March 31, 2004
Of course, it goes without saying that I'm a huge Dick fan

this is a rough homage to one of the images used on a cover of the book - link goes to original

"for now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known"

Here's a plot summary of A Scanner Darkly from Philip K. Dick's Official Site:

Bob Arctor is a dealer of the lethally addictive drug Substance D. Fred is the police agent assigned to tail and eventually bust him. To do so, Fred takes on the identity of a drug dealer named Bob Arctor. And since Substance D--which Arctor takes in massive doses--gradually splits the user's brain into two distinct, combative entities, Fred doesn't realize he is narcing on himself.

Go deeper with this wikipedia entry on the book.

Dick's standard themes appear here:

  • the construction of reality in consciousness,
  • an admirable, fascinating, but unattainable and marginally insane woman,
  • humaneness in extreme situations

The most interesting in-a-nutshell look at Darkly I've found is at everything2. Especially the node by Wicker808, which includes this insight:

Although A Scanner Darkly encompasses some elements of science fiction, the work is not particularly science fiction-y. It is a study of character, and a exploration of the limits of identity.

I think that that point really needs to be made, and I hope that the film focuses on that. For some reason, I have a lot of faith in Linklater that it will.

One of the things I found in my search for information on this project is this 1997 screenplay draft by Charlie Kaufman. Yeah, that Charlie Kaufman. Needless to say I didn't blog much yesterday because I spent all afternoon reading it.
Now, in the original article it says that Linklater wrote the most recent draft of the script. There's really no telling if this current draft has anything to do with the Kaufman script, but in any case, reading the Kaufman script gives a good idea of how the whole thing will work as a film and also give a good understanding to certain aspects of the story that make it make perfect sense that they are going with Linklater's Waking Life-type animation process.

Now the animation of the film is something I've seen discussed already and even gotten emails about. If you're concerned about A Scanner Darkly being a cartoon, I recommend that you rent Waking Life and see what a brilliant piece of filmmaking it is. At least check out the trailer. Like I said, certain aspects of the story (i.e., the scramble suit) make the marriage of this story and this particular technology a perfect union.

And as far as the concern that his beautiful face is going to be covered up with animation? Please. The man is an actor, and while beautiful, he shouldn't have to be limited to (what's a less harsh word than 'exploit'?)-ing his pretty face in order to work. I'm excited and happy for him, as I know he's a fan of Philip K. and while the final product might be 'unreal' in some sense, this is a meaty and challenging role for any actor.

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March 30, 2004

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March 29, 2004
this pleases us....

Coming Soon and Variety report :

Keanu Reeves will star in A Scanner Darkly for Warner Independent Pictures, with School of Rock helmer Richard Linklater in talks to direct. Linklater wrote the most recent draft of the script.

George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh's Section 8 will produce the film, an adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel. A Scanner Darkly will employ the same technology Linklater used in Waking Life. It will be shot live-action, then animated.

The story takes place in the future, where undercover agents change their faces along with their identities. Reeves plays one such officer, and his liberal ingestion of the drug Substance D causes him to develop a split personality.

Warner Independent is preparing the film for a May start.

I'm excited about this, I loved Waking Life and am a fan of Philip K. Dick's as well..

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I feel faint.

The very first time I saw Something's Gotta Give in the theater and saw Keanu as Dr. Mercer against the background of beautiful blue sky and clouds I thought "damn, that's going to make some sweet screen captures...."

Well, big love to Keanuette. She has outdone hereself with a glorious SGG capture album over at

if I woke from a faint and saw this, I'd be sure I'd died and gone to heaven. SGG grabs from KEANU

Go check it out and get a healthy dose of yummy Dr. Mercer goodness.

And don't forget to pick up your own copy of the DVD tomorrow.

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March 28, 2004
Ah, it's not just me...

He's jamming everyone's radar....

Some celebrities are not always so recognizable in person. When Keanu Reeves, for example, was walking through Bally's to a ShoWest awards presentation at Paris Las Vegas late Thursday, he was virtually unnoticed.

When Fred Willard walked a similar path, some heads turned, but it seemed to be more of a "Who is that guy? I recognize him from somewhere ... " type of thing.

However, when Warren Beatty came through there were shrieks of recognition.

-Thanks again to kaz.

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March 27, 2004
What do you think?

...if a prospective drummer calls and says that his phone might cut in and out because he's at a salon for a trim, I'm totally allowed to call him "haircut boy" throughout the audition, right?

It's a lovely rock and roll world.

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more showest

Keanu and Nancy Meyers at ShoWest - Photo from Yahoo News

Apparently, I'm such a slacker that I need a heads-up from Australia for a blurb in my local paper (thanks kaz!).

Reeves came to ShoWest to give the director of the year award to Nancy Myers, who directed him in the box office hit "Something's Gotta Give."

The couple showed mutual admiration.

"She writes real personal work. What is that? The Nancy Myers je ne sais quoi?" Reeves said laughing. "She's someone who has real insight into what she wants to see. She won't move on until she gets 'it.' "

Myers, whose projects include "Baby Boom" and "What Women Want," said "Give" has been her favorite movie experience, adding co-stars Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton "loved working with Keanu. He's fantastic. He's perfect."

Someday I'd like Keanu to use a french phrase when referring to me. You know, "Joi de vive", "Menage trois", "Pouvez-vous repasser ce linge?"

And if you missed the coverage on ET due to frikkin' basketball, you can catch the clip here, thanks to Keanu Soul via Club-Keanu.

And speaking of the Club, as always Chicks is on it with screen shots and press photos of the whole ShoWest shebang so check it out.

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March 26, 2004
just goes to show me

Actor Keanu Reeves presents an award at the Paris Las Vegas hotel during ShoWest, the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners, March 25, 2004, in Las Vegas, Nevada. REUTERS/Ethan Miller

I had no idea ShoWest was this week but sure enough it is, and Keanu's in town.
He presented Something's Gotta Give director Nancy Meyers with "Director of the Year" last night at the Paris hotel.

Jena reports that there may be footage on tonight's entertainment television shows (ET, AH, etc.) so you may want to tune in for a glimpse.

-more pictures at Yahoo News and at Club-Keanu.

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March 25, 2004
kick out the jams

you know his shirt's all wet

Kick out the jams motherfuckers !
Yeah! I, I, I, I, I'm gonna
I'm gonna kick 'em out ! Yeah !
Well I feel pretty good
And I guess that I could get crazy now baby
Cause we all got in tune
And when the dressing room got hazy now baby

I know how you want it child
Hot, quick and tight
The girls can't stand it
When you're doin' it right
Let me up on the stand
And let me kick out the jam
Yes, kick out the jams
I want to kick'em out !

Yes I'm starting to sweat
You know my shirt's all wet
What a feeling
In the sound that abounds
And resounds and rebounds off the ceiling

You gotta have it baby
You can't do without
When you get that feeling
You gotta sock'em out
Put that mike in my hand
And let me kick out the jam
Yes ! Kick out the jams
I want to kick'em out

So you got to give it up
You know you can't get enough Miss Mackenzie
Cause it gets in your brain
It drives you insane
With the frenzy

The wigglin guitars, girl
The crash of the drums
Make you wanna keep-a-rockin'
Till the morning comes

Let me be who I am
And let me kick out the jam
Yes, kick out the jams
I done kicked em out !!!


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March 24, 2004
This just in: Panama hats flying off the shelves in Pugwash*


Canadian men have good taste (and I bet they taste good, too).

Thanks to Irene who sent me this article from today's Toronto Star that says Keanu is considered Most Fashionable Canadian by the men surveyed, stomping all over Celine Dion. Hee.

I suppose it's just a matter of time before taped-together shoes take the Great White North by storm.

*I looked for a Canadian town with a funny name to put in the title and found this page.
Who wants to move to Dildo, Newfoundland with me?

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penetrating gaze

photo by Amanda DeCadenet

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): If you're willing, life will soon offer you not just a fleeting glimpse but a penetrating gaze at what has been concealed beneath the surface. You'll be invited to shed your preconceptions and come face-to-face with hidden agendas, missing links, and fertile secrets. If you'd rather not accept life's overture to strip away pretenses, please forget you ever read this horoscope. To retain it in your memory would interfere with your enjoyment of the pretty packaging that veils the slightly disturbing, totally invigorating contents inside.

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March 23, 2004
The Vegas definition of "ranch" may differ from the norm

OK, I've had a lot of people email or ask about information on the April 16th becky show at Green Valley Ranch. I will tell you what I know and what I hope to find out.

First, don't let the term "Ranch" fool you, this is a posh resort. It is a hotel and if you're spending the money to come out for this show, I recommend going ahead and springing for a room. It makes sense, if you factor in cab fare if you stayed elsewhere and who knows, maybe you'll bump into someone in the elevator. I don't even know if there's any less expensive hotels close by.

I would like to recommend that maybe someone should start a thread over at the beckyboard for room and ride sharing. I know a few people are going to LA for the HOB show and then coming here the next day. Maybe people can get together and rent a car or something. I really don't recommend taking the bus. Seriously. If there isn't anyone skeevy actually on the bus, there will be plenty of scary people at the station when you arrive. Plus, it's not close to Green Valley and what you'll end up paying in cabfare might make up the difference between a bus and a plane ticket. If you are planning on staying at Green Valley Ranch, when you make the reservation don't tell them your coming in for the becky show, make a separate call for any questions you have for that. Tell them your coming in for a "girls weekend" or something. Make them think you're going to gamble, it will grease the wheels and you can ask them about airport shuttle service and such.

OK, the venue - Whiskey Beach. How very Vegas, no? I've never been there and I really can't tell anything from the website. In fact this is the only picture they have, so I'm assuming we're all going hang out in a big bed in a box with becky band (hee!). Pillow Fight!

Seriously, I have no idea what this venue is like. I may try and go there in the next week or so just to check it out, but even so I think there will be a special setup for performances.

By the way, according to the announcement on the beckyband main page, both this and the HOB show are all ages. I would call and confirm to be sure.

Lastly, I will actually be working until 6pm on that Friday and will just be coming straight to the show so I can't play hostess or driver for anyone but I will be available to have drinks bought for me during and afterward.

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March 22, 2004
Lost in Spaceland - part 4

[Read part 1 here]
[Read part 2 here]

[Read part 3 here]

Until about halfway through Once's set, I was one of the few people at the edge of the stage. The singer had called to the crowd to come forward rather than sitting at the edges of the dance floor. By the time the set was over, the floor was pretty full and the spaces next to me filled in with other bassplayer fans. I think Rob was the first becky bandmember to come out on stage and work on setting up. I did notice when Keanu's bass case came out. It had a blue "becky" bumpersticker on it. I think I was turned around and futzing with my phone or my camera when someone called my attention to turn around. There was Keanu, setting up his amp.

Something in my chest twitched and I felt a little bit of a rush. Again, I hoped I wasn't succumbing to the predictions of the 7-11 clerk.

There's just something about him being right there. You don't want to take your eyes off of him, but you don't want to gawk either. So you end up taking him in in glances.

He's wearing the boots. He's scruffy. He's moving his stack forward, grabbing it by one corner and tugging, and then moving to the other. It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen and I may die. Right here. Right now. Watching him shove his amp around onstage.

Keanu put his set list on stage toward the front. As others have reported he did indeed say something to the effect of don't take this, looking at us like the bad little girls that we are. Not that we least not before the show. They're nice to have when writing a report like this though, so I took a picture of it , for journalistic purposes.

Songs played by becky, March 20, 2004
Spaceland Gig

Higher Ground
Sr. Prom
Shut it Off
Broken Track
Make Some Room


Then he continued to set up, tune up.
God, that burgundy Ransom is gorgeous.

Keanu and his bass at Spaceland. photo by me

I can't remember exactly when Keanu doffed the Panama hat but as peculiar as it is, I have to say I didn't really mind it. Added a little character and also an interesting contrast to Paulie's dapper suit and matching mohawk. Of course, the man can pretty much wear anything and make it work for him.

Finally, the whole band hit the stage and launched into Vanishing.

Rebecca started out the night in a long black jacket, which came off pretty quickly. Then a couple songs into the set (I think, my timeline may be skewed), she suprised everyone by removing the black top she had on and did the rest of the show in a sheer white lacey top over a fancy bra. Not revealing at all, but very cute and sexy. Rob's a lucky man.

I think I spent about half of Evangeline cursing the fates and trying to make my camera take pictures with no power, and then deleting some of the pictures on my phone to make room to try and get some better shots. Eventually I just gave up and decided to pay attention to what was going on in front of me than worrying about it.

As you can tell from the set list, most of the songs are new, or at least ones that can only be heard at the shows as opposed to ones available at the beckyband site. So it was kind of hard for me to follow which song was what once we got to the middle of the set. There were certainly none that were bad, and there were a couple that really stood out as great, including one that Keanu mouthed the words along with.

Of course watching Keanu play that close up is amazing. His hands are so fast. He played both with a pick and without, mostly with. He stomped and jumped around. He has so much energy and so much fun, he's just mesmerizing. He played "at" me once or twice which was as good as a wave or a wink to me.

I should probably apologize to everyone behind me because I am tall, and I know that I'm not the easiest person to see around. I promise I won't plant myself at his feet at every show I make it to. I just really wanted to watch him play closely this time. This show really was like one extended bass solo in my mind in some ways. I hoped I would learn something and I did. It wasn't a song though, he's too fast to follow for that, especially when most of the songs are unfamiliar. But I did learn something about playing what you love, the way you want to do it. And that's something I hope to carry into my own playing as I go along.

I knew the night was nearly over when they started Oblivious (which along with Higher Ground is one of my favorite songs. They both sounded great live).

I half expected for the band to come out for one more song when they left the stage after the last song but that was it. Once that fact was clear, people started thinning out. I talked and said goodbye to some people and listened to my ears ring. Eventually, across the bar the band members could be seen in the crowd. The Panama hat was like a beacon and Keanu was pretty much surrounded for a while. When I saw Rebecca out in the crowd, I decided to go over to her. Roi had asked for an autograph so I dug out the only paper I could find, a dollar bill, and asked her to sign it for him. We talked for a minute and Rebecca is very sweet, and very smart. When we were done, I told her that I'd see them in Vegas and went to walk away and she grabbed me and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. It was so cute and so now I have a little het-girlcrush on her.

And lastly, once the crowd had thinned out and Keanu no longer had someone draped around his neck having a picture taken I decided to see if I could have a moment of his time. I did, and all I will say is what most of you already know.

He's a really great guy.

And that was it. I said more goodbyes, thanked Lomara for meeting me and planned on doing it again sometime. Then I went outside so my phone would work and I uploaded the buzznet pictures.

I walked on air to the car and wondered if I would find my way back to Santa Monica.

I took the 101 to the 110 to the 10.

I went to sleep with my ears ringing, and my heart solidly thumping and my fingers playing along with the beat.

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Lost in Spaceland - part 3

[Read part 1 here]
[Read part 2 here]

Finally the first band came on. I found out later, talking to the bass player that they weren't "Exist" as touted on the Spaceland website. They were called in at the last minute and were The Drama, which is as good a name as any, although "The Dispair", "The Angst" or "The I Am So Very Dark and Broody, See? Look at my Hair, It's so Black Because of The Darkness of My Pain" would have also worked. They did five songs, or it could have been one long song with some breaks for sulking in between. I'm not sure. They ended their short set with the singer throwing down his mic and storming/skulking offstage. When they become famous, I expect that fans will throw Prozac intstead of panties at the stage. They did have a girl drummer and she kicked major ass. I told her so as she walked around, and then again in the bathroom afterward. In retrospect that was probably a little creepy of me.

The next band - Once - began setting up their gear. And when I say gear....check out the pedals. Luckily I snapped a picture of Once's bassplayer for my collection (did I mention I'm collecting bassplayers? I am.) while he was setting up because pedal boy blocked him from my view for the entire set, which sucked because I really wanted to watch him play.

Once was good, very good. The lead singer was energetic and alluring, he actually sang to me a couple times, (which was quite a thrill, that sort of thing doesn't happen to me) and the music was lovely. Strong, beautiful and moving yet still rocking as well.
At the end of the set, I scribbled a note to send me their site info on the back of a blogcard and handed it to him. Later on, a girl came up to me and gave me an advance copy of their CD (which I listened to on the drive home and love). It's good to be a webmistress. be continued

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Lost in Spaceland - part 2

[Read part 1 here]

Recovering from a blinding series of rapid flashbacks of being taunted for my glasses by blondes such as these in my school days, I steadied myself on the newsrack. I looked closely at the smallest of the three pretties, the one I had singled out to be overpowered easily and used as a human shield against the others should it get ugly. Then a funny warmth came over me. I hoped it wasn't the impending stroke that I had been warned about earlier that day.

"Suzy?" I said with a raised eyebrow, drawing the "y" sound out a little longer than I needed to. She looked at me as if I'd just made dolphin noises.

I took a step forward and said my name.

There were many squeals.

We hugged, I breathed relief. The only time I see Suzy is at shows and she gets more beautiful each time. I was so happy to have someone to talk to since it was at least another hour and a half before the doors opened. She introduced me to S. and L. (I'm not sure if they want their names blogged or not - let me know if you read this, girls) and we began to talk and dish and reminisce and everything. There would be no catfight on Silver Lake Boulevard on this night.

Slowly people started showing up, mostly females. We waited. We chatted. There were pictures to look at and share (Suzy! Don't forget to send me the one with the hand). Lomara got there and intros were made again. Time passed, pee-pee dances were done and eventually we got in. We got drinks and hung out at the first table in front of the left side.

Wow, The silver and blue backdrop was glorious and tacky all at the same time.

After one Vodka Bull I was getting anxious, I hoped the bands would come on soon. be continued

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Lost in Spaceland - part 1

I had no idea how long it would take me to get there from Santa Monica, so I snarfed my crabroll, told my crashpad host not to wait up for me and set off for Silverlake. I called Lomara from the freeway once I saw the sea of red brakelights ahead of me. As it turned out, she was running late as well. After a few minutes of panic and thinking "My god, am I nuts? I'm out here on an LA freeway alone at night, all hopped up on red bull, only half sure of where I'm going. Maybe if I turn up the music that honking noise will go away," the flow returned to the road.

The 10 to the 110 to the 101. How very binary.

"OK then, there's my turn off. Please let me over, Mr. BMW. I'm from out of town."

It only took three trips around the block and one illegal U-turn to find a good spot on the street to park on. I was early, very early and solo. I crinkled my forehead in the rearview mirror and saw the word "dork" appear in the creases.

To pass the time, I made a couple calls and then wandered across the street to 7-11 for another red bull.

I watched people go in and out of the club door, most of them turned out to be in the other bands and assorted staff. Finally, a threesome of blondes arrived signaling the official start of "the line". I figured I might as well wander over, because if one is going to dork out and get there early, one might as well get a good spot for the festivities, right?

As I took a phonecam picture (that I had to delete before uploading to make space later in the night,) of a becky bumpersticker on a newspaper stand in front of the club, I felt the "sizing-up" glances of the blondes. I looked up at them. Individually, I might be able to take them, but all at once?? I was dead meat. be continued

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for once

Real life kicking my ass. Stop.
No time to blog. Stop.

Please check out Once. Stop.


Dances with Fax Machines

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March 21, 2004
Lost and Found

If anyone at the club last night found my little blue plastic cardwallet with my blogcards in it please email me (it's on the card) because the only thing of value in it was a dollar that Rebecca had signed to Roi. I swear it was in my pocket. I feel really badly because I told him I had it and now I can't find it anywhere.


Anyway, I'm home, I made good time because I have to get to the studio because we're trying out the new drummer tonight and I wanted to be there.

I will catch up on emails and everything later tonight or tomorrow. For now, here's one of the two pictures I managed to get, Keanu setting up his gear, before my camera died.

No Hat! Photo by me

Rock on.

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and here I go home again

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I have no idea what the deal with the hat is


Oi, good morning.
I just woke up.
Last night rocked in eight different ways.
I had some technical difficulties, not the least of which was the fact that my fucking camera batteries weren't charged and I only got a couple pictures.
Oh well, I enjoyed the show a lot more not looking through a lens the whole time, and luckily Lomara knows how to keep a charge.

Damn, can that boy play.

Anyway, more later.
I'm off for pancakes.

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March 20, 2004
curbside at Spaceland (contains adult language!)

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are we there yet?

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please dispense slurpees, not advice

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Catch ya later!

Well, I'm off in a couple hours...but first, there's THIS (thanks to Janice for the heads up):

Two new becky shows sheduled for April-

Thursday April 15th - House of Blues - Los Angeles


Friday April 16th - Green Valley Ranch – Henderson, Nevada (which is Vegas, really)

Yeah, baby.

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March 19, 2004
vibemerchant news

Off topic. Click below if you're interested.

We've been putting off polishing the few more recordings we've done until a) my playing improves and b) we get a real live drummer.

Well, Roi just called and he got a response to the ad he placed in a free weekly.
Yay! \m/

Best part? Girl Drummer. And she hasn't been playing that long either, which is perfect in my opinion.

I actually did call Roi back to say "Neither of you can sleep with her!"


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minor tweak

I've added the buzznet thumbnails to the top of the page.
This is just for the weekend so if you check in to see what's up you don't have to scroll down.

It's kind of off-topic right now, but it'll be really cool tomorrow night when there's a row of pics from Spaceland.

That's Roi and Dave up there by the way.

Both single.

I'm just sayin'

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it it tomorrow night yet?

image from

So, yes...I'm pretty excited to be going to see becky tomorrow, especially to watch the bass player with a whole new perspective. My teacher suggested that I go up to Keanu and talk bass with him, and I'm all, ""
Two months of lessons does not qualify me to do anything other than make a complete fool of myself. I suppose it's better than asking him to sign my boobs*, but still....

Anyway, I'll be posting from the road with the camphone to buzznet. I'm also going to take my regular camera, so I hope I can get some fun shots at the show as well.

*I never ever did that, but one time I was loaded enough to be considering it. Damned red bull and vodka.

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March 18, 2004
deja vu

spoony | from inside the mind of krix at 11:30 AM | comments (8)
March 17, 2004
Revolutions DVD review

neo in lombo

"The first film shook the foundations of Hollywood and instantly became one of the most enduring film images of the modern era. Not only a special effects film, The Matrix blended an incredibly intricate storyline with mind-blowing special effects, something which audiences took to immediately. A sequel wasn t immediately on the cards, but with the film's success it was probably inevitable. The Matrix Reloaded was born.

The second film tried to take the action and, more importantly, the story to a new level. Special effects were again the focus with some of the most visually appealing showcases sequences since, well, the first film. The narrative was really beefed up the second time around, much to the detriment of keeping the audience in touch with what was going on. I swear I could see a giant question mark over the whole cinema on first viewing, and a smaller version when I reviewed the new release DVD. But, like all great trilogies, the third installment is always the one to behold. Bring on The Matrix Revolutions."

Go to for Pete Roberts on the film, the transfer and the extras of The Matrix Revolutions DVD, due for release early next month.

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I don't care that he's not Irish, I want to kiss him anyway

his smile is the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow

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March 16, 2004
Horo (pyrotechnic effervescent chi) Scope

image from the Daily Thud

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Don't sit there passively, Virgo, hoping that fate will be nice to you. Be aggressive about cultivating good fortune. Drum up and track down the lucky breaks you need. To get you in the mood, I've infused the rest of this horoscope with subliminal suggestions that are scientifically formulated to make you a magnet for favors and synchronicities. (Combustion luster verve blaze.) They will set in motion shifts in your inner chemistry that will help other people see how beautiful you are. (Luminous flourish lucid mojo.) Soon you'll be tuning in to evidence that life is actually conspiring for you to succeed. (Lightning splendor wake-up fuel.)
(bonus for Taurus this week, Brezsny invokes The Matrix....

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No Pick!

Club Keanu has some more pictures from Spaceland.

Oh. Thump. Me.......

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March 15, 2004
flying solo to spaceland

I have an extra ticket waiting at will-call for Saturday night's becky show.

Yay, Lomara's going!

Who wants to hook up?

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So, I'm loving the camphone and my buzznet account. I was afraid that the SprintPCS format of photo sending was going to be a problem, but it's not.

It is taking all the restraint I have to not shoot and send pictures of every little thing, though. Thankfully my desk is way too messy and what I had for lunch just wasn't that interesting.

Marc is one of the awesome creators of buzznet.
Tony's got buzz.
So does Jozjozjoz, and Lomara.
And Wil Wheaton, too.

Emmanuelle posted Oscar Buzz and got hassled for it. Then again, she's been hassled by Frank Black as well. That rocks.

Besides personal moblogs, Buzznet has all kinds of community/group blogs.

Some are location specific. Vegas anyone?

One could spend an afternoon browsing the Vanity Plate and Bumper Sticker ones.

Hot Girls. (and Guys)
There's even Celebs, in case you bump into a member of the Fab Five at a party or Jay Leno happens to pass you on the freeway.

So far, my only new camphone pics are from the studio last weekend, but I hope to have some interesting and fun things to moblog this weekend.

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yay chica

Japanese fansite - Love Becky has some photos from last week's Spaceland show

Check 'em out

-via Club Keanu

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March 14, 2004
more gesticulation

thanks to Club-Keanu for these captures

thanks to Club-Keanu for these captures

I didn't use these in the post yesterday but didn't want them to go to waste.

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March 13, 2004
I've got sexy phlegm

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

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The word of the day is....


image from

\juh-STIK-yuh-layt\, intransitive verb:
To make gestures or motions, especially while speaking or instead of speaking.

image from

Muscular imagery. We think with our bodies. We often represent things in a kind of muscular imagery created by actions or implicit (unexpressed ) actions.

image from

People who "talk" with their hands are using gestures to help themselves think as well as to communicate. A great deal of information is contained in kinesthetic sensations (feelings from the muscles and joints).

image from

As a person talks, these sensations help structure the flow of ideas (Horowitz, 1970). It is impossible not to demonstrate when attempting to describe some things.

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March 12, 2004
survey says!

OK, I'm bored and cranky and there's no news so I figure I'll point out that Keanu is up against nine other actors (and in some cases I use the term loosly, I'm looking at you, The Rock) for Hollywood's sexiest studmuffin or something over at

And now I shall mock it.

Like Carol Alt, I find Colin amazingly skeevy.
Plus he looks like the lovechild of Ross and Joey in this pic. Ew.

Ok, I'll admit that Viggo looked yummy all bearded and kingly in middle earth, but cleaned up?
Ferret face.

Too. Much. Forehead. Also, kinda girly.
I once dumped a great guy just because his hands were more delicate than mine. Ick.

Johnny, you're the only one on this list that could even begin to make me consider letting the calls from Reeves go straight to my voicemail.
However, you charge too much for drinks at your club so I'm afraid you can never truly have my heart. Savvy?
(I still think would be a great name for a fan site.)

Another one who was tasty in the Hobbit movies but in general, meh. Plus, he looks like this stoner guy that used to hassle me in high school and I can't reconcile that grudge at all.
Bastard. You owe me for therapy.

Keanu's Constantine co-star so I shouldn't snark but.....
Like the bald, like the smile. Get that thing off your chin. Now.

The Rock
Call me when he starts going by a real name.
I HATE his eyebrow thing.
And ultimately, I don't care how many movies you make, you're a wrestler.

I'm pretty sure you could give a fuck about these polls, but you are winning baby.
And you'll always be my sexiest everything. Smoooch....

Oh, Ashton.
God bless you and your trucker hats for finally taking the mantle of "stupid pretty boy" off of Keanu's undeserving shoulders.
Your huge guppy lips creep me out.

Who is this guy?
He's kinda cute in a weird Taiwanese dog kind of way, but he's not pinging my radar.
Or anything else for that matter.

If you'd like to go vote in this silly poll, you can do so here.

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What the Hell, Blazer?

Constantine pushed back to February 2005?


Thanks for spitting in my coffee this morning, Warner Brothers.

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March 11, 2004
and when I said 'dressed up'....

I really don't think anything else needs to be said

Niobe sent this Hiroshi Homma photo to complete the set of pictures in this entry.

Also, this week from

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Speaking on your behalf, I hereby give notice to the cosmos that it must try harder to please you. Its lukewarm support will no longer be considered sufficient for your needs. Its roundabout approach to helping you fulfill your dreams must become more direct and straightforward -- or else! Specifically, I demand that the gods, fates, dispensers of karma, or however they want to be referred to, must, no later than March 13, 2004, begin to provide you with a steady stream of satisfying interpersonal encounters. This must include, though it is not limited to, more tender intimacy, more engaging friendships, and more interesting conversations.

I'm thinking of an interesting conversation I'd like to have with him right now....

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second chance at spaceland

Paulie sez:

Hello Boys and Girls -
Here's your chance to catch becky up close and personal!

becky - LIVE and IN-COLOR
Club Spaceland - Los Angeles
March 20th

Come on down and pack out the house!

Yay, this works with my schedule.
I just hope I'm better by then.

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March 10, 2004
luckily, I woke up

I thought the Sharon show came on at 5:30, but it came on at four!

The shovel lady scares me.

The band sounded good in spite of the iffy TV mix.

Rob's funny.

I think my fever is returning.

Or could just be that the bass player is teh HOTNESS.

Whoo! High tech! Taking pictures of the TEEVEE!!

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nappy time

image from

All. Day.

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March 09, 2004
Spaced Out


Don't forget becky rocks at Spaceland tonight.

Between gas prices, time constraints and the fact that whatever it was I thought I was over this weekend is back full force *cough*, I've decided not to make the trip.

To anyone going, have fun!

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March 08, 2004
I can't wait to hear Zen's comment on the top photo...

Check out more at Club Keanu

Club-Keanu has a whole bunch of hand-rubbing, lip-pouting, goat-throwing, just-plain-cute screen captures from last year's MTV Moviehouse interview to promote Reloaded.

Check them out at the gallery.

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no comment

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March 06, 2004
Easy Chair

that lap looks comfy

Clouds so swift
Rain won’t lift
Gate won’t close
Railings froze
Get your mind off wintertime
You ain’t
goin’ nowhere
Whoo-ee! ride me high
Tomorrow’s the day
My bride’s gonna come
Oh, oh, are we gonna fly
Down in the easy chair

I don’t care
How many letters they sent
Morning came and morning went
Pick up your money
And pack up your tent
You ain’t goin’ nowhere
Whoo-ee! ride me high
Tomorrow’s the day
My bride’s gonna come
Oh, oh, are we gonna fly
Down in the easy chair

Buy me a flute
And a gun that shoots
Tailgates and substitutes
Strap yourself
To the tree with roots
You ain’t goin’ nowhere
Whoo-ee! ride me high
Tomorrow’s the day
My bride’s gonna come
Oh, oh, are we gonna fly
Down in the easy chair

Genghis Khan
He could not keep
All his kings
Supplied with sleep
We’ll climb that hill no matter how steep
When we get up to it
Whoo-ee! ride me high
Tomorrow’s the day
My bride’s gonna come
Oh, oh, are we gonna fly
Down in the easy chair

-Bob Dylan, You Ain't Goin Nowhere

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March 05, 2004
I'm feeling rather pointy

Yes, I'm messing with the header graphic. It will likely change several times before I find something I'm happy with.

Kind of like my hair color.

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fine art and good reading

Drawing by Coffs

This gorgeous drawing of Neo (found at Keanuweb) was done by a russian artist (and Keanu fan), "Coffs", who has a website with some more lovely artwork, both hand drawn and digital. Check her out.

After you've filled up on eye candy, feed your mind by reading Brian Takle's insightful and interesting essays about the 2nd and 3rd chapters of The Matrix Trilogy.

The Matrix Reloaded: Explained

The Matrix Revolutions: Explained

Then, when you're feeling all smart and brainy, feel free to come do my taxes for me while I learn Funkytown.

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March 04, 2004
scene from a car

After band practice.
Roi and I are driving home.
Oblivious is playing in the CD player

roi: becky's good
me: yeah they are
roi: it'd be cool to play the same venue
me: we could learn all their songs
roi: and go out and play them all before they go on
me: like in A Mighty Wind!
(the bass solo starts)
me: I like this. I thought it was really hard, but I think it's an effect.
me: I should learn this part
roi: we should do this song
me: ooooh yeah.......but you'd make me sing it.
roi: what's wrong with that?
me: I'm not ready to sing and play at the same time
roi: fine, I'll sing it.
me: you will?
roi: I ain't afraid of no becky song
me: I'm so blogging this.

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More on the Moore thing

Neil Gaiman, in his journal at says this about the report from AICN:

[...] Which is really interesting, except for it not being true.

Oh, it's true that Alan's rejected the money for CONSTANTINE and assigned it to his cocreators, but he's now done that for all films of his and things he's done that might one day be filmed. This was because he was deeply hurt and offended and irritated by being accused in the Larry Cohen lawsuit of having written League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as some kind of studio shill, and because Alan never does anything by halves. Up until the lawsuit his position was that he didn't care about the films people made from his work, but was happy to cash the cheques; after, he decided that he didn't even want to cash the cheques.

His share of Constantine was redistributed among his co-creators, John Totleben, Steve Bissette and Rick Veitch and to Jamie Delano and John Ridgway.

As far as I know, from having spoken to him, Alan's view on Constantine itself is the same as his view on From Hell and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which is that he'll probably rent the DVD one day, you never know, hell might freeze over, -- and that the important work is the comic -- the main difference being here that the film is, from what I understand, mostly based on the Garth Ennis and Jamie Delano issues of the Hellblazer comic.

(And, for whatever remains of the record, Alan hasn't seen anything of Constantine -- no scripts, no nothing. Nor has he had any contact with DC on it except for asking Karen Berger to redistribute the money and the credit.)

I tend to feel that the filmmakers started with two strikes against them, simply by casting Keanu Reeves instead of, say, Jude Law, but everything I've heard since has been encouraging, so while I'll be sitting in the cinema with my arms folded and an "okay, convince me" attitude, I'll at least be going to see it.

Emphasis mine.

I know I'm glad to hear this. I didn't think the "geek community" impact was much of a factor in the success of the movie, but I was previously concerned with the quality of the script and this whole thing brought up those concerns again. Nice to have it cleared up.

Thank you Mr. Gaiman...

I think I'm going to go out and buy Neverwhere on DVD this weekend. I'd start reading Sandman, but I'm already spending too much on comics these days.

(Thanks to some random guy at the Straight-to-Hell forums)

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all dressed up

I actually really dig this tie

insert your own 'off the cuff' remark here....get it?

we were totally robbed of dressage on this one

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becky tv

Word is that becky is taping an ep of the Sharon Osbourne Show tonight at 7pm.

Never mind. The show taped yesterday. (thanks Joz)

The show will air on the 10th. Check your listings.

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March 03, 2004
Moore disowns Constantine

James passes this on (via Sethos) from Ain't It Cool News:

"After reviewing the script and casting of HELLBLAZER, Comic Kingpin Alan Moore has done the unthinkable. He's washed his hand of the entire debacle. That's right- he's instructed DC to NOT credit him as the creator of the character. And putting his money where his mouth is, he has instructed that the royalties that he was splitting with his co-creators goes EXCLUSIVELY to the artists, Veitch and Bissette.

Often we hear about an artist upset that his creation has been butchered but this is the first I can recall where the creator asked that both name and money be rejected. Moore is apparently so upset at the desecration done to Constantine by Producer Lauren Shuler Donner that he is stating that he will never support a film project based on his work again. DC Toady Paul Levitz is running around trying to get Moore to change his position, but Levitz is the one who had 30,000 copies of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #5 pulped. The bad PR this move could create in the geek community is of grave concern to Warners and DC."

James adds for our benefit:

"Now just to give you a little background, Moore is famous for his "hands off" approach to adaptations of his characters and stories, going so far to claim that the comics are so separate from the movies that he doesn't care what people do with them. He even allowed his name to go on the movie of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which utterly mutilated the comic and missed every point that it was trying to make. So this is either a Big Lie or Bad News."

Um, yeah. THIS is what will keep the "geek community" away from the theaters, because we all know how enthusiastic about a dark-haired American Constantine they were before.

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demolition man

the smirk that devestates

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): In order to live, you've got to be a demolisher. You take plants and animals that were once alive and rip them apart with your teeth, then disintegrate them in your digestive system. Your body is literally on fire inside, burning up oxygen you suck into your lungs. You didn't actually cut down the trees used to make your house and furniture, but you colluded with their demise. Then there's the psychological liquidation you've done: killing off old beliefs you've outgrown, for instance. I'm not trying to make you feel guilty, Virgo -- just pointing out that you have a lot of experience with positive expressions of destruction. Can you think of other forms this magic takes? It's your specialty these days.

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March 02, 2004
Thumbsucker news


...[Tim] DeLaughter has been drafted to score the film "Thumbsucker," and may release the soundtrack on his own Good Records imprint. The Spree's Web site says the soundtrack will feature tracks from the group and possibly the late Elliott Smith.

I haven't heard The Polyphonic Spree before, but I think Elliott Smith's music is an excellent choice for this movie.

...also, as far as a release date goes, according to this interview with director Mike Mills...

RM: So when does [Thumbsucker] hit a theater near us?

MM: We'll try to get it into Cannes in May of 2004. Then it might actually come out next fall.

...we have a bit of a wait.

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He still gives the Devil the finger
The adaptation, directed by first-time feature film director Francis Lawrence, takes away Constantine's British accent and blond hair, but leaves his sharp wit and dark world view, giving the film a film noir feel perhaps tailor made for "Matrix" star Reeves, who might just be turning into our generation's king of gloom. But Lawrence sees Constantine as a different role than Reeves has ever played onscreen, and one a lot closer to his real personality.

"I think Keanu actually has a lot of John Constantine in him," mulls Lawrence. "Keanu is kind of a haunted guy and he's sort of elusive and mysterious. He's had some sort of tragic things happen to him and I think he sort of lives that life a little bit. He's also, I would say, a little self-destructive, which I think Constantine is."

New Constantine article at Has some plot points, not paticularly spoilery...

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becky LIVE March 9th!

photo by A. Settipane

"becky will be rocking in their own neighborhood in Silverlake at Club Spaceland Tuesday March 9th!

becky hits the stage at 11:15pm!

becky hopes everyone is sure to make what will be one killer sell out event!

(Club Spaceland is located at 1717 Silver Lake Blvd. Los Angeles)"

Man, I'd really like to go to this one. I know that according to this interview that the band's debut at Spaceland is kinda special to Rebecca.

Augh! a tuesday. How am I going to get out of work?

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March 01, 2004
the cruel fates mock the sick girl with the Canadian fetish

Evidently, Kiefer was at the Viper Room Friday night.

You know, the night that becky played.


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thanks to Petra for this pic

I'm still all snot and lung-oysters, so I'm laying low for the next day or so.

Thanks everyone for the get-well wishes.

Oh and Yay, Charlize.

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