May 21, 2004
introducing simbecky!

OK, I just realized it's been over a YEAR since I've done a SIMulated post. I never did get around to getting another expansion pack so I kind of ran out of things to do with them. I mean, there's only so many times I can dress SimKeanu up as Batman or Neo and let Simkrix have her way with him, right? (OK, there's only so many times I can blog about it anyway.)

Well I've created a new neighborhood, Rockville and the first residents moved in and started jamming!

hee! Special thanks to Catz for her help in finding Paulie's head.

I'll be moving the Vibemerchants in soon as well so stay tuned.

Now I have to go furnish the rest of their house....

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May 10, 2003
Living with The simulated One

Keanu may be well-adjusted, but SimKeanu seems to be having a little problem letting go of Neo.

practicing his moves

So he's taken to wearing black leather and sunglasses around the house all the time.

if he'd use a towel, this wouldn't happen

He still manages to help out, but mopping becomes a problem when he starts swinging it around to re-enact the Burly Brawl.

trying the tactful approach

I try to explain to him that it's only a movie. Simulacra, special effects and all that. He's not really Neo. But he just starts babbling about "what is truth" and Zion and I have to leave the room before he starts in about Trinity or I'm bound to smack him.

there there now

But I realize that it's just a little hard to let go...I'm sure that me playing dress-up in PVC with him doesn't help, but damn it makes me feel sexy.

his souffles never fall, they catch fire, though

OH, and The One may be able to dodge bullets, but a little kitchen fire makes him scream like a girl.

at least it's not an ugly phone

Plus, he needs to STOP answering the phone "Tank! I need an Exit!"...

getting on my damn nerves

...or I'm going to start taking it personally.

but I still love him so

I suppose I'll just have to put up with it for a while. I can't stay mad at him for long. And it can get VERY interesting when he decides he 'wants to direct'.

plus my ass looks great in Trinity's outfit

Besides, it gives me something to blog about while I avoid all of the spoiler boards and articles.

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March 28, 2003
SIMply kinky

There's really no telling what sort of freaky little sex game he's trying to talk me into here....

and then I want you to take the 'golden lasso of truth' and....

...but apparently, I'm into it.

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February 15, 2003
Simulated V(alentine's)D(ay)

While the real me spent the evening with a pint of Cherry Garcia, doodling Joel Silver's name all over my PeeChee folder, simulated krix had a lovely Valentine's date....

It's a good thing, because I can't read french

Always the continental, Keanu ordered for me. "The lady will have the lobster, stuffed with a smaller, tastier lobster. And bring us a bottle of your best wine, hold the pretension."

No, he's not praying his credit card clears

You know that lovely hands-together gesture he does? Simulated Keanu does it too! SWOON!


While waiting for some post-dinner cocktails, Keanu takes a moment to appreciate the view...
(heh, look how well I do "coy")

the sweetest things get the spiciest rewards

This earns him a nice hug and a smooch. The hands-in-the-hair thing? I LOVE that...

Yes, this trick still works

Then it's a quiet stroll to the patio, where we can be alone. Notice what a smooth operator he is?

A touchy subject for me, you'd think he'd know by now

There was a brief moment where he almost killed the mood by bringing up the dreaded subject of boats. But we quickly got past it...

funny thing is, I checked the coffeepot 3 times before I left

...and got to the wooing. If you look closely, you'll notice that my victoria's are so secret they're non-existent! Do you think he noticed? That roving hand action in the fourth picture says "YES".
I swear...I just plum forgot!

I'm sure that the passers-by appreciated the view

Ah, the romance of it all....What a perfect night.
Of course, it didn't end there, but some things must remain a mystery.

That's right, my walk of shame went right to the desk to blog!

Although the fact that I'm home, in the same clothes, blogging in the daylight might give you some clue..

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December 20, 2002
I saw Keanu kissing Santa Krix

While Bret and Rob are off doing their shopping, my sim puts the "Ho" in Ho-ho-ho....

Someone's on the naughty list

And what do you want for christmas, little big boy?

mmmmm, tastes like gingerbread!

Mistletoe? Krix Kringle don't need no stinkin' mistletoe!

You have no idea how hard it is to tango to Silent Night

Is that a candy cane in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Best. Present. EVER!

Ooooo, a little something for Santa, too!

I swear, if I'd thought about it, these pictures would have gone out as my cards this year.

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December 13, 2002
Happy Birthday, Bret Domrose!

Good grief! It's been a big birthday week, eh?

Today is Dogstar's Bret Domrose's birthday, so of course I had to throw a little Sim party.

I'm there, just upstaged by Rob's thought bubble

Birthday hugs all around!

Quit looking at me like that, Bret

Keanu brings the fun and does a little birthday puppet show for Bret.
He's so multi-talented! Look out, insult comic dog!

The world loves a puppet show

Hee! So cute!

And of course, the party ends up in an all night birthday jam.
Complete with drunk groupies!


I must be out getting more beer.

Hmmm, seems like I'm forgetting something.....

Oh Yeah! It's a special Ass Friday featuring the birthday boy at House of Blues!

whooo hooo!

I hope someone got him snugger jeans as a gift this year, because the Domrose tush really deserves it.

If you're registered you can wish Bret a happy birthday over at the Official Dogstar Message Board or you can go sign his guestbook.

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December 09, 2002
The trouble with Sim Krix

Thanks to skits, I found another Keanu for the s!ms at this site.

So what else could I do but install him, name him Chuck Spadina and stir up some trouble?
I love me some bad boys and my sim is no different...

Actually, it was all very innocent.
Just dinner with a new neighbor. Gotta make him feel welcome, eh?
Plus it's always nice to have someone that understands my intense loathing of watercraft.

But how creepy is this?
Keanu's not too happy to see me enjoying a nice Cobb salad with another guy.

I've never seen someone eat a steak so harassingly.
You'd think he'd be flattered.
After all, Chuck looks like he could be his long lost brother.
Or you know.....evil twin.

After devouring his red meat, Keanu gets all riled up and there is a rather ugly confrontation.

"Hey man, you're a jerk!"

"No, dude. YOU'RE the jerk."
"Don't you shove me!"
The boys scuffle a bit and the word 'cockblock' is used much to the dismay of the other diners.

Chuck has enough, calls me a bitch and makes me cry.
Man, he is a jerk.

I run to Keanu and try to explain, but he gives me an earful of what a tramp I am.

But I'm wiley (and great in bed and he knows it).
I turn on my feminine charms and whisper something saucy in his ear.
Eventually, I am forgiven.

We decide to go home, but on the way to catch a cab, Keanu stops at a fountain and makes a wish...

"I wish my girlfriend wasn't such a complete HO."

We'll see if it comes true....

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December 04, 2002
Worth every penny

That's Sim'more!

I finally got around to getting the s!ms Hot Date expansion pack.
It's totally worth it just for all the new kisses.

Don't tell Bret.

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November 16, 2002
more useless s!ms crap

click to go to the download page

I did some Dogstar CD covers as pictures for s!ms. I stuck with Art Studio because Transmorgrifier gives you a mirror image as the second view and I'd rather have funky frames than the image backwards half the time, especially with text. Go to the downloads page to get 'em.

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November 12, 2002
Reloaded posters for The s!ms

I got The s!ms Art Studio from the official site today and tried my hand at making some decorative objects.

click here to go to the downloads page

I did all of the Reloaded posters, you can download them on the downloads page.
I'm not thrilled by the choices of frames that Art Studio offers, but it will have to do for now. I'm going to do some Dogstar album covers and maybe some other movie posters next.
If anyone downloads them, please let me know how they work.

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November 06, 2002
One Life to Sim

So, "what's going on in krix's little delusional fantasy world?" you ask...

Well, previously I found myself with paying for my *ahem*...friendly ways and having a child out of wedlock, much to Robert's amusement.
Fink, he must be advising Keanu...

I pee'd in a cup for this?

...who insisted on performing a paternity test.

Bret proves himself to be a gentleman, though, and offers to make an honest woman out of me.

The bathroom. Such a romantic.

He buttered me up with candy first, but I would have accepted anyway.
I mean, c' guitar lessons!

Say Daddy!

He adores little Amelie (named after the movie that was playing in the background during our throes of passion).

ROCK a bye, baby!

Our parenting skills may be a little unorthodox, but we get by.
Who cares what the neighbors think! The only way to get her back to sleep is to play some serious "Rock-a-bye".

Say Mommy!

Gosh...she's so darn cute....when she's not screaming....which isn't very often.
Both our fun and social levels have plummeted. Who knew there'd be so much maintanence involved? The damn robot isn't pulling its weight as nanny, either.
I think I'm going to have to invest in an expansion pack, SimKrix is in dire need of a trip to the spa...

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October 26, 2002
Sim Scandal

First off, a huge thank you to Skits, who sent me the missing file so I could have the original Krix Sim on my game. In true Hollywood style, the others don't mention that I've "had work done" but just say I look fabulous...
I decided those Dogstar guys needed someone to run the household, so I moved myself in.

check out the poster!

Here I am going over one of Keanu's potential scripts. The bikini helps me think.

Stealing SimKisses is always fun...

sweet, eh?

Taking care of these guys is a lot of work, and not without its problems.


Thankfully, my hero is there to save the day.
But look out, that's not the only fire that's going to need putting out...

For me? You shouldn't have!

Isn't Bret sweet? He shows his appreciation for all I do with a little gift.
But wait....Bret has ulterior motives. Man, that guy puts the "dog" in Dogstar!
Of course I'm helpless to resist such charm.

Uh-oh, this ain't it?

Judge me if you will, but face girl in a house with these guys? It was bound to happen.
Oh, and look at THIS!

Rob stirs the proverbial plot that thickens

That fink! Rob immediately runs upstairs to rat us out to Keanu.

I'm so busted.

It gets worse...

At least it's not a whole litter

But all we did was kiss, I swear! that kid blonde? Cripes.
Of course Rob claps with delight at my dilemma.

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October 24, 2002
Rockin' the house, Dogstyle

I found a great site, 7Deadlys!ms, that has all kinds of fun goodies so I moved the Dogstar s!ms to a new pad so they can concentrate on their music. I even got Keanu a new toy.

Keanu's new Harley goes where it pleases

Don't look at me, dude. I'm sure you aren't supposed to park it on the grass. Bret's gonna throw a fit.

But Rob couldn't be happier, he's finally got his drumset!

Rob Mailhouse, Thunder God

So down to business.....

[these pictures below will pop up to larger pics if you click them]

Rob decides that we've gone too damn long without a Dogstar video.
I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Mailhouse!

I knew he wanted to direct

The wood floor doesn't look right, though....maybe something more funky, yet accoustic...

click for larger pic

Gaaahhh! No.
How about a starfield effect?

click for larger pic

Nice, but I spent a lot of money on those amp stacks, I want to see them!
And we'd better have them bring Keanu another one, he tends to blow them up.

We need something simple, yet eye-catching....
Dogstar Rocks the hizzouse!

Let's rock!

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October 10, 2002
That's Simulated Amore

Let's see what's going on with SimKrix and SimKeanu...

Lime green sofas are SUCH a turn on

It's the first kiss, and a lip-bruiser at that.
You'll notice his hand is totally on my ass.
My Sim is a complete slut.
I have no idea where she gets it from.

Sim Krix apparently misunderstands Keanu's offer to "play with his equipment."

Rock on

He was very annoyed when I picked up his guitar.
So we compromise, and make a little beautiful music together.


That went so well, Keanu offers to teach me chess.

Which way does the little horsey move again?

I'm a fast learner and trounced him. Whee! Checkmate!


He threw the cutest little fit after being beat, too.
A little sweet talk and backrub did the trick, though.


And another great kiss out in the courtyard. Notice the doubleplusses.
So sweet. But can it last?

We'll see.....

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September 26, 2002
Dogstar s!ms Redux

Well, I re-did the Dogstar boys' s!ms. Thanks to skits for mailing me the Keanu that she had.

SimBret is fond of late night swims so he was still sleeping when SimRob(still in his jammies!)and SimKeanu were up at 6am jamming.


Later that morning, Rob gives Bella an eyefull as Bret looks up at me like "What? I just live here."

Rob pretty much has no shame

Speaking of Bella, what a ho.
She spent the night passed out on the floor in a VERY unladylike fashion.
They pretty much ignored her the next morning and she finally took the walk of shame.

Bret had some choice words about Keanu's guitar playing, but Keanu didn't care. He just kept on playing.

Bret complains while Keanu rocks out and Rob looks on

In fact all these guys would rather play music than clean up (thank SimGawd for robot servants!) bathe or even eat.

Dogstar Jams

So yes, I'm certainly amused by all this. And no fires today.
I think I'll try and get Keanu drunk next.

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September 25, 2002
Dogstar S!ms

I couldn't help myself. I had to take a shot at making a house of Dogstar S!ms. I need to re-do them all, Bret's face is paler than his body, I have to find a good picture of Rob and re-do him, because I just used a generic head that kind of looked like him, and Keanu is WAY TOO SKINNY.
I hate that it takes forever to furnish a damn house, too.

Of course, it was only inevitable that I had SimBret in a pink speedo playing guitar before too long.

Bret rocks

The funny part is, look what was going on while Bret just kept on jamming.

Now, I know you're thinking.
"Well...maybe he didn't know about the fire."
Wrong. He freaked out a little bit with SimRob, went and called the fire department and then went to play guitar.

Now that's a devotion to music.

Yep, I may be hooked on this game already.

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September 13, 2002
What's more fun than a barrel full of simulated monkeys?

Why, a neighborhood of simulated bloggers, of course!

Skittish s!ms presents...



Heh, I can't wait 'til the hookups begin....

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September 09, 2002
What's this, then?

Well, I know Keanuette is happy, she now has her own Sim and her own Keanu over at Skits' s!ms blog. Skits is creating a whole Sim neighborhood and is going to populate it with bloggers. Is anyone else really anxious to see a Sim Hoopty? I know I am.
Anyway, you can go checkout Keanuette's Sim adventure and get a sneak peak at what's happening in the SimKrix/Keanu storyline.

click to go to the s!ms blog

Skits is a very funny girl. It seems Sim Keanu has found the blog.
I wonder what's going to happen next?

You know, in comments just a couple posts down, I had an "omg" reaction to the thought of Keanu ever happening across this site. But really, that'd be fine. Heck, I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't be a complete thrill.
Admittedly, there are a few things that would cause me to blush if I knew that he had read them. (Hello? dressage theory, anyone?) but really, I don't post anything that I would feel weird about him reading.
Even the cracks about his hair. I imagine he can take it. Because really, it's all meant with affection. And if he can't? Dude, get over yourself.

I don't think it's very likely to happen, though. But if it does, I hope he's amused.

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September 06, 2002
horny little simulations


The further adventures of simulated Krix and Keanu just keep getting better.

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September 04, 2002
Sim-you-like-me? and Stimulation

Skits has a new s!ms blog and SimKeanu and SimKrix are christening it with some hot tub antics!

hee! go look!

I really can't blame him, my Sim is a complete hottie.

And yes, I'm getting way too much joy out of this....

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