April 30, 2003

there was a glitch in my matrix

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April 29, 2003
new becky band pics

official becky band pics

...the becky website has been updated to include some photos of the band.

NOTE: This entry has been updated to reflect the new site www.beckyband.com

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April 28, 2003
some might say I'm a sucker for marketing

the bare necessities

I just say I get very thirsty sometimes.

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by the way

I'm having work for lunch with a side dish of spoiler-shyness today, so please to be perusing the E X C E L L E N T links in the sidebar for the knowledge that you seek.


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so charming!

Keanu-themed Bracelet

The lovely Rhonda sent along this picture of the Keanu-themed charm bracelet she ordered from Beady-eyed Designs (the site I mentioned in this entry).

I think it turned out great!

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April 27, 2003
April 26, 2003
virtual keanu

Where does the actor end and the code begin?
If you read the WIRED article*, you know about the groundbreaking processes and techniques that were used to create realistic CGI "clones" in order to create the no-boundries camera work in the fight sequences in the upcoming Matrix films.

Thanks to Wrygrass, who scanned and sent out an article from Popular Science magazine with a look at this:

*Warning: the below might shatter a bit of the mystique - read at your own risk.

click for larger view

Popular Science May 2003
Science of Cinema
Sit back while The Matrix Reloaded boots up the next generation of virtual filmmaking.

Perhaps the only thing more outlandish than the rumored $300 million budget fueling the wildly anticipated Matrix sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, is the films' new jaw-dropping visual effects wizardry. When Reloaded opens in theaters on May 15, viewers will spy the most realistic computer-generated faces ever made, claims visual effects supervisor George Borshukov. His team at Esc Entertainment in Alameda, California, has spent the past three years designing digital mugs that precisely mimic the faces of Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving, the sequel's stars.

"Creating a believable synthetic face is the ultimate challenge in computer graphics," says Borshukov. That's because humans are trained from birth to make and recognize more than 10,000 complex facial expressions, most of them too subtle to be accurately simulated in standard computer-generated renderings.

To create photo-realistic digital copies of the actors' faces, Esc had to first invent an ultraprecise facial mapping technique, dubbed "universal capture." Unlike standard motion capture techniques, in which a camera records facial movements by tracking painted-on dots, universal capture uses five Sony CineAlta high-definition digital cameras arrayed around a live, line-reading actor. The cameras zoom in and track minute facial imperfections, like pores or whiskers. The 3-D information then streams from the cameras (at about one gigabyte per second) into a proprietary suite of computer programs that extract the actors' facial expressions, stretch virtual skin and grow synthetic hair. The results are impressive: In an epic fight scene, 100 clones of the trilogy's main villain, Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) battle Matrix hero Neo (Keanu Reeves). Whose face is real is anyone's guess. "I'll be curious to see how many people realize that some faces in the movie are 100 percent computer generated," says Borshukov. "It's going to be a very interesting psychological experiment for the audience." -Nicole Dyer


Yes, it is a bit of a psychological experiment. When I saw this photo under the diagram in the article , I realized that it was most likely a "virtual Neo" that was making me all creamy inside when I got my first glimpse of it in the Superbowl trailer.
How do I feel about that?
I'm going to have to embrace the ideal that these CGI characters are not replacing the actors, only enhancing the way their performances are caught on film. I'm willing to bet that some fucknugget will bitch about "it's not really Keanu" doing all that fighting, but to that I'd say that it really doesn't matter, because this is a movie, not a showcase for Keanu's (or anyone elses) fighting skills and the whole film is what it's about. The Matrix is about breaking those physical rules. If the Matrix were to be limited by what it was physically possible for a camera to do around an actor, that same fucknugget would be bitching that the fights were "lame".
I'm sure that whatever a human actor was caple of? Keanu went there. And he went there with a passion.
Besides, Neo is more than a fighting machine. Much more.
While Keanu brings the physical dedication required for the role, he also brings the acting skills.
I will always feel that no one else could have played this role. Not like he has.

On another note, I'm completely turned on and geeked out by the fact that somewhere there are banks of computers storing every nuance of his face.

*Speaking of the WIRED article, the author-Steve Silberman- took the time to leave several really great comments on my earlier entry. I [heart] Steve.

~~ 2:19 PM
I will restore commments in a bit.
~~~3:08 PM
OK, comment feature is restored with a clean slate.
Thank you Tyler for calling me and being understanding.--krix

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April 25, 2003

sweaty, we still love him


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April 24, 2003
go there

Club-Keanu reports that Keanu will be appearing on Leno on May 8th, so pick up a blank tape this week. Some other links to be found at the Club as well, so go check them out.

Miho has a great picture of Keanu and Carrie-Ann from a Japanese magazine in her updated Gallery over at 999.squares.net

And as always, look to The Last Free City and Matrix Fans for news and hype leading up to May 15.

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traffic hazard

Matrix Billboard.

Quite groovy of Fran to take and post the pic.

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pick one

baby blue

Cant decide?
Then pick this one.

click here for the rainbow

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April 23, 2003

From CNN (and reported at various other sources):

"Appearing out of competition is the much-awaited sequel "The Matrix: Reloaded" by American brothers Andy and Larry Wachowski. Organizers said its entire cast, including Keanu Reeves, will travel to Cannes."


"This year is starting to look like one big movie-geek's wet dream as more and more films are doing bigger, cooler things to grab people's attention and with today's announcement that IMAX is going to be showing The Matrix sequels in their special big-screen, big-sound theatres, it's not hard to believe that this really is the year of The Matrix."

Read that article here at The Gate.

(I've checked for confirmation of this one, but can't find any mention of either the Matrix at IMAX.com or IMAX at WhatistheMatrix.com's breaking news. Hopefully it's true, though.)

There's an article in USAToday, and I was quite excited to see Keanu get much deserved props as a stud in an Australian paper, but apparently they were talking about something else.

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I know kung-foo

Taking inspiration from Mr. Reeves, I have been practicing certain disciplines in secret. It looks like I've been found out, though...

actually this is complete and utter spam

That's right.
Fear my mad martial art skills.....

Shoe-jitsu: I recently bought 5 pairs of great shoes for under sixty dollars total. Including a ladies' version of "the world's coolest sneakers" (according to William Gibson) in white.

Thai-kwan-do: With this art, I can seek out the best Pad Thai in a fifteen mile radius, and get them to deliver.

Drunken Bloxing: Comes in handy after particularly embarassing IM sessions during which too much wine is consumed.

Kung-Flu: Don't you dare sneeze on me, or I shall deflect it and use your own lung-oysters against you.

The Art of the Ninja-haha: Those times when you giggle uncontrollably at the most inappropriate moment? That was me. You didn't even see me, did you?


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VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): One of my early astrology teachers, Isabel Hickey, had a favorite saying: "Before you can give yourself away, you have to have a self to give." This should be your seed meditation for the foreseeable future, Virgo. I am not implying that you don't have a self. But you do have a lot of work to do to define and strengthen your sense of who you are. In the coming weeks, I'd love you to visualize a flame in your heart growing steadily bigger and brighter and hotter.

As always, from freewillastrology.com

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April 22, 2003

The international posters for Reloaded are now up at the official site

click to go to the official site

Go look!

The Smith one is extremely cool.

(via matrixfans.net)

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Help Kat

help kat if you can, please

click here

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I just caught a brief glimpse of Keanu on a Today Show segment. Just junket-style footage hyping the film along with Carrie-Ann and a lot of preview clips we have seen before.
But his voice. I love hearing his voice when I don't expect it.
He must have been tired because it was even lower than usual.
I could wax poetic about the effects his voice has on me....but I have to get a move on this morning (yet another dentist appt.)....

So you tell me, what is it about that voice of his?

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April 21, 2003
If I could only make it up to you....

from Wired

Not not only did I completely drop the ball by not linking the Wired article on J-Gae and the Matrix, but I get blogger demerits for slacking because I missed the Metafilter thread on the article, which you should check out, because Steve Silberman (the article author) is a MeFi user and actually particpates in the discussion.

"In person, Gaeta was very bright, forthcoming, and friendly, albeit with the personality quirks that I described in the article. (I'm in favor of personality quirks.) He didn't come off like a corporate lackey at all, but more like a very sharp geeky guy who has been able to make a living doing what excites him most."

Gosh, I love the internet.

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Imagine me doing a Conor O'Neill impression

"Tickets. Who needs tickets?" ::jacket flash::

Well, the comments below caused me to panic and make sure I could get advance tickets to Reloaded.

I looked the movie up on Fandango and it looks like I'll be able to get tickets to the 10 am showing at the theater just down the street.

I've never used Fandango, but I guess it beats standing in line, though.
On the other hand, it might be fun to bond with any other Matrix freaks here in the area.

So check your zip code on Fandango. Are there any other services to buy tickets through? I'm not sure. You have just over three weeks to figure it out or call your local bijou to secure your own seats, so don't blow it.

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so monday

It really feels like a Monday today.

Here's some news:

Buzz is continuing to build around the two "Matrix" sequels, which star Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Jada Pinkett Smith. So is talk of back-office bickering between Warner Bros. and filmmaking brothers Andy and Larry Wachowski.

Studio President Alan Horn is said to have clashed with the writing-directing duo over their stubborn devotion to hardcore fans of their sci-fi fantasy films.

Let's start with the ratings. Warner Bros. execs are hoping for a PG-13, but graphic fight sequences caused the MPAA to slap the first sequel, "The Matrix Reloaded," with an R.

"Alan Horn blames the brothers for not budging on the head-kicking scenes," a source tells us. "He also thinks they didn't lobby the MPAA hard enough."

Then there's the release dates. "Reloaded" comes out May 15. The studio wants No. 3, "The Matrix Revolutions" to hit theaters in November or December. The Wachowskis want it released in July, we hear.

"The brothers wanted to give the fans a one-two punch," says our insider. "They figured it would be a year dominated by 'The Matrix' - followed by a triple DVD anthology released at Christmas."

The Wachowskis also are said to be fighting to get a "Revolutions" trailer screened at the end of "Reloaded."

"They want it to follow the credits, which run about nine minutes," says the insider. "The Warners execs say nobody's going to wait nine minutes to see it."

To get their way, the Wachowskis are said to be resorting to a work slowdown.

"The brothers are taking their time putting in all the special effects," says our spy. "They're trying to make the Warner Bros. people sweat" the "Revolutions" deadline.

A Warner spokeswoman insists all this tension is fiction.

"They're working overtime to get it done on time," says the rep.

You go, Brothers W.

I, for one, would certainly sit through the credits to see a Revolutions trailer (though I usually sit through credits of movies I like anyway).
What the fuck? Warner Brothers didn't have any problem with attaching Final Flight of the Osiris that that Stephen King shitweasel movie (which I saw this weekend by the way.....FFotO? Brilliant. Dreamcatcher? feh). I think they owe us Matrix fans.

Thank god the Brothers W. know that.

How cool is it that they want to release Revolutions in July?


Not that it will happen, but still.

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April 20, 2003
Hippity hop

happy easter

Who needs marshmallow chickens?
The bunny left Keanu dreams under my pillow last night....

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April 19, 2003
Just saying Hi


Totally busy.

Just saying Hi.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


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April 18, 2003
GQ wallpaper? Sure!

click for wallpaper

This is an extremely collaborative effort.
Of course, the original cleaned-up scan is thanks to Elsinore.

Then there was some fine tuning under the scrutiny of ~L.
(She's the one that pinned it down. I knew something was "off" but figured it was just the unfamiliarity of the bangs)
You see, we think there may have been just too much eyebrow.
Maybe it was a trick of the lighting, maybe it was done in touch-up.
Maybe the stylist just got overzealous.
Hell, I'd use any excuse to touch his face for as long as possible....
Who knows? Whatever they did to him, she fixed it.
And that was the picture I used for this wallpaper.

Of course, the quote is part of the GQ article.

I'm only going to be making 1024x768 sizes from now on to save on space. I have faith that y'all can figure out how to re-size as needed.

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G240 at window 13

This morning's outing to the Department of Motor Vehicles was actually pretty painless, aside from the check I had to write. I passed the time reading Taking the Red Pill and harassing Scott long distance.

And with my new DOGSTAR plates pretty much feel like the grooviest chick in town.

Honk if you love Happy Endings!

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The crack of dawn

Nelson in the morning

It's ungodly early, I know....but I have to go to the DMV.
I'll let you know how that works out.

There better not be some crazy bitch sitting on my car when I come out.

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April 17, 2003
All Hail Elsinore!

fear her mad photoshop skills!!!

She's so fabulous for sending out not only the GQ cover in a nice hi-res format, but for also sending this cleaned up version (only bigger) and a wallpaper of the sexy boy with bangs as well!

Want them and more deliciously delivered daily?

Then join The Daily Thud, you vixens!

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Vanity is my Favorite Sin

It's been a fabulous week.

In my mailbox this evening the notice that I can pick up my vanity plates tomorrow.

and the winner is.....

Station says WOOF!

My first choice
I'm so pleased, as my neighbor-alerting squeals at the mailbox will testify to.

Now all I need is a DAMN CONCERT to drive to.

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Charmed, I'm sure...

Skits points out this nifty site where you can build-your-own charm bracelet.

What a fun idea. I'm trying to figure out the charms to choose for a Keanu-themed bracelet.

Let's see...

-the praying hands, for that gesture he does that I love so much
-wine bottle , because he's a connosiuer
-hockey player or surfer? maybe one of each
-movie camera or movie ticket stub
-maybe a computer and red and blue beads for red and blue pills

There are two pages of charms with some picture examples.

Any ideas?

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If I have an aneurysm tonight, it’s out of gratitude
"I didn't suffer. Yeah, there's bruising and blood and kicks and concussions and you can't sleep because your legs ache and you cry when you're stretching and you're in ice baths and you're lonely and you miss your friends and your family and you're trying to keep it together and you're trying to live and fight and create for the next day. It's like going out to sea, man, you dont know where you are or how you are, but you want to keep going, you want to be alive." ~Keanu Reeves


I feel so many things when I read in the Premiere article about how hard Keanu and the rest of the cast worked on Reloaded/Revolutions. Then I read what Carrie-Ann Moss says about training here and this interview from Lachy Hulme - Movie Hole 4/03

What were some of the hardest sequences in the film...was anyone hurt?

"Every scene was the hardest scene to film. You have no idea the level of mental and physical endurance required to sustain yourself in a project like this. From my point of view, it was the mental challenge of keeping six-hundred pages of script in my head -- meaning all the videogame stuff, plus the scripts for the two movies, even the stuff I wasn't in. I became kind of like the "encyclopedia" for some of the other cast members, because I memorized all this stuff. Shows you what kind of life I have, right? Too much time on my hands. But the physical stuff, the fighting and the action, that wasn't my problem. For that, you're talking about guys like Keanu and Hugo, and Fish and Carrie-Anne. Those guys busted their collective asses for two-and-a-half years! I mean, I can remember days when we were shooting in San Francisco, and I'd be putting my feet up having a grand ol' time making the videogame, and then you'd see Keanu getting carried -- literally carried -- to a little kiddies wading pool that they'd filled with ice. He'd lie down in it and they'd smother him in more ice, the poor bastard was so wrecked from the fight scenes he was shooting. And believe me, Keanu Reeves is no wimp. He's a big guy, he was in great shape. But smashing the shit out of one hundred Agent Smith's day-in day-out can take its toll, I guess."

First, I'm impressed.
Impressed that Keanu and the rest of this cast gave these films everything they had, for such an amount of time.

But I'm also grateful.
Even though he'll never read this, I just want to say "thank you" to Keanu.
Thank you for being so committed to the vision of the brothers, and to the character of Neo. Thank you for working so hard to make things "superperfect" for us, the audience... the fans.

Thank you for working through the pain.

Thank you for being who you are.

I'm so proud and grateful to be a fan of yours, Mr. Reeves.

Thank you for everything.

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April 16, 2003
Not that I ever win anything anyway

I just realized that there's NO WAY I can enter the Zap2It Matrix Premiere contest because there is no way I could choose one person to take with me.

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Why yes, I am a little obsessed with the picture of him in a box....

But all bondage connotations aside....here's Keanu's horoscope this week from freewillastrology.com...

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): "What if you stumbled on a person living in the dark, starved, chained, drugged and poisoned?" asks futurist Jay Gary. "You'd turn on the light, unlock his chains and nourish him back to health. That poor soul is the human imagination -- yours and mine." I agree with Gary's assessment. Our imaginations are in bad shape, numbed by the media's nonstop onslaught of fear-provoking, spin-doctored, soul-killing "information." The situation is tragic. Imagination is not just a playful capacity we call on when we're making art, after all. It's our ability to form mental pictures of things that don't exist yet; it's what we use to shape our future. But here's some good news, Virgo: You now have special power to rehabilitate and reinvigorate your imagination. Get in there and turn on the light, unlock the chains, and nourish it back to health.

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GQ scans

Club-Keanu's got the goodies.

media spot | from inside the mind of krix at 12:06 PM | comments (9)
Everywhere I go

...is the mocking grin of Bernie Mac.

I'm so bummed I'm trying to do myself in with grocery store sushi.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at 11:38 AM | comments (6)
April 15, 2003
My freakdom for this magazine!!!!

edited from one of the grabs, thanks Zion!

Great googly-moogly. Thanks to Chianti!
If you go to this thread over at Reeves Drive's MB you can get an idea of the GQ pictures from screen grabs from the Access Hollywood spot.


Just go. GO!

Oh lord. If I can get some clean versions of these pics I may do a bit of a blog redesign. I neeeeed that one of him in the box.

...and the Bangs. BANGS!

(yes, I've lost my mind)

I need ice.

----Oh, Jena procured copies at someplace called "Hastings", which we don't have here in Vegas. But if you do, you might call and see.

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Reloaded cast portrait

like prom, only not

This gorgeous pic was published in a Tokyo magazine.
Go to 999.Squares (Miho's site) for the big version and more info.

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at 08:59 AM | comments (5)
Gee Cute

Mr. Reeves is May's GQ cover boy. I haven't seen the issue yet, but my lovely friend tess typed up the article. Here's a small portion of it:

Sitting in the bar part of the restaurant on New York's Upper West Side, Reeves pulls his long arms around himself protectively, draped them loosely in his lap. He's wearing a black jacket that's layered over a black shirt that's layered over yet another black shirt. He smokes a cigarette and takes a sip of red wine. His legs are crossed at the thigh. He's tall - a more looming figure in the corner of a bar than I'd expected him to be; given his typically kinetic and boyish screen presence. In person he is preposterously handsome.

When I tell him we'd actually met fourteen years ago in the Berkshires, at the cast party for a production of The Tempest in which he'd played Trinculo, he unfolds a bit. Bill & Ted's had made him a star, and I remember how Ted-like he was at the time: amiable, with stringy hair, swigging on a pint of something, a renowned terror on his motorcycle. "Yes, yes" Reeves recalls. "I had a 750 GSXR-my first sport bike. It was lovely. There was a great winding road from the theater to the house, and one day I ran into a police block. Two patrol cars and however many patrolmen basically saying "Cease and desist" going so quickly. It was beyond ticketing: Over the course of the weeks I'd built up a reputation, so it was a community kind of thing, asking the police to tell me to calm down a little bit." He smiles to himself. "I was enjoying the countryside."

Telling me this, Reeves sounds as stagily debonair as Bruce Wayne, as if he should be wearing an ascot and saying, "But I've put away childish things" 0 when in fact he hasn't at all. Even now, Reeves is said to enjoy the occasional night ride with his headlight off. He has an artful array of scars - a squiggle on his leg, a snake on his abdomen, a bald spot above his lip - that attest to periodic lapses in judgment (although he's never had a spill that necessitated the removal of his spleen, a subject of some dispute in sundry Keanuana). "I'm a very safe, conservative motorcycle operator" Reeves offers. "Especially when there's a full moon and you're in the (Hollywood) Hills and it's summery. Never. Never would I do that' - ride with the headlight off. Again, the private smile.

I have to look for a copy on my way to work. Geez, I wish I had a scanner!
Hopefully someone will get some scans out today.

Oh, and Access Hollywood is going to have a spot on it tonight. (thanks Jo)

I don't know if this is at the stands or not, actually. Tess had it given to her by someone, but she said there wasn't a mailing label on it. So please call the store before you abandon your job to go get it!

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April 14, 2003
More feeling of the love...

Skits SO ROCKS! Go look at the awesome greeting she made on her blog!!!

I LUFF it.

Also, I have to share the brilliance that is Julie from the comments:

"Ode to Krix"

"Ahem.. 'do re miiiii'

Krix, 'oh' Krix
There's not a 'bad mood' that your blog can't fix
You've created a heaven for Keanu-craving chicks
Who aren't satisfied with just watching some flicks
Or reading gossip from blood-sucking journalist 'ticks'
(Those who rely on impolite 'stalking trashcan-tactics)
You're defending his rights like a female Malcolm (i)X
Against the jealous comments from impotent movie-critics
And give 'the people' their daily dose of Reeves-related kicks
With the aid of SIMS, ass-grabs and pretty photoshop-tricks!
Yes, my computer-screen recieved many affectionate 'licks'
When you once again added those beautiful Keanu-pics!
Threw in some Kiefer Sutherland ones in a tantalising mix
And carefully studied the direction of their di... (censored)
So here's my message for today and I hope it sticks
I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my...
Ehm.. eh... cervix!

PS; I know the last part sounds gross, but 'heart' didn't rhyme! :-)"

I'm blown away, girls.
These are the greatest!

~~~more love~
Keanuette sends Neo bearing flowers and candy, SWEET!

tribe | from inside the mind of krix at 02:47 PM | comments (9)
So Beautiful

by Maribel

Thank you to the wonderfully talented Maribel who sent me this beautiful drawing.

::hand to heart::

Just stunning.

tribe | from inside the mind of krix at 02:11 PM | comments (6)
It's also my birthday

Keanu, making out my card which was evidently lost in the mail....AGAIN

Googlism for April 14 (idea blatantly pilfered from Julie)

april 14 is the 104th day of the year in the gregorian calendar
april 14 is the "minden mudfest" a wvmba sanctioned point series single track race
april 14 is date #1
april 14 is reproduced below
april 14 is the day when women who didn't have anyone to give chocolates to on Valentine's Day and when men who didn't give any gifts to women on White Day meet and share their loneliness.
april 14 is still fresh in your memory
april 14 is the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic
april 14 is youth day in angola
april 14 is the deadline to register for kayaking
april 14 is called a station
april 14 is $10
april 14 is the last cwf bake sale until fall
april 14 is "nao day" which means the day after songkran day
april 14 is deadline for public responses
april 14 is earth day nasa will deploy the first major satellite in a program to check the health of planet earth and understand the complex interactions
april 14 is earth day
april 14 is carnival
april 14 is $159
april 14 is the last day of the ski season
april 14 is set for any pending defense motions
april 14 is the first date for the golf league
april 14 is camp sunday
april 14 is canceled
april 14 is a premiere screening of "barak"
april 14 is graduate recognition week
april 14 is the date for fredericksburg's annual retelling of how the easter rabbit lit and tended hillside fires to boil traditional eggs
april 14 is american student dental association day
april 14 is the day before the ides of april
april 14 is the opportunity for one enthusiastic bidder to obtain a coveted seat
april 14 is the deadline for nominations for two of the college's top undergraduate awards
april 14 is also election day for the primary runoffs
april 14 is being rescheduled
april 14 is now

Thank you to everyone for your wishes in the comments!
I'm feelin' the love...

Thank you Ann for the lovely card :)

And thanks to Kat, Jazz and LillyAnne for the wishes on their blogs.
(If I miss anyone's blogged greetings, please ping me! I love a good ping.)

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at 12:01 AM | comments (42)
April 13, 2003
entertainment? weakly.

You can go check out some Reloaded pics (and their inane captions)at this Entertainment Weekly "only on AOL" feature .

There's also some Keanu pics and bio there.

media spot | from inside the mind of krix at 08:44 PM | comments (3)

today is nap day

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at 11:15 AM
April 12, 2003
consumer information

The new Matrix Powerade smells just like NyQuil, but actually tastes pretty good.

I found them on sale at Smith's.

Heh, Smith's...get it?

OK, maybe I should have had coffee this morning.

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April 11, 2003

Yeah, I watched the trailer. I'm weak!
I lasted what, 24 hours? Jeez, I've held out on chocolate and sex longer.
Much longer...*cough cough cough*

SO WORTH IT. (and really not spoilery at all)

I need him

"I need you."

Can someone make me a .wav of that? I want to change every system sound I have to it.

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running a mock

don't look for this on the stands

This week, I got to do the Daily Dogstar pics for the DogstarFans eGroup, so I did a couple of mock magazine covers featuring the boys of Dogstar.

I thought this one turned out really good so I thought I'd share it here as well.

And here's Bret's [click for pop-up pic] and Rob's [ditto]

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assiduous \uh-SIJ-oo-uhs\, adjective:
1. Constant in application or attention; devoted; attentive.
2. Performed with constant diligence or attention;
unremitting; persistent; as, "assiduous labor."

Martin's tuckus, thanks to tess

Really, no labor involved...I love my Ass Friday job.

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April 10, 2003
So, this "trailer"....it vibrates, yes?

Oi, I'm really torn over possibly spoiling myself with this new Matrix Reloaded trailer.

I've been very good and haven't even looked at any captures that Chicks has yet.

And I thought I had found something to distract me.
I thought I found the one thing that would trump a new Matrix trailer.

And that would be.....


come on! it's Kiefer! NAKED!

But then Chianti taunts me in the comments about skin on skin.

My God.

I'm so vexed.

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Premiere Poster Contest

one of the covers

Premiere Magazine is having a poster contest that involves getting clues off of the four special edition covers and figuring out a secret code.

Oooooh, how fun.

...from looking at the clues, I'm thinking you need to look near the "most powerful people" banner in that bar code looking stuff around it for some initials.

Or maybe near the price, because of the "on the money" clue.

But that's just me guessing, I haven't even seen a cover up close yet.

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matrixy babble

OK, I'm really hoping pleased that the new trailer will be available on the official site by this weekend, because I much prefer downloading a file to tuning into Access Hollywood (tonight) or ::ugh:: arena football (this weekend)....

from thematrix.com

Launch dates:
Sooner than Friday in London; before Saturday in New York; way before Sunday in Sydney; significantly earlier than Monday in Tokyo. The rest of the world: between now and Tokyo.

What? Haha, those funny matrix web guys. (I'm still wondering who "steve" is. He's in the "alt" tags for a bunch of the animatrixesises .gifs. They think we don't notice that stuff, but they are oh-so-very wrong. Of course, it could just be the matrix messing with me. Excuse me while I adjust my tinfoil hat)


I hear it might be shown in the previews with Anger Management this weekend, which Roi wants to see, so maybe I'll catch it there. I'm not a huge Sandler fan, but there sure is something appealing about watching Jack beating the crap out of him for two hours.

Speaking of film lengths, Reloaded is going to be two hours and eighteen minutes long.

There's a Coca-Cola plant right down the street from me, I'm thinking I might storm the place looking for Matrix Powerade.

I wonder if it tastes like kung-fu?

OK, I guess the trailer has aired on a UK morning show and Dark Horizons has a description (thanks Jena!)
I think I'm going to try and avoid the trailer altogether, for spoilerish reasons.
I mean, now is the time when they turn it up a notch to entice the masses to go see this film so they are going to be revealing more.
Frankly I don't need the taunting. I can work myself into a Reloaded frenzy on my own.

I totally caved.

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April 09, 2003
Big Love, Tiny Phone

mr. wizard! get me the hell outta here!

Oooooh, I want to say THANK YOU to Tyler for the spiffy card I got from her today.
It has an itty-bitty cell phone charm on it!

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But I'm totally ready to meet someone at the state line to kill two birds....

Ok, this is such a cute idea.

I'd play, but I couldn't get kissed if I disguised myself as a CPR dummy and laid on the floor in a room full of Eagle Scouts.

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Brezsny biz

First off, here are some gems from Brezsny in Taurus' scope this week, they're so clever I had to share. They'd make good sig quotes or something....

"Don't follow me; I'm following my bliss."

"I'm not tense -- just terribly, terribly alert."

"I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it."

"I'm talking to myself -- please don't eavesdrop."

"Don't worry -- it only seems kinky the first time."

"Warning: I have an Attitude and I know how to use it."

And Keanu's horoscope this week:

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Famed TV producer Sherwood Schwartz had a hand in making more than 700 TV shows, and he co-authored theme songs for the sitcoms "Gilligan's Island" and "The Brady Bunch." Every year he collects about $60,000 in royalties for those tunes, written so many years ago. I'd like to alert you, Virgo, to the fact that you're now in a phase similar to the one Schwartz was in when he got inspired to compose those long-term money-makers. It's time to create a legacy for yourself.

I think Keanu's got that legacy thing pretty much covered.
Wonder how he feels about that....

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Premiere article

Very Big Love to Jena, for typing up the Premiere article.
A portion of it is below, spoilery only for purists...

Premiere Magazine

Keanu Reeves is primal-screaming. Standing at the bottom of a crater set some 20 feet deep - all that remains of a sidewalk that's been torn apart by two superpowerful entities doing battle in the skies overhead before crashing to the ground - and drenched by four massive sprinklers that, during the wide shots, dump between seven and ten tons of water per minute on him, the star of this year's most anticipated sequels lets out the kind of deep, disturbing, bowel-loosening cry that would terrify small children, nervous animals, and any visiting journalist. Lasting no more than two seconds, it echoes around Stage 2 at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia, for what seems like an eternity and, give or take a few consonants, can be transcribed thus: AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

"Sometimes it's to raise my energy, and sometimes it's frustration," Reeves explains almost a year later, sitting in the lounge at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. "It's a way of venting, expressing my frustration, at myself and not being able to realize the event. This exclusively happens when I'm dealing with the action sequences, because I want to make it super-perfect."

In 1999's The Matrix, Reeves's character, Neo, awoke to the fact that the world as he knew it was a computer-generated construct designed to keep humanity blissfully unaware of it's status as energy source for a race of sentient machines. By the movie's end, he'd been transformed into The One, mankind's prophesied savior and key to it's freedom from the Matrix, flying up past the camera like some kind of comic-book superhero ready to wage war against the machines. Now, in the sequels The Matrix Reloaded (due May 15) and The Matrix Revolutions (November 7), his abilities have developed in ways fans of the first film will be drooling about for years. "He's self-actualizing inside the Matrix," says visual-effects supervisor John Gaeta, who won an Oscar for his work on the original. "He's superpowerful because he believes he is. He has the ability to knock down many more obstacles."

It's day 141 out of an eventual 270 in the 18-month-long production, during which both sequels are being shot. As rain lashes down inside and out (Sydney is experiencing what's tantamount to a monsoon), Reeves, dressed in a black, full-length, high-collared coat, is once again facing off against Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), the besuited ubervillain who, despite having been blown apart at the end of The Matrix, has become Lex Luthor to Neo's Superman. Today's scene (number 764) forms part of the Superbrawl, a thunderous fight at the climax of Revolutions in which the enemies duke it out in and above the megacity that is the Matrix, before reducing an intersection (the same one Neo took off from at the end of the original) to rubble.

For now, however, Reeves is required simply to come up into frame and utter four words - "Because I choose to" - his attutide implacable, his face impassive. And chiseled: Months of training and a special diet (including red meat if he would be fighting; fish, rice, and vegetables if not) have left him ultralean, giving the impression that he is several inches taller than his six feet. Time and time again he delivers the line with differing tonation, until writer-director siblings Larry Wachowski, 37, and Andy, 35, are satisfied not only with his performance but with the way the rain and the lightening effects combine with it. Between takes Reeves confers with the filmmakers, whose dress sense and demeanor owe much to the excellent Bill and Ted, and who sit slightly apart from the crew under a black-tented viewing station that houses their video monitors. Or else he stands alone beneath a heater, towel around his shoulders, a Do Not Disturb sign hung on his face. Occasionally he will disappear outside to where the production has set up a hot tub in which he sits, in costume, and tries to warm up.

As the day proceeds, Reeves gets wetter still. Gallons of water continue to rain down (filtered out of the set through an elaborate drainage system in the floor, it will be treated and used again by the production), and he is pelted by a jet of thick orange liquid and chunks of gray foam, which simulate the effect of Smith coming up and out of the ground. It's while shooting this particularly sticky session that Reeves's primal scream erupts, and to be honest, who can blame him? They've been filming this sequence for the past couple of weeks and still have a week or so to go. Every nuance, every emotion, every drop of water must be to the Wachowskis' liking. The sprinklers have even been fitted with special nozzles to produce "chubby rain," fatter than normal drops, which, when photographed in a certain way, will look like the dripping code of the Matrix. "There's no extranious movement, gesture, behavior," Reeves says. "It's very pure. What they do in their films is like a samurai strike with a sword - one perfect gesture all concentrated in that one moment. I got very familiar with what super-perfect meant."

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April 08, 2003
Am I right?

Root canal should be a "get off work early" coupon right?



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April 07, 2003
From Dark Horizons

OMG, go here! (cool theatrical poster pic - Trinity)

and then and then and then GO HERE!!!! (another one - Neo!)

Holy crap, these rock.


Thanks to C.C. for the tip!
And I totally want to kiss Garth square on the mouth.

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I was going to take today off

from Premiere Magazine- photo by Platon (?)

But this picture was just sent out by Margarete of the Keanu Pic-of-the-Day club and....um...wow.

It was scanned from Premiere Magazine by a fan, so thank you to them as well.
The original can be had at the POTD group page.
I did some de-texting and resizing and retinting.

Good god, he's exquisite.

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April 06, 2003

say cheese

(edited from pics found at keanuland.com's capture section)

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April 05, 2003
What do they call a teaser for a teaser? a taunt?

There were some rapid-fire glimpses of Reloaded footage on Entertainment Tonight last night, and a whole new trailer will be aired next thursday on a couple different entertainment programs.

Some sexy screen grabs from the segment can be found at Club-Keanu.

Working that R-rating I see....

And from the NY post:

'ACCESS Hollywood" will show the first scenes from "The Matrix Reloaded" trailer beginning Monday - with the entire trailer airing on Thursday's show.
This will be the first time viewers will able to see scenes from the sequel to "The Matrix," starring Keanu Reeves, who's also in "Reloaded" with Laurence Fishburne.

The "Reloaded" trailer hits theaters on Friday along with the new Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson movie, "Anger Management."

I imagine that the new trailer will be available on the official site late Thursday evening as well.

One more thing-
the Animatrix short: Detective Story is now up.

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April 04, 2003


Be careful when you walk along
The edge of the water
Be careful you don't slip
And lose yourself
Cuz I don't think you can swim
I know that you can't swim
You're drowning from within

Be careful you're not
Listening too much
Be careful not to try
And see what you can't touch
Cuz I don't think you can dream
Of things as they shoud be
You're dying from within

~Written by Bret Domrose, Rob Mailhouse, and Keanu Reeves

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this one goes out to my peeps in SLC

My Mormon name is Kristilyn Busbyberkly Jukebox-Jezabel!

What's yours?

Actually that's what I got with the last name of "Reeves", my real surname produced a boring result.

(via a commenter at dooce.com)

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Baby got Backlot

New entry over at the Backlot.

Cheryl looks at one of Keanu's early works, Brotherhood of Justice, a made-for-TV movie from 1986.

This one also starred Kiefer, with a heart of gold and really big 80's hair.

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Newscrawlers, Achtung!

My rss feeds are in the MT directory, not the root.
They're linked in the sidebar...

[xml] [rdf]

And no, I'm not going to put full entry in the feeds. You have to come here and look at the pretty pictures anyway, and if I start messing with my template, you just know I'll break it.


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Today is April 4th! It's Ass Friday!

My god, I'm so stupid.
I called Eric - my best friend since kindergarten, mind you - today to wish him a happy birthday. Which is the fifth. Which I knew. Which I thought was today.

I guess I should always post Ass before I do anything else on Fridays.

click for larger pic - thanks to TESS for sending this one

So Happy Ass Friday.

Eric, I'll call you tomorrow.

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April 03, 2003
Reloaded to Premiere at Cannes

from various sources via Google News:

The futuristic sci-fi sequel The Matrix Reloaded will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May, where its filmmakers and stars will sashay down the red carpet.

The second film in the Matrix thriller trilogy, Reloaded will be shown out-of-competition May 15, the second day of the festival, which runs until May 25. Actors Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and Carrie-Anne Moss reprise their roles from The Matrix, a powerhouse action film released in 1999.

Jada Pinkett Smith joins the cast for the second edition, which is, like the first, written and directed by brothers Larry and Andy Wachowski.

The film will be released internationally following the festival.

The final film in the trilogy, The Matrix Revolutions, is expected to be released later in 2003. The original Matrix won four Academy Awards and grossed over $460 million US in the worldwide box office.

The world's best known film festival, in its 56th year, serves as a launching pad for movies that are shown out of competition.

Each May, independent and big-budget movies compete in several categories for recognition and the coveted grand prize, the Golden Palm.

I sure wish Joel would stop toying with me, I need to know if I have to get fresh passport photos taken.

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April 02, 2003
search me

# 1 for CAT VOMIT


Yeah, baby....

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People will bid on anything.

And another auction, thanks to Shell from DSF:


Once you get past THE GIANT FONT IN THE AUCTION DESCRIPTION, you'll notice that the sig would actually be upside down when you played it.

Not that you'd want to play it, since it's a ninety-nine dollar guitar with Keanu's signature, so it's basically just a really awkward-to-carry autograph.

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This week from freewillastrology:

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): I love it when I'm so energized and purified from riding my bike up Mt. Tamalpais that I experience a lightning bolt of realization about some crucial truth I've been hiding from myself. I love it when I'm walking through the city's trash-spattered concrete jungle and am suddenly blessed with the fresh smell of dirt from a renegade garden. I love it when the pathological decisions of bad leaders inspire my tribe to redouble its commitment to fight for outrageous peace, ingenious love, and wild understanding. What about you, Virgo? Where do you look for your breakthroughs and redemptions? It's time to be on high alert.
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April 01, 2003
These foolish games

Thanks to Club-Keanu and Jackie for original image

Hope everyone enjoyed some foolishness in one form or another today.

I think we're back to normal now....

Well, as normal as I get.

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This just in...

Apparently, there is a bar, and Joel Silver has known all along where it was.

No word yet whether the herbal laxative remedies are working or if it will have to be surgically removed from Mr. Gaeta.

When Keanu was asked to comment, the Porsche-wrecking studmuffin said,
"Man, I'm SO glad I gave up my back-end deal to the effects team."


It's not like they are actually going to invite me to the premiere....

Oh, alright.......sorry

I'm a kidder. I kid.

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Does this guy ever sleep?

System of a Dude

Having three movies in the works and two blockbuster sequels coming up, Keanu still manages to find time to play music. Shown here with his most recent musical endeavor, Keanu will be going on tour with System of a Down this summer.

When asked why he joined a third band, the bullet-dodging rock god said,
"Those other two bands I'm in? The names just aren't stupid enough. I've always wanted to be in a band with a really fucking stupid name."

Russell Crowe could not be reached for comment.

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Crazy, that's how it goes

what day is it?

Now we know why he's growing his hair long.

Word is that Keanu really wants to play Ozzy Osbourne in the rocker/reality star's upcoming biopic.

When asked how he plans to prepare for the role, the Matrix hunk said,
"I figure I'll get really really drunk and then just do my Jonathan Harker."

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