Krix watches The Matrix: Revisited
Part 3


5 important people agree, the move to Oz was a good thing because the Brothers had more freedom without WB looking over their shoulder. Then there's footage of the much talked about Buddhist ceremony. Keanu explains it was an auspicious day.
For the pig that was the main course?…
not so much.

"It's starting to sink in to me that they don't shoot a movie from beginning to end, and frankly I have a newfound
respect for actors because of this"

[The Shooting Begins]
Day one, everyone's stoked. New facility, undaunted enthusiasm.
the wee diskies in my true luv's neck haven't fused yet, so shooting is rescheduled fight-heavy on the back-end of the shoot, lighter scenes first while Keanu continues to heal. I would have hated to be the one that told Keanu he couldn't fight.
Thomas Anderson Fed-Ex scene. Kym tells us about choosing appropriate geekwear.
In preparation for the scene the Bros meet
Mr. Steady Cam. They act out the scene with Andrew as Neo and Larry as the camera man.
If not for his flannel shirt, I'm guessing we would have gotten a nice eyeful of Wachowski plumber's crack as Andrew crouches and scampers toward the corner office.

[Car Ride to the Oracle]

OK, I would never have guessed that they used rear-screen projection for the "real world" outside the car. That's freaking brilliant, Bill Pope. You are forgiven for the whole rocket refusal. Keanu says that that was the first day he got to work with Laurence. It's starting to sink in to me that they don't shoot a movie from beginning to end, and frankly, I have a newfound respect for actors because of this.

[Woman in Red]

Kym Barret reminds us how great Laurence is. I agree, he is a perfect Morpheus. And the
cool shades? Yeah, he dug them too.
Then my brain tries to wrap around seeing Morpheus speak like an Aussie. Keanu acts silly in front of a whole lot of extras and Kym tells us about the casting of twins for a "
deja-vu" effect in the agent training program. Keanu being really funny again with Larry W. I never realized what a spaz he can be. It's endearing of course.
John Gaeta tells us how the freeze was accomplished in that scene. Man, this movie was
a lot of work.

[The Interrogation Room.]
Wow, those are some happy agents! They must have just gotten new earpiece warmers.
Keanu gives Hugo props for Agent Smith and I agree. And now that I've actually heard Hugo talk, Smith is just that much
And I hate to be the one to say it, but Yeah, Larry he does sound a bit like you.
Fire me.
Keanu clues us in on Thomas Anderson's 'tude toward the agents in this scene. And he says "
Fuck you" twice. I don't know why but that gets me all giddy. You bad bad boy…OH! The scene, Keanu and Larry do a nice little deconstruction of "giving the finger" here.
Some blocking is worked out and one of the agents mimes taking a whiz on Larry W. I don't think that made the final.
Once Keanu's mouth was sealed for the scene it was like that for five hours. He ends up resorting to pen and paper to communicate. We see the struggle complete with
Wide-open shirt!Keanu thrown on the table.
Keanu claims it was a "
fun day".

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