May 31, 2006
K in Cannes


Keanu was recently in Cannes with A Scanner Darkly, which screened in the Un Certain Regard category. I'm not sure what that means....but has some of the Q&A press conference with the cast and director, Richard Linklater.

Reviews? Mixed.
The Times UK gives the film 4 of 5 stars but The Hollywood Reporter...not so much.

More pics from Cannes here at KeanuWeb.

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May 30, 2006

Is anyone doing the Scanner Darkly Trailer remix thing at Jumpcut/

The Vibemerchants have a perfect song for an ASD trailer called Baby Blue, but the recording I have is way too muddy. Rats.

I tried another using our song Wankers Away, which is better, but because I have no idea what I'm doing and only edited with Jumpcut (instead of being able to slice up the trailer further and truly mix it up) it's pretty lame and I haven't published it. I'll post it if and when I do.

So, where are your remixes?

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May 10, 2006
Brown M&M's? No Problem!

Keanu's gigging days are behind him (*sniffle*), but check out Dogstar's production rider from (via defamer)

It doesn't look too terribly demanding, considering it was for the whole band and crew. I'll bet I know who that Cabernet is for, though.

I wonder why they needed that many towels?

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