Krix watches The Matrix Revisited
Part 4

[Government roof]
Everyone getting ready. Keanu checks his teeth.
Larry W. feels it's going to be good.
"Go with the…" Larry says.
"Flow" Keanu finishes. "You know what flow is backwards?"
Hee! That's very clever.
Nice clip of the '
four kick' and Keanu tells us that even though he trained for four months not to kick someone in the head that now he's being told kick them in the head. "All right," he says, and acts out kicking someone in the head. I think he enjoyed it.
head kicking ensues.
Wo Ping clues us in on Keanu's
perfectionism. This will be a recurring theme throughout Revisited.
After 30 takes, Keanu still wants to keep doing it. Oh baby, that's what I like to hear.
Lots of footage of
gun-grabbing, knife-throwing choreography.
Carrie-Ann tells us that she woke up the morning of the rooftop shoot with pain, and they had to call in the masseuse. That and Advil saved the day, I guess. She tries a few test
thwacks at Larry and is good to go.

"After 30 takes, Keanu still wants to keep
doing it.
Oh baby, that's what I like to hear".

Remember the guy she pegs with the knife? Well, we see him between shots with the hilt rigged to his helmet. It's kind of amusing, as it wags back and forth. Bill Pope and both brothers discuss the "right" way to get a knife in the forehead, or at least the right way to play it to the camera.
Keanu does a scene. W's say "cut". Keanu says "
that sucked" in the same voice he just said "Trinity! Help!" in. The man is so hard on himself. Which is a shame, when there are so many willing web mistresses that he could be hard on instead…::drifts off:: HUH? Oh! Right then, where was I? The Wachowski's make a lot of gun "pakowsh" noises as they plan stuff, I've noticed. Hey, it works. A nice groove starts to play as we see snips and clips of rehearsal and blocking. John Gaeta fills us in on the backup plan for this scene if bullet-time didn't work, and we see a guy who is NOT Keanu trussed up like a marionette doing the backward fall a few times. Gaeta explains that they were concerned that it just wasn't right. THEN they get Keanu in there, and of course the musical motion of his lovely limbs is movie magic. DUH! I could have told them that. They should hire me as a Keanu consultant, or at least a bottled water lackey or something. I work cheap, have a good memory and smell nice.

Anyway, more rehearsal and Keanu goes "Spah! Pa-pow" talking with Andrew. They remind me of a bunch of
little boys making these gun noises.
OK, um…now there's a
sustained Keanu crotch shot as Larry directs Keanu how to flail on the ground after he's been hit. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. cameraman. That's it…oh baby, now turn over...yeah. Rats! We cut before the money shot.
Next, Trinity says "
Dodge this" and we get to see what went into the making of that scene. Stunt agent guy gets jerked back 3 times by some powerful contraption and on #3, I think he cracked his head open because folks swarm in. One is carrying an ice chest. A frosty Fosters for first aid, perhaps? Nope, an ice pack. Everyone claps as he finally stands, I guess living through a
Matrix stunt is quite a feat.

Kym tells us about Trinity's costumes, which I agree, R0X0Red.
Wo Ping says Carrie-Ann is light and daft, I mean DEFT! (Oh Carrie, you know
I love ya!) He designed her movements to be graceful yet strong. And we see the amazing Carrie-Ann at work. I can fully see why she graces millions of guys dreams. Heck, I'd do her. As a second testimonial to "Ain't nuthin' like the real thing, baby" We learn that when Trinity jumps across the rooftops, her stunt double just wasn't right, and Carrie-Ann ended up doing the shot. You go girl.

[Government Lobby]
Bill Pope says that the lobby scene was like a cloud lifting once it was shot and cut. It was then that they felt that The Matrix was unlike anything ever before.
Keanu talks about running with guns. And again, I need to comment on
his hair. It defies logic. He must sleep with a wet ferret on his head or something.
Shots of Keanu running and shooting, then Owen tells us about the set design of the lobby.
Tricky-Tricky with all the wire work and all, of course he did an outstanding job. Kym narrates Keanu flashing us his many big, big guns.
Hey, it's the
Couch of Wachowski(say that 3 times fast). Pillars. Rubble. Trinity's cartwheel jump. Should have been all one shot, had to be broken into two. Wo Ping is annoyed. But hey, it was still, like, one of the coolest moments in the film, right? Damn straight it was. We see Carrie-Ann in practice and she comes down wrong on her ankle. Fucking OUCH is all I can say, I've done that. It's a bitch. She did damn good, given the pressure of one take.
Next up, another one of my favorite moments in the film, Keanu's
quadruple kick. So amazing, It left me speechless and I think you can guess how hard that is.
Well, the quad kick? It don't come easy. Mr. Reeves does it many times. Then he wants to do it again. He wants "
SUPERPERFECT" and I can totally relate. I'm that way with my graphics. (My sentence structure and spelling in a long-ass recap? Not so much. But I fully intend on double-proofreading this before posting….really) AH! But this is about Keanu's compulsive perfectionism, not mine. Someone's arm blots the Reeves brow as Keanu bugs Larry to do one or two more takes.
Couch commentary on perfectionism. Primal Keanu shouting, doing more takes, chasing "
I think it
paid off. They wrap the Government lobby shoot.
Keanu says "Eight days 'til Dojo…"
swear you won't have to wait that long for Part 5.

Next up: Mojo in the Dojo. Coming in Part 5

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