November 30, 2001

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November 25, 2001
Losing my Dogstar Virginity

Exactly one year ago, tonight, almost to the minute of this post, I saw Dogstar live for the first time.
My seat was front row, right in front of him, and I remember the first thought I had was, oh my god, he looks just like the pictures.
I was afraid to actually look at him half the time, for fear he'd catch me. I spent a good part of the show watching his hands, following the notes to the heavy bass tones that were pounding me and the whole room. At one point he held his bass out and thumped it aginst his chest and ROARED at us.
That was it.
That was the true moment of my undoing. It was then I knew why he smelled like power in my dreams of him.
I didn't take any pictures that night, but I do have his set list, with bootprint and everything, as a souvenir.
It was my first show, and now I have seen them seven times in a year. I'm very very lucky. One friend calls me jaded. And while nothing will ever equal that feeling of him being right there for the very first time, each show has different memories. I've had a chance to talk to Bret about music, and pushed my phone on Rob so he could talk to my friend who couldn't make a show. The timing and circumstances have never been right for me to have the chance to spend a moment with Mr. Reeves attention, and that's OK. I really enjoy the band well beyond the bass player, and I will continue to see any shows I can.
Rock on Dogstar, when you gonna release those new songs anyway?

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November 24, 2001
Keanuvision Store

OK, here's the deal.
I really wanted to make T-shirts and whatnot to help promote and support the site. I built the site out of love but even though I'm getting a great deal on hosting, it still costs money.
HOWEVER it is not legally or ethically right for me to put a picture of Keanu on merchandise for sale. Even if it is one of the pictures I took at a Dogstar show, because it is still his image. I can totally respect that. So even though I am sure one of my designs with his scrumptious self on it would probably sell, and I might even make some money before I got a letter from Erwin Stoff, I'm not going to do it.
Instead, I made some plain text designs that you can get on mousepads, t-shirts and mugs.
You can find them at the new online store.

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November 23, 2001
Recap part 4

Ta DA!

I promised you Part 4 of Krix watches The Matrix Revisited and here I am, on FRIDAY night, no less, recapping, page-building and uploading my heart out.
I'm either really dedicated or a big loser.
I'm going to have a cigarette and think about it.

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Film News

Here's a tidbit on what Reeves might be up to next summer.

Keanu Reeves in police corruption movie

Keanu Reeves is to star with Dennis Quaid in a US police drama.

The film Time For A Killing is based on the Rolling Stone magazine article The Murder of Notorious B.I.G.

The article covered an investigation by Los Angeles Detective Russell Poole into gangland killings and police corruption.

His probe focused on police involvement in the deaths of rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G, alias Biggie Smalls.

Reeves will play the investigating officer in the film about the scandal which swept through the Los Angeles Police Department.

Quaid is to play the Mr Fixit who organises contract killings and payments to police officers who assist The Mafia.

The project, backed by FilmFour, is scheduled to go into production next summer.

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November 22, 2001
"What are you going to do with that?" "With what?" "That paprika, what are you doing?" "I'm putting it in the sweet potatoes" "WHAT?" "I do it every year" "I've never seen you do it." "Well, I do. It's good." "Where's the cinnamon? You stay away from them." "Fine. Are you going to leave the cranberry sauce like that?" "Like what?" "In the shape of the can" "Of course I am, it's supposed to be like that. It's tradition." "I'm going outside to smoke"

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.....

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November 21, 2001
Keanu for Kyodai

Like games?
There is an incredible mah-jongg game out there called Kyodai.
It's completely addicting. If you are sick of solitare and have totally mastered the secret to minesweeper, I suggest you check it out. As added incentive I have created a set of Keanu Tiles for Kyodai.
Once you have downloaded the game, just copy the KeanuTiles.jpg into your C:/program files/kyodai/tilesets folder and enjoy.
If you aren't familiar with the game of mah-jongg I recommend playing with the included tiles first so you get a sense of how the matching goes. Basically with the Keanu Tiles, name tiles go with each other, as do magazine covers. All others pair up exactly.
One more thing, if you decide to keep the game, DON'T forget to register it.

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November 20, 2001
More re-cap

I'm a machine.
Part 3 of "Krix watches The Matrix: Revisited" is up.
Now, please know that the recaps are no substitute for going out and getting this DVD/video to have for your very own.

in fact, I HIGHLY recommend it....

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November 19, 2001
Revisited re-cap

In a nutshell, The Matrix Revisited is a treat. For Matrix fans, for Keanu fans, for EVERYBODY.
I've decided to do an in-depth commentary, thereby giving me an excuse to watch it over and over for the next few days.
You can read the first part HERE.
I'm also employing that cutting edge keanuvision labs technology....taking pictures of the teevee with a digital camera..
The lemurs just have to charge some batteries.

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November 16, 2001
Not a Himbo

A question to ponder in the shower on a friday night...

Why DO smart women fall for guys like Keanu?

NOT a male bimbo

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November 13, 2001
"The Face"

I've never met Keanu Reeves.
But some fans have, and they've asked him to sign an autograph or take a picture with them.
As far as I know, he is always as gracious and willing as the situation allows.
I've heard stories from other fans and have seen their pictures and one thing I've noticed in many of the pictures is what some refer to as The Face.
Keanu has a standard "picture with a fan" face.
I can't say as I blame him, I know I would probably get tired of posing with strangers all the time.
I don't think The Face is any kind of reflection on how he feels about the fan, in fact I have heard of him being very animated in conversation with a person and then, right as a finger presses a shutter button, he'll don The Face. I don't know why. I'm sure he has his reasons.
After giving it some thought, I think that I personally would want to spend my 30 seconds in conversation with him. I'm not sure what I would say but I think exchanging a few words would mean more to me than his signature on something or a picture with him. And hopefully the muse of witty banter would visit me in those 30 seconds and maybe it would mean more to him, too. I know I wouldn't make him swoon, and I doubt I'd be clever enough to make him think.......but I'd really like to make him laugh.
In any case, as a service to anyone who might want a picture with Keanu but might never have the chance, and to Keanu himself who might want a little less time on display, I give you this:


It's pretty self-explanatory....

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November 12, 2001
The Editing Room

So there's this guy, Rod.
Rod has a really funny site: The Editing Room.
You might have read his abridged version of The Matrix.
Well, in a quick browse of his archives, I found versions of Speed, The Watcher and Sweet November.
Actually it's "Sweet Autumn in November in New York" and frankly, it works (which is kind of sad when you think about it).
Now Rod certainly isn't a Keanu fan, but he's really really funny, and I think that his stuff is really all in fun, although sometimes he really does have some insight into moviemaking and movie going.

Upon further reading of Rod's homepage I've discovered that The Matrix is one of his favorite movies and that he collects PEZ dispensers.
::snark:: That's SO CUTE.

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House of Blues

Nothing to report, really.
There are some pictures of the set over at The Matrix Online., but they are just that.

Of a Set.

So I guess I will show you a couple pictures I took last March at the House of Blues-Sunset Strip.

see the blond hair? that chick's date was a BIG JERK that kept annoying me all through the show

And let me tell you, I risked my LIFE to get these.

Reeves sure has fun doing this

House of Blues has some of the BIGGEST, MEANEST Bouncers I've ever come across.
And I used to go to punk shows.

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November 10, 2001
Attention Mr. Reeves

Attention Mr. Reeves

I hereby challenge you to a chess match.
I pick the board.
You pick the when and where.

Don't make me make chicken noises at you.

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November 07, 2001
Peek at Revisited

Over at The Matrix Official Site you can catch a sneekpeek of Revisited.
Here's a couple of nabbed images from one of the video clips.

Wow. Look at that! I'm a total slut for a guy that can kick like that....uh, I mean, nut. You know, crazy but not in a scary way......Yeah, that's it.'s another pic:

Ooooooh...fake kung-fu fighting makes me hot, too....and by hot I mean all enthusiastic about going out and buying this DVD...yeah!
Man, who am I fooling?.. And these are just clips. I'm gonna be a freaking mess on the 20th.
I seriously LOVE to watch him work.
By the way, I put the site name on the pictures so go over there and watch the stuff and buy the DVD and all that jazz. OK? Spiffy!

(OH, and Mr. WB mole, please don't sue me....thanks)

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