they must save the world from. This character has
been described as a "Seth Green type". PRINCIPAL ROLE

[Morgue Security Guard], any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. An eccentric, reclusive
man who works at night. Nervous and high-strung.

[Balthazar], any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. One of the three emperors of Hell
who Constantine discovers is behind a series of crimes being committed
around the world. Balthazar is one of the main villains of the film.

[Criminal], Middle Eastern, 20s - 30s. He escapes from a Turkish prison.
Slight, muscular, lean, not scruffy. He possesses the relic of the spear.
He tries to kill Angela and gets in a fight with Constantine.

[Father Garret], Caucasian, 40s - 60s. Angela's highly spiritual and kind
priest. He is seen in confession with Angela and again at the theological
society where Angela asks for her twin sister Isabel to get a proper
Catholic burial. PRINCIPAL ROLE

[Busboy], any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Hard-working, clean-cut young busboy at
a restaurant.

[Korean Man], 30s.


[Ellie], Caucasian, 20s - 30s. An alluring and seductive woman known as a
"Succubus", a female demon that seduces men while they sleep. She is the
only Succubus to ever mate with an angel. She is pretty and vulnerable yet
can also be volatile. Ellie has a love-hate relationship with John
Constantine (Reeves). PRINCIPAL ROLE

[Crazed Woman], any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. A neurotic, loud woman who
becomes the victim of supernatural forces. Constantine tries to help her.

[Attractive Girl], any ethnicity, 18 - 20s. Glamorous, flirtatious L.A.
model type.

[Church Attendant], any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Old-fashioned, quiet,
level-headed, down-to-earth woman.

[Filipino Mother], Filipino, 30s - 40s.

Thanks to poster Adrian Brown at the insane rantings forum

constantine | from inside the mind of krix at 12:35 PM | comments (16)
international superstar

Thanks kaz for this article from the Sydney Telegraph and for another clipping that was this article about the Sydney premiere of Revolutions.

Looks like you Aussies can expect some Reeves in your future again. Which is good, I was suprised to hear that with all the Reloaded premieres they went to last May that Sydney was passed over after spending so much time there.

Meanwhile on the other side of the globe...

MONZA, Italy (AP) -- Dennis Hopper was on a bike again, though the scene was far tamer than during his "Easy Rider" movie days from the 1960s.
Still, the actor and his latest biker gang drew a crowd when they arrived in Monza for the Italian Grand Prix.

Hopper and a cast of fellow movie stars -- including Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne and Jeremy Irons -- biked from Germany to Monza courtesy of the BMW-Williams team.

The motorcycles they used were, naturally, BMWs.

Although word is the Keanu didn't make it , due to Constantine scheduling. Here's a German article with a picture of Laurence and Gina, though (thanks Anja!).

Too bad for Keanu if he didn't make it. I got to ride up the coast from Santa Cruz to the Cow Palace in San Francisco on the back of a BMW once. They're nice. The seat was heated if I recall.

I know I have a bunch of catching up to do this morning....more later after I've had some coffee and motrin.

media spot | from inside the mind of krix at 08:41 AM | comments (2)
September 14, 2003
yeah, I had quite the good time tonight....

click for larger image

This would be Aaron's ass.

Mmmmm...Aaron. We love Aaron.

I spent most of the set on my knees on the side of the stage.


I'm still a wee bit tipsy, but I have thrown all the pics in a photoshop album HERE.

Go buy a Suburban Legends CD.

OR Go download their music at

it wahs , off topic | from inside the mind of krix at 11:38 PM | comments (13)
talking to Aaron

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

phoned in | from inside the mind of krix's phone at 07:23 PM | comments (2)
talking to Vince, Brian and Dallas

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

phoned in | from inside the mind of krix's phone at 06:50 PM | comments (5)
Talking to Tim of Suburban Legends

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

phoned in | from inside the mind of krix's phone at 06:36 PM | comments (10)
September 13, 2003
lazy kitty me

offline time

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


off topic | from inside the mind of krix at 11:11 AM | comments (5)
September 12, 2003
Reason to Smile

I just really love this picture

By the way, this Top Ten by Chianti is brilliantly funny.

spoony | from inside the mind of krix at 04:21 PM | comments (8)
if you can't dance....

Martin's ass getting jitterbuggy with it in Tune in Tomorrow - thanks Rhonda for the pic

I love watching Keanu dance. He's got such a natural rhythm and grace of movement that it's not suprising how he took to the choreographed fighting in the Matrix films (I offer the Tea House fight with Seraph as a prime example).
I was a little suprised to learn that he needed dance lessons for Sweet November, maybe he just needed a little brushing up.
The jail scene in the Replacements always makes me smile, but I think my favorite Keanu dancing is as Winston getting funky in The Night Before. Oh baby boy....

And this segues us into the next track for the K-mix:

Spice Girls - If You Can't Dance (right click and save please, don't stream)

If you can't dance, if you can't dance.
If you can't dance. if you can't dance
If you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me baby
If you can't dance, if you can't dance
If you can't dance. if you can't dance
If you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me baby

Now we got the flavour, the bad behaviour,
the rhythm the melody, the juice for you to savour,
rockin' and vibing somebody is jivin',
You need to take a tip, sort it out,
Get a grip whenever I go out wherever it may be,
There never is a Keanu but a dweeb lookin'at me
but even if I did score he's a loser on the dance floor,
Take a deep breath count 1 2 3.

Even when his eyes met mine
his slamming shoes were out of time,
Can't you just feel the groove
why don't you move,
it's easy can't you see,
take my hand and dance with me

If you can't dance, if you can't dance.
If you can't dance. if you can't dance
If you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me baby
If you can't dance, if you can't dance.
If you can't dance. if you can't dance
If you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me baby.

Hey macho
Te vi el otro dia
Me dio mucha, mucha alegria
Eschucha la musica
Ay, madre mia
Hey chico, tu no tienes nada
Que susto, que sueco, que polla, que tieso
Oh, no me toques
Ay, que me lo follo
Venga, venga, marcha salida
Toma esta musica, me encanta deprisa
Cuidado, cuidado, que chico, que loca,
Toma mi ritmo
Me voy contigo
Hey macho te quiero
Quiero un hombre, necesito, si pero no tu nombre
Hey macho, Hey macho
Si no bailas esto no puedes nada conmigo.

(repeat chorus)

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September 11, 2003
REM show Las Vegas - Michael Stipe OWNS ME

REM via my crappy camera, I like the L U V letters

me, babbling after the REM show

The audblogs below are from inside the arena, most of them are poor quality but I'm keeping them anyway and consolidating everything into one entry.

Final encore- End of the World
Losing My Religon
The Great Beyond
intermission, guest spot by Dave
me, babbling during Wilco

powered by audblog

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Me in Honey

Coming in at #4 on this list, would probably be anything by R.E.M. up to and including the album Out Of Time.

I only mention this after the fact and off topic because...

I GET TO GO SEE R.E.M. Tonight!

Yay. Dave just called with a spare ticket from the radio station he works at.

I might be audblogging for my own amusement.

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Neodämmeringing wet


From delusion lead me to truth
From darkness lead me to light
From death lead me to immortality.

He who knows both knowledge and action,
with action overcomes death
and with knowledge reaches immortality.

In him are woven the sky and the earth
and all the regions of the air,
and in him rest the mind
and all the powers of life.
Know him as the ONE
and leave aside all other words.
He is the bridge of immortality.

Beyond the senses is the mind,
and beyond the mind is reason, its essence.
Beyond reason is the Spirit in man,
and beyond this is the Spirit of the Universe,
the evolver of all.

When the five senses and the mind are still,
and reason itself rests in silence,
then begins the Path supreme.

And when he is seen in his immanence and transcendence,
then the ties that have bound the heart are unloosenend,
the doubts of the mind vanish,
and the law of Karma works no more.

Don Davis has put up this translation of the choral part of Neodämmerung that I was so squishy over.

It's beautiful, and while not technically a spoiler, says a lot about the third part of Neo's journey to me.

You can go read it side by side with the original Sanskrit at Don Davis' site.
Thanks Tyler.

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September 10, 2003
If it's possible, now I want to go even more...

now THAT'S a movie theater

"This is the right building for 'The Matrix Revolutions [Premiere],' " Silver told Variety. "Frank Gehry has a very cinematic style of architecture. People will be blown away by the space and by the picture. When the lights go down, you'll be in the world of the Matrix; when they come up, you'll be in the world of Frank Gehry, which is some futuristic place that is not now."

The Matrix Revolutions will premiere on October 27.

Read the whole article at

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I believe in Mr. Grieves

If I could only listen to two albums for the rest of my life, they would be XTC's Skylarking and The Pixies' Doolittle.

If you made me choose between the two, I'd have to kill you.

(Happy Ending would be runner up at third.)

XTC stopped touring in 19eighty-freaking-two, and who knows what the hell is going on with Dogstar...

So this, from pitchfork media (via Warren Ellis) is very good news.

Pixies To Reunite For Tour In April 2004; New Album Possible

John L. Ferrer and Will Bryant report:
There's that rare time when a sarcastic, jaded music news site has to report without any sarcasm or irony. Short of the Velvet Underground, there's no band more beloved, more important, more cited as an influence in indie rock than the Pixies. Whether you're strictly a Doolittle man (surely one of the finest damn rock albums ever) or an obsessive who can name every Trompe le Monde b-side, the Pixies' contributions to the alternative rock canon are sacred texts, the alpha cell of a paisley-flecked v23 flowchart that, down various impeccably typeset branches, might lead to Nirvana, to the Breeders, to Throwing Muses, Guided By Voices, Modest Mouse, Trail of Dead, or Enon.

Sadly, most of these revelations weren't made until after the band's prime. Since their reportedly messy and bloody demise in 1993, fans have signed on by the dozens-- based partially on the recommendation of Kurt Cobain, and partially by their desire to find something truly exuberant, legitimate, funny and weird in their music. Anyone born in the '80s might surely have at some point sighed and abandoned all hope of seeing the Pixies on stage at all. In a sense, the idea of a Pixies reunion has almost become a joke, the indie-kid version of "Yeah, when pigs fly." So when the report came in July that all four original members (that's Black Francis, Kim Deal, David Lovering, and Joey Santiago) have been secretly practicing together every couple of blue moons since the breakup, there was the first glimmer of hope.

Now that the heavyhandedness is past, here comes the point. The glimmer is now a full-blown supernova. It's happening. In April. No dates yet, not even any quotes from the group's principals-- just a band spokesperson's promise to MTV, who broke the story. The source, who remains unnamed in MTV's story, also claims that if all goes well a studio album will follow.
The Pixies. Are back. Together. Music is saved. Lovers of rock, unite and cheer. This is going to truly own.

Someone alert Reeves to this, I think he's a fan as well.

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He's so dreamy

he looked a lot like this last night

Is there any better dream than a Keanu dream?
I think not.

I got to run my fingers through his hair last night.

*stares off into space*

SnAp! Oh. Right, then.....blogging.

lusenka had a dream and shared it in the comments a couple days ago, what about you?

Had any Keanu dreams lately?

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September 09, 2003
becky on Sharon O. air date

The Sharon Osbourne Show on which becky appears should air next Wednesday, Sept 17th (thanks, Tammy).
It's a syndicated program so you'll have to check your local listings.

It's showing on our freaky little UPN channel KTUD (K-'tude, bwah) Ch. 25 UHF, here in Vegas.

I better dig out the coat hanger and tin foil.

While we're on the subject of becky, here's a new interview with Rebecca (-via Club-Keanu) .

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quick note

KeanuWeb has a nice new pic of Neo and a link to a new Matrix article at the NYTimes website that is clearly marked *SPOILER*, so I'm not gonna click it.

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September 08, 2003
stuff of Legends

Suburban Legends

Yay! Suburban Legends, a great ska band that many of us fell in love with when they played with becky at last June's Musician's Institute show, will be playing here in Vegas this Sunday night.

Jillian's - Support the Scene
Suburban Legends, Melee, Solemite
Sunday, September 14, 2003
6pm - 9:00pm
Location: Jillian's, 450 Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV

I'm so there.

AND for those of you that are going to see becky in Solana Beach on the 27th, the Legends will be playing at the Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding event in Oceanside on the 28th.

The Pier
Oceanside, CA
Van's Triple Crown of Skateboarding

That's like right next door to Solana Beach so if you're making a weekend of it you might want to check them out. Plus, there will be a bunch of hot little sk8er bois running around if you're into that sort of thing.

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hacking the matrix, but not really

Here are a bunch of codes (found posted over on Warner Brothers' Matrix forum) to get to the hidden content at the official Matrix site. I figured it would be nice to collect them all in one spot for future reference.

These first ones have been around a while and are used at the control panel.
Just click around and wait for the input screen to pop up.

agentbullettime - Agent Bullet-time Video
crash - Helocopter Crash Video
steak - Opens Various Links
dejavu - Original Sketches
trinity - Trinity Storyboard Video
morpheus - Sketches and Computer Generated Sets
guns - Poster
wrong number - Poster
darrow - Movie Art
skroce - Movie Art
geof - Sentiel Art
wrong number - Matrix Comix Season 3 Pinups
tokyo - Tokyo Appearance Video
keanu - Actor Introduction Video
carrie - Actor Introduction Video
laurence - Actor Introduction Video
reload - Old Site Preview
owen - Production Designer Video
chrysalis - Chrysalis Definition
page168 - Storyboard Drawing
page212 - Storyboard Drawing
page98 - Storyboard Drawing.
page78 - Color Storyboard Drawing
bill - 3D Matrix Vehicle Video
red - Lady In Red
redpill - Redpill Interactive Entertainment
classic - Classic "The Matrix" Website.
lobby - Lobby Video
mirrormirror - Mirror Mirror Video
neobullettime - Neo Bullet-time Video
sentinal - Sentinal Video
nebuchadnezzar - Neb Video
sentinellarge800x600 - 800x600 Sentinal Video

Now, to use these binary codes you need enter the hi-bandwidth/flash version of the site. Once the menu/control panel at the top loads, to the far right is a little riveted looking thing with a yellow "light" at the bottom, click that and when it slides out click the green light-up square. Another panel will come down (with a nifty sound effect) and you use that to enter the codes using the switches.

11101000 - Philosophy
11010100 - Animatrix Wallpaper
11101001 - Trinity Drawing
00011000 - Concept Illustrator Audio Clip
10110110 - Stunt Coordinator Audio Clip
10000001 - Classic Website
11011011 - Room VR
01101111 - Access Panel 2

That last one? Access Panel 2? That takes you to the place you put these next hexidecimal codes into. But you have to figure out the binary input to match the hex codes. It's actually fun so I'm not going to explain it to you any further. I trust you will figure it out. If not, there's a cheat chart right there, brainiac.

587E1A2C - Tunnel Recon Game
3A342CE3 - Revolutions Trailer
1DDF2556 - 3D ETM Environment
35d67173 - 3D ETM Environment
13D2C77F - 3D ETM Environment
B25F33A6 - 3D ETM Environment
D5C55D1E - 3D ETM Environment
BB013FFF - 3D ETM Environment
7867F443 - 3D ETM Environment
F446A392 - Desktop Viewer
38CA2FB1 - Desktop Viewer
69E5D9E4 - VR (Sewer, Chateau, Parkade)
CC883300 - Sample Code
098CA701 - Doorway Wallpaper
EC306071 - VR (Kitchen)
F03350B1 - Art Department
0081CF5E - Visual Effects
D487A317 - Detective Story Preview
98765432 - Ultra-Sized Trailer Preview
A3B1A428 - 2nd Renaissance Preview
D53D49F9 - Unloco Video Clip
A8C3F9AD - Deftones Video Clip
43E17AC9 - Making of Pics
C1B49F13 - "Sleeping Awake" Lyrics
8D966F2A - P.O.D. Interview
64CF29E3 - "Sleeping Awake" Making of part I
19A642BF - "Sleeping Awake" Making of part II
25DB928F - (bf) Contest
A3B1A428 - Virtual Assembly Neb
8E217AC9 - Soundtrack Lyrics
7F4DF451 - Soundtrack Lyrics
23631BE6 - VR (Grate hall, Keys)
FFF0020A - VR (Ghosts Room, Bathroom, Chateau Dungeon)
4516DF45 - VR (Chateau Office, Hallway, Parkade)
FFFFFFF1 - VR (Parkade, Keys, Grate Hall)
FF00001A - VR (Neb)
0034AFFF - VR (China Town)

I doubt this list is complete, but there's certainly a lot to keep busy with. I wish I had a faster computer, I bet the VR stuff is very cool.

OH! And speaking of Matrix stuff, I finally scored a long-sleeved promo shirt that I have been coveting for months, so yay.

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Still More Constantine Casting

(via the forum)

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale and Djimon Hounsou (Amistad, Gladiator) are joining the cast of "Constantine".
Rossdale will play Balthazar, a nemesis of John Constantine, while Hounsou will star as Papa Midnite, the owner of an occult club who was once a demon fighter like Constantine but is now trying to get out of the business.

Also Shia LeBeouf has been cast as Chaz according to Greg's Preview page over at Yahoo Movies (which is a nice little collection of Constantine info).

I haven't had any coffee yet, but I have nothing snarky to say about any of this.

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September 06, 2003
I wish I'd known you when I was breaking rocks open...

...and looking at the sparkles inside.

spoony | from inside the mind of krix at 01:59 PM | comments (8)
September 05, 2003
I haven't really sucked up to Don Davis yet, have I?

-via KeanuWeb, reports that Matrix composer Don Davis has a clip from the upcoming Matrix Revolutions score on his audio page.
The orchestral track is called Neodämmerung (good god, if I were keeping a list of words that qualified as foreplay, that would be in the top ten, and I don't even know what it means).
It has a choral element that makes me all goosepimpley. Go give a listen.

While I didn't have time to listen to anything else this morning (my work machine has no sound card), I certainly enjoyed looking at the titles of some of the tracks from Mr. Davis' other works, particularly the Wachowskis' Bound.

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at 11:25 AM | comments (18)
I'm Sari

Even though it will probably mean I'll be coming back as an arthritic otter that's allergic to shellfish in my next life, I can't help a-lustin' after Prince Siddhartha's lovely glutes when the silky fabric wraps around them like this.

I'd like to take the middle way right up those thighs....

Happy Ass Friday, Namaste!

spoony | from inside the mind of krix at 08:55 AM | comments (12)
September 04, 2003

Don't forget, tonight is becky's television debut on The Orlando Jones Show on FX.
If you don't have anyone to watch it with, you might check the beckyband egroup, especially those of you in the WeHo area *wink wink*...

There's also going to be a show on Saturday, Sept 27 at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. I may actually make it to this one, even if I have to sleep in the Station Wagon on the beach. Which sorta sounds like fun, actually.

And lastly, keep your eye on the official site for a new becky merchandise section.

becky | from inside the mind of krix at 11:24 AM | comments (17)
September 03, 2003
I expect I'll have an ulcer by the time this movie's made...

No good can come of this.

The forum reports:

"The Hellblazer adaptation called Constantine is going through rewrites. Frank Cappello's script is being rewritten by Akiva Goldsman who is also a producer on the project. Why? Warner Bros want Constantine to be a PG-13 movie and Goldsman is toning down the darker elements of the story. He did a similar job last year on the Batman/Superman crossover that was in the works."

Do a Google groups search on Akiva Goldsman and share my misery.

(I'm going to put a few of the films that Mr. Goldsman has written (or re-written) on my Netflix queue and watch them. And I may do some research on that Batman/Superman project and try and find out if it's the re-write that's stalling that picture, and if so, why?)

Yesterday, in BAD SIGNAL, Warren Ellis dropped this quote from HIGH CONCEPT, the biography of "dead film producer and epic drug abuser" Don Simpson (clarification-this is not to say that Warren was speaking of the Constantine film, it was just a "happy coincidence"):

"The pursuit of making money is the only reason to make movies.

"We have no obligation to make history. We have no obligation to make art. We have no obligation to make a statement. Our obligation is to make money, and to make money, it may be necessary to make *history*. To make money, it may be important to make *art*, or some significant *statement*. To make money, it may be important to win the Academy Award, for it might mean another ten million dollars at the box office. Our only objective is to make money, but in order to make money, we must always make entertaining movies."

Entertaining being in the eye of the beholder. So often the eye of the lowest common denominator. The wasted youth with disposable income that've been weaned on PS2, American Pie movies and an MTV that doesn't even play videos anymore. So now the video directors have to make movies. Visual Ritalin.

So I'm back to dreading what the Hollywood machine is going to do to this movie.

I'm sure it will be entertaining.

constantine | from inside the mind of krix at 12:15 PM | comments (34)
September 02, 2003

pushing forty never looked so good

Happy Birthday Keanu.

spoony | from inside the mind of krix at 12:00 AM | comments (24)
September 01, 2003
Radio Bret Domrose

Bret Rocks muchly

Remember a week or so ago when Bret did that radio appearance on Las Vegas talk radio? Well, I had my friend Dave digitize the recording. It's about 20 minutes long, broken into 4 seperate mp3 files. And yes, that's me being an utter nervous dork on the line. But at least I knew something about the band, unlike the other callers. Be warned, the hosts are jackasses, but Bret is charming as ever and has some interesting Dogstar tidbits.

To download the mp3 files of Bret's radio interview from August 21, 2003 - KLAV 1230 AM radio - Las Vegas:
Please right click and save each file below to your own hard drive

PART 1 -5.22MB

PART 2 - 4.64MB

PART 3 - 5.04MB

PART 4 - 5.80MB

I will be posting the link this entry in the DogstarFans and Bret egroups and on the Dogstar Message Board. If you would like to spread the word to other fans that might want to hear this, that's fine, but please link to the entry, NOT directly to the files. And again PLEASE DO NOT STREAM the audio, right click the link and save it to your hard drive.

dogstar rocks | from inside the mind of krix at 10:00 AM | comments (22)
Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day, everyone, the calendar for September is up.

And a lot of people are asking about the picture (It's from a Japanese magazine, Movie Star- sept '03) so here is a clean version, sized for wallpaper.

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