Krix watches The Matrix Revisited
Part 6

[The Neb]
Keanu says everyone was very excited on that first day of the Nebuchadnezzar shoot. Carrie-Ann agrees but says it was also sad because they had to say goodbye to Wo Ping Clan.
Larry, on the couch, says the Neb was "crawling with Geof Darrow". It's this organic, industrially, gadgety jungle full of cables and everything. Kind of like my desk. Joel Silver says something insightful to appear like he knew what was going on with this movie the whole time. Geof Darrow affectionately refers to the Neb as "Her". His voice is
so nice, he reminds me of one of those guys on "The Victory Garden" This autumn's crop? HUMAN BABIES!
Keanu is on a roll. Talking about the Neb, talking about the red and blue wires, arteries and veins. He then gets all tongue-tied on the word "
marriage" in the phrase "The marriage of machine and man". Nothing Freudian about that though, no-siree, Nuh-uh.
Larry explains the
Matrix code to Keanu in between scenes. Raindrops on a screen. I have the screensaver and It's very relaxing, in an evil
machine code sorta way.
Keanu says he loves the chairs and I think, yeah, I'd
love to love you in one of those chairs. I apologize for that, I really do. It was as crude as a needle in the back of the head and I should have more decorum. I'm so ashamed, a truly bad, bad girl.
Right then,

"Keanu says he loves the chairs and I think, 'Yeah, I'd love to love you in one of those chairs.'"

Laurence tells us the masculine side of Morpheus is shown in the Matrix and his feminine side is evident in the Neb. I'd never seen it that way before. Now that he explains it, I will forever be picturing him in something pink and lacy under those natty real world clothes. Thanks Laurence.
As the heat turns up during Trinity and Neo's kiss at the end of the movie, an actual
FIRE starts in one of the aforementioned chairs. Everyone is remarkably calm. Carrie-Ann says that Trinity, too, feels more feminine in the Neb scenes. I truly hope Keanu will not have a similar epiphany.
In this scene, we find the part of the Sentinel is played by an aluminum chair, and then by a big gray beach ball. It's not scary, but Carrie-Ann screams at it, anyway. Next, Keanu is questioning Larry.
"So if I don't open my eyes, how does she know I'm back?"
"She's connected to you,
deeply. We want to see your eyes open after, in darkness"
"So is it 'Now' and then she pulls the plug? How does she know I'm back?"
"She knows." Says Larry.
"Is there any indication on the phone? How does she know?"
This whole conversation is very funny to me, and I'm pretty sure Keanu is just
messing with Larry's head.
Then they shoot the scene, and Neo's eyes stay shut until they are supposed to open and it's a perfect take. They don't show that. I just

Quick segue into a ewwwww, headless animatronic baby. Andrew cringes at the camera and Bill Pope goes on record as it being "pretty disgusting".
[The Power Plant]
Have I mentioned that Geof Darrow draws like a madman? We see some of his initial sketches as evidence. And Geof himself explains the look of the power plant. Very dirty and used, none of that stainless steel crap.

Then, Owen talks about the pod.  We see a shivering stunt guy in a jockstrap testing it out. Poor Darko (who, by the way, is the same guy that was almost killed by the hydraulic jerky thing). I guess they finally figured out that they should heat the goo before Keanu got in. And get in he does, nekkid, baby smooth Keanu covered in slippy, slippy goo! I really don't need to tell you where that takes me, do I? I thought not.
Moving on, Reeves lost another
15 pounds for the pod sequence.
shaved EVERYTHING! He says that one of the after effects of shaving his eyebrows was that people would look away when they talked to him. My ex used to do it just to be strange and shocking. You get used to it. I personally think I would be even more intrigued with his face, in person, without the distraction of hair, but I'm kind of a weirdo.

We see the shooting of the pod "flushing", so to speak, and then Neo coming out of the hole in the wall. The caption says "Last day of filming". They wrapped at 1:01 in the morning, which was Neo's number as Owen points out. The champagne flows. Carrie-Ann says it was painful when it ended. Laurence talks about ending the shoot that never ends, Owen says "You die a little bit every time you finish a film, you leave so much behind." And that makes me rather sad. Only for a moment, though, because this
ISN'T the end of
Revisited , which means there's still more recapping to do.

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