December 31, 2001
New Year's eve

So I decide not to go out. I decide to treat myself to something I need. Or at least think I need. I've needed a new monitor for months, so I go and give the old Best Buy card a good reaming and splurge on a new nice flatscreen. It's all sexy and sleek but...... it DOESN'T fix the problem that was the whole reason for me thinking I needed a new monitor. I must need a new video card or something. fuck fuck fuckity fuck FUCK! It's a bit bright, too. Now, as I'm typing this, Roi calls and wants to go out. fuck. I don't really want to, but I don't want to sit here and be pissed off at myself all night for spending money I don't have on a fucking sexy tech toy that I don't really even need. So I guess I'm going out. I don't even know where we are going.

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End of the year retrospection

I suppose I should do some retrospecting or something today.
It doesn't really feel like the end of the year, or of anything, really. It just feels like Monday. Maybe that's it, it's the start of the week, which trumps the end of the year vibe for some reason.
The end of July was what felt like an ending to me this year. I suppose because after that, there were no more Dogstar shows to look forward to.
As I write this they are showing a montage of the films of the year on the Today show. I don't know why I even bothered to look. Of course there was no glimpse of The Gift, or Sweet November, not even of Hardball, even though it was #1 at the box office for a couple weeks. I should do a whole entry on Hardball. Maybe when the DVD/video is released. I should get a DVD player this year.
I had a lot of changes in my life this year. I finally put a terrible relationship out of its misery, or out of MY misery anyway. I dropped a ruinous ritual. I let my nails grow long, went blonde for the summer (mistake), got into the dotcom club. I acquired an oracle and started paying attention to the mentor that was always there.
I don't feel like making specific resolutions for 2002 (I like the symmetry of the upcoming year, it looks good), but I am going to try and keep on a positive path. That's all for now. I'll probably have more to add once I get some free time later.
If not, I hope everyone has a safe and happy celebration tonight.

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December 30, 2001
Kenuwee Head

I can't contain the joy that this brings me.
Thank you to Beeb for sending the link my way, and to Ikea for her site.

Keanu, Kananoo, Kenuwee, Kanu-nu....

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Neo's chair. Yeah, his ass was in this

This is from the interactive chat with the Wachowskis that was held way back when..

virtualMatrix: What is the significance of Neo eating the Oracle's cookie?

WachowskiBros: There was a piece cut out of the movie that explained the significance more. It's hard to explain.

Great.This is going to bug me for days.

I hope they explain it in Reloaded.

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December 23, 2001
Free PR for WB

Well, over 3000 farkers checked out the recap yesterday. So I sent the webmaster 10 bucks for his beer fund.
I'd like to quote one of the comments:

12-22-01 04:32:34 PM

That was a pretty good review. I'd forgotten how much fun the movie itself was, what with all of the bad Matrix jokes that have gone around. Now I'm going to have to go buy a copy of the movie, and maybe "Revisited" too.

Do you hear that Warner Brothers?
I'm helping to sell your product.
I'd like an invite to the Premire of Reloaded, please.
Thank you.
I'm not joking. I'm officially asking well over a year in advance so if anyone has any pull anywhere, I would very much like to attend.
I'll even be someone's date.

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December 22, 2001
Bass players on Dogstar

For some reason, I found myself over in the forums and did a search on Dogstar. Of course, a simple question "Does Keanu Reeves Play Bass?" decays rapidly into a whinefest of why a successful actor should stick with his day job posts. I did find one that gives Keanu his due, though.

But the cool thing about this is, (bear with me here), he must really feel a desire or drive to play music. I mean, the guy makes more money from a single movie than some of us will see in our lifetimes. Regardless of what I think of his talent, nobody is forcing the movie studios to pay him this much, so somebody feels that he is worth the bucks. Credit where it's due...

I admire the cojones it takes for someone who is so recognizable to leap into a situation where so much of his soul is bared. With a movie, criticism or failure can be attributed to so many variables... with his music, it truly comes down to talent. I've heard much worse music, and so have you


Thank you, Robert.

See, that's the thing. Keanu really loves to play. If you've ever seen him with the band, you can tell. And why shouldn't someone who loves to play be able to? What really annoys me is that these other musicians are assessing his talent on what? The Jay Leno show performance of Cornerstore.
Certainly not Dogstar's best song (why it was chosen as the single from Happy Ending, I'll never know), and certainly not one that showcases the bass line.
It's suprising to see other artists judge a person's talent on a single performance of a single song.

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December 21, 2001
Holy Jeans Batman!

I am always happy to oblige reader requests.
So here's a repost of the original pic from the top of the old blog.
The "jeans pic".

Is sexy, no?

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December 20, 2001
Kinski: Uncut

Kinski Uncut : The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski has been mentioned by Keanu in at least one interview. It's out of print but you can order it used. I just did, as kind of an early present to myself.
I should have done all my shopping online, because it's getting down to the wire and there's still more to do.
I don't like shopping malls, mostly because of the parking lots and the fact that most people drive like idiots. It's not so bad, once I'm amongst the sights of disgruntled elves on a smoke break, the sounds of screaming children chasing each other around Spencer Gifts with fake poop and light sabers, and the smells of CinniBon, Schlotzky's and Orange Julius all blending together in Eau du Food Court.

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December 18, 2001
I wanna Rock....sorta

Oh lord.
Roi has tricked me into playing music again.
I don't know how it happened, one minute we're talking about guitars in general, the next minute I've commited myself to a two hour jam session tomorrow night.
Now, don't get me wrong, I love music. It's just that ever since I got this big box of chips and bytes, I haven't been practicing, and frankly, I suck.
And Roi is a hell of a guy, but he's a stern taskmaster. I expect he'll push me too hard at first tomorrow Then we'll fight. Then he'll say, "Well, you know, N and P are going to be here in an hour to jam with us, are you sure you don't want to go over it some more?"
And of course he'll be right, and we'll end up having a good time.
And he'll use it as leverage next time, damn his scheming!

I haven't played with other people in a VERY long time, but I think what I'm going to do is find inspiration in the bass player for Dogstar.
In a sense.
I'm going to get my Reeves on and try and find that zone .

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December 16, 2001
Email etiquette

I love getting email but please note:

a) I don't know Keanu or anyone in his "circle"
b) I can't get messages to him
c) I don't know if he is online or who he is "really" dating.
d) Keanu is notoriously private and I try and respect that. It's not my thing to speculate on his personal life.
e) Of course, I'm as shocked as you are that he doesn't spend his free time laying about his hotel room, doodling "keanu+krix 4ever" on the back of his Reloaded script in blue glitter gel pen.
f) If you don't get that (e) is a joke, please go away. Thanks.

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December 15, 2001
Joey Ramone?

Would and could Keanu play Joey Ramone?

I think he could, with the right director.
I'm not sure he would, however....

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December 13, 2001
What are you wearing?

If Keanu were in the mood for some phone sex, he could call me up and breathe heavily into the phone,
"What are you wearing?"
And I'd be all, "Black suede stilletto pumps, candy-apple red lipstick and a big pout, baby..."
but I'd be lying because what I am actually wearing is a Manitoba Theatre Centre presents HAMLET starring Keanu Reeves T-SHIRT!!!!
It's my holy grail of shirts and now I actually have one!
Even cooler is the fact that I know it was formerly loved and cared for by another keanuphile and came with a loverly Holiday greeting, a Dogstar newsclipping AND a personal snapshot of Dogstar at The Whiskey circa '94 (in which Bret is quite the studmuffin in long hair and fashionably holey jeans and Reeves is wearing possibly the ugliest shirt ever) !!
THANK YOU 'Tash! Can I call you Tash? I feel like I can since I can smell your laundry!

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Happy Birthday to Bret

Happy Birthday to Bret Domrose

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December 11, 2001
Who Rules?

.....and she KNOWS WHY!


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December 04, 2001
Waiting for Dogstar

It's been too long since the last Dogstar show.

I'm having a severe "Alarming" reaction.
"I Confess" I may be in "Denial" since at least one of the members is away from "America" thereby making it pretty difficult to gig.
I will try and be strong and remember that I've been "Blessed" to see them so many times this year. Of course, that's what makes the withdrawal "Stagger"ingly worse, being "Blown Away" by them in "Your World" makes you realize what you are missing.
I'm telling you, I'm "Slipping Down" hard, I need to see my "Superstar"s someplace other than in "A Dreamtime" soon.


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