November 01, 2005
A Screening Darkly

There was a screening of A Scanner Darkly in Houston recently and AICN has some reviews. (via KeanuWeb)

Here's a tidbit from the first one, I can't tell if it's snark or a compliment...

"Every performer gives us a memorable character, which is especially challenging for Keanu Reeves. His buddha-like enlightened, serene, and somewhat stoic Neo style is in full effect, however instead of enlightenment we get disillusion. Instead of bliss we get despair. The damn guy can be like a Rorsharch test sometimes, and if any role in all of geekdom calls for it, Bob Arctor aka Fred is certainly it."

The second reviewer has no love for our guy (and apparently some sort of fear of apostrophes), so, you know, fuck him with a copy of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Well.

I really enjoyed the details on the animation style in the first review along with the commentary on the intelligence of the film. That kind of enthusiasm for a rough cut/unfinished product sounds really promising.

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I'd also like to wish the Pic-of-the Day club a Happy 10-year Anniversary! The club has been a part of my Keanu fandom since I came online and the pictures have inspired me more than you can imagine. I'm thankful for everything Romeo and Margarete has put into it over the years. *Hand to Heart* Cheers!

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