May 31, 2002
Brezsny sez

From, Keanu's horoscope for this week:

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): It's the Rock Star Phase of your
astrological cycle -- a time when you have license to inject your confidence with the metaphorical equivalent of steroids. Therefore, I'm pleased to grant you the authority to whisper or bellow the following truths thousands of times in the coming week.
1. "I am a graceful genius who motivates people to do what's difficult but right."
2. "My well-hung mind is a fount of healing surprises."
3. "I am a fascinating fertility god/goddess with a knack for continually reinventing the art of liberation."
Now make up ten more affirmations to add to these, Virgo.

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I spent some time this morning reading "Lobsters" by Charles Stross, and completely forgot to have any coffee. It's very very good. Here's an excerpt:

Just then a bandwidth load as heavy as a pregnant elephant sits down on Manfredís head and sends clumps of humongous pixellation flickering across his sensorium: around the world five million or so geeks are bouncing on his home site, a digital flash crowd alerted by a posting from the other side of the bar. Manfred winces. "I really came here to talk about the economic exploitation of space travel, but Iíve just been slashdotted. Mind if I just sit and drink until it wears off?"

I found it through Sam Gentile's Sci-Fi page, which I found via another weblog, There is No Spoon, which I was drawn to for obvious reasons.
After getting past a couple script errors when loading (psssst! fix those!) I found all kinds of creamy goodness at There is No Spoon, including a link to a page of Baudrillard on the web, so I think I'll be freeing my mind for a good part of the day.

*edited to add a couple links courtesy mowabb:

Permalink to his Baudrillard/Matrix entry

Entry about more of the same over at tins::Rick Klau's weblog

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May 30, 2002
Bret Domrose

click for larger image

I'm looking forward to seeing Bret Domrose play at the Viper Room next month.
It will be the third time I've seen him play solo, each time at the Viper.
The first time was before I had seen Dogstar play live. Way back in February of 2000, when his first CD, Rough Around the Edges was released. It was pretty exciting. I'd never been to the notorious Hollywood club before. I was suprised at how small and intimate it was. That night the place was packed, Rob Mailhouse was there, and all in all it was a damn good time. I bought a copy of the CD straight from Bret, and had him sign it. I listened to it non-stop for months afterward. I saw Dogstar 7 times before I saw Bret solo again, just this past March. Again it was at the Viper. The crowd was much smaller, but Bret still rocked us all out. Small crowds are always nice for the fans that do show up. I got to talk to Bret that night, and he was really friendly and appreciative that we'd traveled to see him. Needless to say the trip is always worth it, whether it's Dogstar or Bret solo. Whether you get to shake hands, talk for a minute or just enjoy the show.
It's all about the music, and good music it is.
In fact, I think that Bret's solo stuff is even better than Dogstar's. Rough around the edges or not, EDGE is the key word.
I hear that a second CD will be released soon. I heard a couple of the new songs in March and they are fabulous. Hopefully, I'll be able to get one in a couple weeks at the show.
Oh, the photos above were all taken by me at the Dogstar show last April at The Backbeat in Santa Clara. The man is so photogenic when he plays.

Rock on.

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May 29, 2002
"Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature. Never try to correct them. On the contrary: rationalize them, understand them thoroughly. After that, it will be possible for you to sublimate them." ~Salvador Dali

Also, THANK YOU to Ann, from whom I received a lovely package from today with 2 bottles of Augustiner Dark, and a nice card that had this quote:

"Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant."
~Maya Angelou

And speaking of surviving, I leave you with one last quote, from the Survivor:Marquesas winner, Vecepia:

"Too much drama."

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May 28, 2002

Well, the temperature of my car interior today confirms that it is indeed summertime.
So here's a fun summer wallpaper...

800 x 600
1024 x 768

Thank you to Elsinore and The Daily Thud for the great Hamel photos.

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Is it 2003 yet?

If you missed last week's spot on Access Hollywood about the Matrix stunts, you can go check out the transcript and screen shots posted by antitheorum over at

There's also an interesting article from the Sydney Morning Herald where Mr. Joel Silver taunts us further with exciting little tidbits about what we can expect in Reloaded and Revolutions.

(both links via Keanuweb)

In other news, I keep hearing songs from The Matrix Soundtrack on car commercials, including a very craptastic version of Spybreak for a local Saturn dealership, and it's really starting to irritate me.

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More Google Madness

If you came here looking for this or this, I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Move along...weirdo.

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May 27, 2002
My first amusing google referral

the matrix, trinity's ass spell


Also, a LOT of referrals for people looking for that QF fix file, and for Geoff Darrow.

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Reloaded release date

According to, the release date for The Matrix Reloaded has been moved up to May 16, 2003. (Thanks, Sharon)

I really need to start thinking about how I am going to finagle my way into an invite to this premiere. Anyone got any ideas?

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Well, thank you to Rhonda for giving me the idea for this entry in previous comments. I got to wondering about how being a fan of Keanu Reeves has affected me and my life. The first thing that comes to mind is the friendships I have made. I've become very close to several of the people I have met through online fandom. Their friendships mean the world to me. I've been fortunate to meet a few of them in person, travel with them, and lean on them when I needed to. That's probably the single most important thing that I've gotten out of fandom.
There are other ways I feel my life has changed and improved because of it. Being a Keanu fan, creating wallpapers and a website really gave me a creative outlet when I needed it. There's a special thanks to someone, Sailor Ji, over on the side. She used to have a site called The Keanu Sanctuary, and it was to her that I sent my first wallpaper designs. She was the one that first told me I should make a site. The Sanctuary is no more, and I don't know what ever happened to Sailor Ji, but I will always be grateful for her encouragement.
I've discovered new music, like Liz Phair and Archers of Loaf, thanks to Keanu mentioning them. I probably would never have gotten around to reading any William Gibson, either. I had all but forgotten about my guitar until I got the urge to learn some Dogstar songs, although I still don't practice as much as I should. I've re-read some Shakespeare, something I hadn't wanted to do ever since high school. I'm reading more in general, in fact. Things that I wouldn't normally read or even know about.
I guess there's some other things about me that have changed or evolved, too.
But a lot of them are personal, so I won't be talking about them.
It's a discretion thing.
Guess where I picked that up?

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May 26, 2002
To Lori

I'm on page 6 of the Baudrillard and my head hasn't exploded yet.

Yay me.

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May 25, 2002
Fear of Heights over 6'1"

I bungee-jumped once.
Hated it.
Really hated it. It wasn't so much the jumping as the bouncing and flailing about afterwards. Well actually, it was the jumping, too. I remember the guy doing the "count backwards from three" about 5 times before I actually stepped off the edge. I really did not want to do it. But the only option was backing out, and well, that really was NOT an option. (I'd shot my mouth off pretty hard about the whole thing about 2 hours before.)
I was really suprised at how fast I was falling. For some reason I thought I would fall in slow motion or something. I didn't scream, but I'm not really a screamer, more of a moaner (Shut. Up.). I moaned that panicky "Huh-oh-Unhhhhhh" sound as I dangled on those strands of elastic and bounced for entirely too long. I didn't have contacts back then and I couldn't wear my glasses since they would fly off, so the horrible part was the blurry-blind disorientation.
Well...that, and hearing my wiser, still-on-the-ground friends below, laughing their asses off.
On the elevator ride down from the jump platform (they reeled you back up after you jumped) there was a little boy who was very upset and crying because he chickened out. I kneeled down and told him "Don't you feel bad, I didn't want to do it and did it anyway, and I didn't like it at all. I wish I'd chickened out."
Looking back, that probably wasn't a good lesson to teach. For all I know the poor boy let fear rule him for years to come. But I hope at that moment it made him feel better, that it was okay to go with your instinct. I mean, who jumps off a perfectly good building anyway? It's not natural.
As far as sky-diving....No Way.
Nope. I don't even think I'd do a tandem jump with Reeves if the opportunity presented itself. And that's saying a lot.

Have you ever jumped out of a plane? Para-sailed? Bungee-jumped?
Did it suck?

If I remember correctly, didn't Keanu actually learn to sky-dive for Point Break?
I like that movie, it lets me get my adrenaline rush vicariously.
Which is just fine.

Now, fast cars? That's a whole different story.

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May 24, 2002
Teaser Remix

Miho, over at posted a link to a remix of the teaser trailer done by a fan.
I have to say I really like it. It doesn't have the voice-over by Morpheus but the editing and the new music are very cool.
I sometimes think that things like this, done by fans, are so much better than the professional results. And I'm not just saying that because I want to design CD covers and T-shirts for Dogstar.

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I finished another new wallpaper already.

800 x 600
1024 x 768

This picture of him from the cover of LANow magazine (thanks to the POTD club for it, by the way) is really gorgeous.
Those eyes.....purrrrrrrr.

Also, thank you to Ann, for reminding me about this week's horoscope from

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 22) Week of May 23, 2002

In "She's On Fire," a song by the band Train, the singer croons, "It's not just a daydream if you decide to make it your life." I suggest you regard this as your mantra in the coming weeks, Virgo. The astrological omens suggest you have a mandate to bring a fierce new intensity to the glorious work of fantasy fulfillment. I dare you to prove just how much you believe in yourself.

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I had a long week of training on new business software which was not especially fun for a creative spirit such as myself. Though I did spice it up by using Keanu movie characters (Lomax, Kevin - address: 666 Devils Ave., etc) and 24 characters (You are about to remove Meyers, Nina from the active database. Please state reason in comment line: "She's the mole!!!!") as entries.

I guess there has been a little activity in the Matrix news department this week.
Video Games and set reports and such. As always I recommend you check out matrixonline and matrixfans for up-to-the-minute news.
I hear the segment on Matrix stunts that aired this week on Access Hollywood was pretty interesting.

In Dogstar news, there's some info from Jem about Bret's show, his bit part in the sequels, and about Dogstar's upcoming album over at the Official Dogstar Message Board. And if you haven't gone by recently, you may want to check it out. There's some new fan stories and a new audio section.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to work on some new wallpapers this weekend.
If anyone has any requests, I'm always open.

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May 23, 2002
I feel special

You know you've arrived when you get a combination personal shout-out and crotch shot from Hoopty.

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June Calendar

I know it's a little early, but the Keanu calendar for June is up.
Click to go to the calendar page

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May 22, 2002
Rushian Matrix

kd's post last night of some Rush lyrics reminded me of The Rushian Matrix.
It's the same concept as watching The Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.
Sounds like fun.

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The Jack Bauer Power Hour

Wow, last night's finale of 24 was nothing short of spectacular. First off, kudos to the writers for a whole season of amazing television. This show really was like a 24-hour feature film. In Monday night's interviews, Kiefer said that there would be resolution and no cliffhangers, and they pretty much delivered. Sure there's a few loose ends like WHO IS NINA WORKING FOR? But for the most part, the day ended. Each plotline was exquisite in it's resolution.

The Palmers - Over at the forums, Sherry Palmer is nicknamed LadyMacPalmer and with good reason. I was thrilled with the scene in the banquet room. She had it coming and then some. I almost wish he would have had her bags packed and had Secret Service haul her away. And I would totally vote for David Palmer.

The Drazens - So very dead, and what a great scene. I wish Kiefer would have had another clip to empty into "Veektor".

Nina/Yelena -THAT BITCH! Way back when Jamey died, there was talk of it not really being suicide. I thought it was though. Again, great writing. Brilliant use of the digital video back-up to serve as a flashback. SO creepy to see her look into that camera after she did Jamey in. And what a hardcore spy girl she is! Where can I get a job where sleeping with Kiefer is in the line of duty? And in the parking lot, I was screaming at the TV, "Shoot her!!!!" I almost thought that she was going to get in a shot at Soul Patch (Tony) or maybe even Kiefer before that was over. I knew that one of the major players was going to cack it last night, but I was really shocked that it was....

Bride (Teri Palmer) - Bride of Kiefer, we hardly knew ye. So sad, especially with the pregnancy and everything. And she survived so much just to be eliminated over overhearing about Nina's German connection. Leslie Hope deserves an Emmy. We didn't see so much of her in these final hours, which is why it was that much more dramatic to have her gone so suddenly. But her portrayal of Teri Bauer should set the standard for complexity of dramatic female leads from here on in.

Kiefer - Has there been a better character/performance/man on television than Jack Bauer, ever? Not to me. When he broke down when he thought Kim was dead, my heart ached. When he came back up, guns a-blazin' I cheered. And yes, I cried as he held Teri at the end. I could go on and on. I'd like to see an Emmy for him as well.

All in all, last night was the finest episode of the finest show on television.

I can't wait until next season.

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May 21, 2002
least coherent post, ever..

I can't think, I'm so psyched about tonight's 24 finale.
I have a little time before it starts, so I've been tinkering with the side a bit. Nothing major. A few new links, a new webring for all the bloggers that are attending BlogCon this year, new Bill-n-Ted themed side titles....don't know if I like them or not. Are they too confusing?

I'm also distracted by desire for this book. It was brought to my attention by Craig. 1200 pages.
Yowsa. Read the article in WIRED and tell me you don't want it, too.
Damn, I still have to read the Baudrillard that Lori gifted me with...I'm going to start not tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Tonight belongs to 24.
1 hour and 10 minutes to go.
I'm thinking of drinking my 2nd Augustiner.

Couldn't fucking hurt, huh?

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I should not be up.

But I am, two shows into the Kiefertalkshowfest that began at midnight with Charlie Rose (good interview, with an amazing clip of tomorrow night's show). Kiefer was on first so I got to switch over to CBS and watch "Craiggers" (ugh, I hate him so). Kiefer got 3 out of 5 Questions. Is it sad that I can rattle off his full name (Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland...I kid you not), from memory, without a hitch, but can't remember my own mobile number?
Anyway, I'm now waiting for Last Call to start.
Then sleep, then Hell-day:Revisited tomorrow, where I won't be able to concentrate because of the big 24 finale tomorrow.

Oh, it's on...night all.

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May 20, 2002
Bizzy bizzy bizzy

Ack, what a day. And it's not over.
Rather than bore you with that mundane crud, though...I give you:

Images of hoopty, enjoying his Dogstar Quattro Formaggi CD.


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May 19, 2002

Here's another question.

Which Keanu co-star role, besides Trinity, would you like to have played?

Well, assuming that Bill S. Preston,Esq. isn't a fair choice, with me being a girl and all, I actually have a hard time answering this one (which is why I took Trinity out of the equation, too easy). I think if the role of Jane in Johnny Mnemonic would have had more Molly (the Gibson character she's based on) in her, I would choose her. I also really liked Feeling Minnesota as a movie and I think that Freddie would have been a fun character to play, too.
But if I let my heart and hormones rule me (as I sometimes do...), I'd have to go with Sara in Sweet November.
Because, Keanu ? Singing? To Me?
Oh....yes, please.

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Kiefer watch

The Kiefer will be on Charlie Rose, Craig Kilborne AND Last Call with Carson Daly tomorrow night.
I'll probably only watch the Charlie Rose show, and maybe Kilborne because I think 5 kwestions with Kiefer might entertain, but I really can't stand Carson Daly.
Of course, I may just have to tape it all.
Tomorrow is the first day of a busy week for me. Things will either be really quiet or a stress induced babble-fest here. Consider this fair warning.

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May 18, 2002
So this is a tradition, then?

Even more disturbing than the fact that someone thought it was a clever idea to bring a dead octopus to a hockey game, is that they managed to hold onto it patiently and wait until 15 minutes into the last period to fling it onto the ice....

Let's hear it for McCarty, though.

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May 17, 2002

What non-physical aspect of Keanu do you admire most ?

My answer would be his dedication to his profession. He gives so much to the roles he plays. He fasted for Little Buddha, he bulked up and "became" a quarterback for The Replacements, I can't recall how many weeks he immersed himself in redneck Georgia culture before filming The Gift. That's just the things we know about. And of course, the intense and sometimes painful training that goes into being Neo. Anyone that's seen Revisited knows what I'm talking about.
And I like the fact that he admits he's still learning, still growing as an actor and that he works so hard at it. As I've said before, he makes me want to push my own limits.

What about physical attribute?

I like his hands.

I've seen those big paws up close and in the flesh as he played bass.
Yep, definitely the hands.....

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May 16, 2002
What I did tonight

I finally got the trailer downloaded to I could do some captures.
Here's the result.

in wallpaper sizes


I also watched some hooptyvision....
more on that later.

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Poll at IMDB

Thanks to Charlize, who pointed out that today's poll over at the Internet Movie Database is on Keanu!
You have to register, but it's quick and painless.

Go check it out.

I'd really like to see the response that's currently in the lead, well...not be.

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(this was linking to the cam, but it's no longer there and there are a bunch of hideous pop-ups in its place....bleh)

tribe | from inside the mind of krix at 03:55 PM | comments (5)
And life just keeps getting better

FOX has announced that 24 will be returning next season with the same real time format and with Kiefer.
This pleases me to no end. Especially the part about the format. When I first heard about this show, it was the real-time aspect that made me want to watch.
I haven't been as passionate for a TV show since Twin Peaks (which I taped faithfully) and I'm so glad I have this season on tape.

Anyway, you can read the story at here.

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Is it 2003 YET?

I am SO the Wachowskis' bitch.
I don't mind the hype beginning a year in advance at all. It's sweetly cruel of them to start doling out crumbs this early on. I expect I'll be so insane by next spring I'll either be in a straightjacket, camping out for a month in Westwood, or somewhere in Amish country because I just couldn't take the wait and ANY technology is a painful reminder.

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May 15, 2002
TV tonight

So, I'm double checking my listings to see exactly when ET is on tonight so I can set the VCR. (Doing dinner with mom as a late Mother's Day thing)
First off, can I just say "dear person that designs the TV station's website: How about NOT hiding the listings?"
Anyway, I find it and all that jazz and HOLY CRAP! Even bigger than Matrix Trailers and Amazing Races, not to mention Sole Survivors...this Saturday, 9 pm...CBS proudly brings you....


I wonder if that's like eXtreme Manilow?
"Well, Todd...Barry's gonna go for a 360 fakey on this next verse of "Mandy" on the half-pipe with a gnarly grind on the last chorus.....Oh! Manilow chokes! That's gotta hurt!"

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Brezsny sez

Keanu's horoscope from

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): "I asked if I could have a purple light saber," Samuel L. Jackson told Maxim magazine in discussing his role as a Jedi knight in "Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones." "I just figured a purple light would help me find all the lint on my robes so I could pick it off." That's pretty funny as a dig at the seriousness with which some people treat the Star Wars mythos. But it won't be funny, Virgo, if you let it become a metaphor for your life in the coming weeks. Please don't do the equivalent of using a light saber as a lint remover, or a diamond brooch as a doorstop, or a silk prayer cloth as a rag to wipe the kitchen table.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at 12:47 PM | comments (1)
May 14, 2002

My VCR hates me. I set the timer to tape Kiefer on The View this morning and it puked. it won't run tapes at all, so I have to go back to the office and get my other VCR so I can tape 24 tonight, dammit.
It's hot and I'm grumpy now.

Oh, and eBay snipers fucking suck.

Dammit Lori, I wanted you to have that vest.

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New Matrix Trailers Online

No, not yet...but I just got
THIS (click to pop-up) in email.
Look for them at the official site on Wednesday night.
Hee! I love it when Morpheus emails me. How cool is that picture with the birds?
Damn, these movies are going to be breathtaking....

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at 01:52 PM | comments (2)
Wanna grow up to be a Debaser

I rarely get into these quiz thingies, but considering that one of the answers includes lemurs and the fact that Keanu has been known to dig The Pixies, I declare this one ON-TOPIC!

You're one cool cookie. You love movies, especially obscure ones, and you talk about them all the time. Even if people don't understand what you are talking about, they stick around anyway because you're just so much fun to be around. You don't always stand out in a crowd, but you can often be identified by your cluster of groupies and fans. You're usually the one throwing all the good parties, too.

Which Pixies song are you?

In an effort to improve the quality of the internet, I'm giving hoopty my old webcam, so we can look forward to a nekkid freakshow in the near future. Break out the jiffy-pop and practice your screen captures, it should be good.

Lastly, here's a new wallpaper:

800 x 600
1024 x 768

Thanks again to Elsinore of The Daily Thud for the image.

doodles | from inside the mind of krix at 01:02 PM | comments (2)
May 13, 2002

I got Photoshop 7.0 today so I'll be busy playing with that.
If you'd like something to read, Petra from the DogstarFans egroup has graciously typed up and posted an Interview with Keanu from Interview Magazine from 1990 online.
It's an interesting read. As I read it, I thought about how much Keanu has changed in the past 12 years. But then....haven't we all?
Thanks Petra.

media spot | from inside the mind of krix at 01:15 PM | comments (3)
May 12, 2002
Oh Mama

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.

A friend and I saw Keanu's mom outside House of Blues after a Dogstar concert once. My friend thanked her for Keanu, as in "Thank you for bringing such an exquisite creature into this world."

And I certainly agree.

There's a new theme added in the downloads section.
I'm particularly fond of the recycle bin "full" icon...hee!
Oh, and I spent part of yesterday and this morning trying to edit sounds from QF to use for system sounds, but you know what? I still think the original Dogstar sounds fit best so I have used them yet again.

doodles | from inside the mind of krix at 11:47 AM | comments (2)
May 11, 2002

Last night I dreamt about singing, and I woke up hoarse.
Your mind does make it real.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at 09:07 AM | comments (1)
May 10, 2002
Matrix on ET

Thanks to TheMatrixOnline for this info-

Next week, Entertainment Tonight will have a look at the Reloaded teaser trailer and also at a teaser for Revolutions.

From the article on ET's website:

"The sequel carves a continuation of [my character] Neo's journey and his quest to find out the truth," Keanu reveals to ET. "It's more about the conflict with the machines and the humans."

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at 12:55 PM | comments (2)
Freaking Yahoo

In order to serve you better, I signed up with Yahoo's email alerts server so they would send up a flare whenever there is news containing anything about Keanu Reeves. I don't know what kind of crackmonkeys are in charge over there but I have gotten 14 copies of this story since 4pm yesterday. It's not even anything new, really. Just that Keanu is no longer attached to Billy Jack.
I can understand 2 or 3 but 14? I thought about unsubscribing, but I guess I'll just keep on deleting them. I hope that it won't be like this once Reloaded draws nearer.
It's better than no news, I suppose.

I checked eBay for the first time in a few days. Jonathan Harker's Vest is on the block. The price is pretty low considering it's wardrobe, but I really don't have any intrest in it. Dracula wasn't one of my favorites.
Which reminds me, Roi asked me the other day why I never got into Gary Oldman. I really couldn't give and answer. Just like I really couldn't say why precisely I am into Keanu. Or Kiefer for that matter. It's more than talent or looks or even the "it" factor. I guess it's the correct sum of all parts, factored with heart, soul and that which is undefinable.
Or maybe I just have a fetish for Canadians.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at 10:58 AM | comments (11)
May 09, 2002
Kiefer on Leno

Thanks to everyone that emailed and called me to remind me that The Kiefer will be on Jay's couch tonight.

off topic | from inside the mind of krix at 09:11 PM | comments (6)
A what?

Guess what I did last night? I played a theremin.
A what? A THEREMIN. An Etherwave Theremin to be exact.
And, well, I didn't so much play it as make some noise, but it was really, really interesting. It takes a lot of coordination and control. I bet Reeves, with all his movie kung-fu, would be good at it.

In site news, I have finally caught up on moving the archives.
Yay me.

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May 08, 2002

This week's horoscope from really seems appropriate for Keanu with the time travel and superhero references, not to mention the genius:

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Behind your back, your imaginary friend is plotting with your inner child to overthrow your guilty conscience. And that's not all, Virgo. Your future self has time-traveled into the past to enlist the spirits of your ancestors in a conspiracy to unlock your sleeping genius. But wait! There's more. The superhero you used to fantasize about being when you
felt most helpless has been brought to life by the mad scientist in your psyche's basement. Sounds like fun to me!

In other news, there is a tentative Bret Domrose show on June 20th at the Viper Room. So if you are in or are planning to go to LA, be sure to catch the show, Bret really rocks.

Oh, see that little collage pic on Bret's splash page? It can be seen on his Bio page, too.

Guess who made that?

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at 12:14 PM | comments (4)
May 07, 2002
24 quickie

In an exciting and ironic turn of events, tonight on 24:
Dennis Hopper as Serbian ultra-baddie Victor Drazen SHOT THE HOSTAGE!
Yep! He totally foiled Kiefer (who was not on tonights episode nearly enough).
Oh, and Kim was kidnapped, again.
Next week, BadMuthaKiefer gets down with his bad self. Hoo-HAH!

God, I love this show.

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News from down under

I can't fucking stay connected this evening so I can't go on and on about how great kaz is for sending me these scanned articles or I'll get booted YET AGAIN before they get posted, but trust me, kaz is really really great:

-From The Sydney daily Telegraph May 8, 2002

-Page one of an article on Keanu. (In a SOAP mag of all things...but look at those eyes! sigh....)

-Page 2 of same article. (oh crap, it looks like the bottom is cut off that second page...try here if it's cut off on your screen.)

kaz rulez.

media spot | from inside the mind of krix at 08:10 PM | comments (4)
Keanu Foot Fetish

So, today is my father's birthday and yesterday I went shopping. I always ask him what he wants, since he's so hard to buy for. This year, he wanted new sneakers. Yeah, I know. Anyway, I go to get him some nice new adidas and I decide that I could use a pair, too. I find a pair that's close to the shoes that Ted wears in Bogus Journey only low top. I don't think they even make the hi-top model any more. Unfortunately, they don't have them in a size to fit me. Typical.
After getting over it I start to think "Geez, how nuts am I?"
Pretty nuts, actually. I adore Keanu's feet. I love them in those high-top adidas. I love them bare. I love the way he stands pidgeon-toed. And I know for a fact that I'm not the only one.
Then there's the boots.
The Boots.
We all know the boots and many of us LOVE them. Those old beat up Timberlands. The ones that made a print on the set list from my very first Dogstar show, making it that much more precious.
The Boots.
It seems like he's had them for an eternity. I always wonder if it's the same pair.
There's a site out there somewhere about the boots, I can't seem to find it, though.
Anyone? anyone?

spoony | from inside the mind of krix at 01:39 PM | comments (5)
May 06, 2002

I had a full day and I'm beat.
But I HAD to post something so I wouldn't miss a day this early in the new blog.
Maybe I'll add something to this later. Roi is making me watch Fear Factor so we have something to talk about.....don't ask.
Anyhooo, Craig has fears that the sequels will let him down, so go check out his site and 'splain that there's NO WAY that Reloaded and Revolutions won't totally rock.
Or just go say hi.

off topic | from inside the mind of krix at 08:23 PM | comments (1)
May 05, 2002

First off, credit goes to Miho for this info.

Time magazine has an article on The Matrix Reloaded in the May 13 issue, and it can be read online here. There's even a gallery with seven pictures, 3 of which are Keanu. Man, he wears that black coat so well....rowrrrrrr.Also, faithful readers might remember me asking if those were keys in the background during the Entertainment Tonight interviews a while back. Well, they were. It seems there's a "Key Maker" in the story.
MMmmm, I know a Ke I'd like to make, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.
So, go NOW and check out the article.
I would put a *spoiler* alert here, but I doubt any of these bits will actually spoil the movies for you. But if you're strong enough to be a purist, and hey...more power to ya, Don't read the article.

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at 09:41 PM | comments (10)
Things to do in Best Buy when you're bored

A really good way to get a Best Buy techno-minion's attention is to go to where they have the nice computers and bring up all the DVD demo screens. Then turn up the volume and start the Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure clips. It's pretty short so you have to keep restarting, but if you do it right, you should have at least 2 clerks' undivided attention in a matter of minutes.

Cool, SPEED just started on my local FOX channel.
I have a minute to post before sexy, gum-chewin' Jack Traven shows up to make me swoon.
Why is it that even though I own this movie, I'm all excited to watch it aired (edited even!) on TV?
OOOHH There's Rob! Gotta go!

Oh, one more thing. Happy Cinco de Mayo. Who brought the Coronas?

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at 02:02 PM | comments (2)
May 04, 2002
24 DVD

If you love me, you will go here and put in an email address as a vote for "YES! GODDAMMIT I want there to be a DVD of the first season of 24 made, and I want you to tell me when I can get it." Even if you don't care, do it anyway.
I've never seen this kind of thing before, but I guess they are trying to see if there is enough interest.
Well I have enough intrest for the whole lot of you, so use your secondary or spare email and stuff this box for me, ok?
I have all the episodes on tape, but really, a DVD of 24 would be a very good thing. Especially for those who haven't had a chance to see the absolute best television ever...
There was no episode this week and I'm having Kiefer pangs.

Oh, and I'm taking part in the Verisign meme.
Because there's some bad toads at Verisign that make the baby lemurs cry. Click on this word: Verisign, and see why Verisign is so very bad.
If you have a site, and want to help with the Verisign meme (and if you have a site, you should because someday this could happen to you), you can go here and see just what the hell this is all about.

off topic | from inside the mind of krix at 03:59 PM | comments (3)
New wallpaper

Here's another new wallpaper

As always it comes in
1024x768 resolutions.
That makes an even dozen new wallpapers so I will be making a new album to put on the main wallpaper page sometime next week.
I also am working on a desktop theme of those splendid Brad Fierce pictures, I just have to put together some new sounds. I like using sounds from Dogstar music rather than voice clips, the sound is always much cleaner since I can make the files from my CDs rather than use wavs collected online.
Hmmm, let's see...what else. Oh, I'm getting rid of the seperate links page on the site. Banner links are nice and all, but I think the links here on the side will be just fine. Just trying to streamline things a bit.

doodles | from inside the mind of krix at 01:53 PM | comments (3)
Who's this Rocket guy?

So I got my copy of "There Are No Flowers in the Real World" by David Lapham. It's A story set in the world of The Matrix. In a nutshell, NO NEO.
The main character wears shades and rides a motorcycle, but his name is Rocket. It's still a nifty story, with all those matrix-y things we love, and a bit of humor as well (when Rocket tries calling his Operator on the second page, he gets the answering machine...Bwah!).
I can't believe I couldn't talk anyone into spending Saturday morning riding around town going to comic stores with me. But even with the "one per customer" rule, I did manage to get three copies. One to read, one to send to my friend in the evil state of Utah where they apparently don't think of Matrix comics as a worthwhile endeavor, and one to keep ensconced in plastic forever. I promised the guys at the shops I would mention them, so big lemur smooches to Comic Oasis, Inc. and to Dreamwell Comics.
This is the first published Matrix comic, aside from that promotional one that they released and then recalled for content. I have a copy of that in plastic and I haven't even looked at it to see what was so objectionable. I mean, I'm doubting there's a whole homoerotic Epoch/Tank subplot so I can't even imagine what would even qualify.

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at 01:24 PM | comments (3)
May 03, 2002
Super Heroes

So, tomorrow is free comic book day.
I've already printed out a list of stores in my area to visit in hopes of getting the Matrix Flip Book from El Capitan.
There is a whole lot more to the story of The Matrix covered in comics and the upcoming anime project. It must be very weird to play a character that is a comic book hero and action figure. Of course it's pretty neat, too.

So, ever wonder what your Super Hero alter-ego would look like? Well, thanks to The Hero Machine you can find out.
I had serious fun making myself into a Bad-Ass nemesis for Neo.

Or maybe a rival for Trinity. C'mon, how cute are we together?

(hero machine link via batgrl & Crazy Purple Rubber Squeaky Octapus)

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at 04:23 PM | comments (2)
Go Senators!

I have been so busy, I really haven't been keeping up with hockey this season. I was pleasantly suprised when my father told me this morning that Ottawa beat the Leafs last night and are still in the playoffs. Not to mention that former Las Vegas Thunder player Radek Bonk scored. Radek used to live at my father's house when he first came to play for the Thunder, and we're still fairly close to his family back in the Czech Republic. He's a great guy. I need to make a point of catching the next game. I wonder if Keanu roots for Toronto? Probably, huh?
Well, "In your FACE, Reeves!"
Too bad I don't have a bumpersticker to show my support, eh hoopty?

So since my archives are acceptable now, I decided to hand-import posts from the old blog. I'm only moving them if they are timelessly relevant or terribly clever. If I do a month a day, it should be done in no time.

Lastly, I had a dream about going to a Dogstar show last night. I remember Keanu not wanting to get out of the car, me trying to help Bret load stuff into the club, and Rob being extremely funny. Oh, and the kittens. I had three fluffy orange kittens and I named them Bill, Ted and Rufus.
I had them in the car and a woman came to the window, asked for money and then took one of the kittens. Keanu then got out of the car and got the kitten back for me, but when I got it back it was vicious.

I wonder what it all means.....

off topic | from inside the mind of krix at 01:59 PM | comments (2)

I just wanted to say that kd is the
be all and end all, web-diva-ninja-grand-pooh-bah-goddess-of the webiverse.

She fixed the archives AND the comments so they're all prettizens and stuff.
And I swear she did it in less than 49 seconds.
She's that goooooooood.

tribe | from inside the mind of krix at 12:15 AM | comments (3)
May 02, 2002
So far, so good

Well, I started working on the side, with my links and friends and such. I'm not done adding stuff, but I've typed 'a href' quite enough times today, thank you. I've also got all the links on the other keanuvision pages updated to come to the new blog, even the flash menu on the main page.
Yay me.
I need to figure out why the archives look like crap, I'm sure it's some sort of stylesheet issue. I want the look to match this, not that generic black stuff. That's my main problem with importing the archives. That, and plain figuring out how the hell to do it. I'll be reading the MT manual and support forum a lot in the next few weeks, I'm sure.
You see, my plan is to get the whole site to look nice and whole (meaning the look pretty much matches throughout) and generally lovely by the time Reloaded comes out, because there will probably be a whole new crop of humans searching for Keanu on the web. Since I hand-coded the various other stuff in plain old HTML, it's going to be a lot of work.
Which is fine, really, just daunting. I wish I had time to take a class.

I'm also going to add a "Features" section on the side, that will have the link to the old blog, Krix watches The Matrix Revisited and the Quattro Formaggi Fix and anything else that really doesn't fit in any special category.
Fun fun fun.

Enough of this boring website stuff, here's a nice picture, courtesy of The Daily Thud..

oooooh, he's exciting the lemurs

...because you can never get too much Keanu tongue.

the site | from inside the mind of krix at 01:18 PM | comments (2)
May 01, 2002
Best of krix - episode I

For reasons I won't get into, I don't think I will be importing any archives. I do want to get some "Best of..." entries over here. Partly for those who may have missed them first time around, and partly for some damn content.
(*denotes update)

----Oct. 2, 2001-----

Because I'm in the mood to blog...I am going to list all the Keanu movies I own and possibly comment on them....aren't you thrilled?

*Hardball....I really thought I was going to hate this movie, and I've never been happier to be proven wrong. Conor O'Neill is absolutely one of my favorite characters. From the car window to the church, every scene was full-on fine, fine work.
Sweet November...."It's a HOT DOG". Romance/tearjerkers aren't my thing..but Charlize was great in this.... I thought Nelson, when he was jerk, was interesting, I'm not sure where he kinda lost me... I blame the PG-13 edit....I would love to see what was cut out, because there's surely something missing from this movie....Keanu singing was pretty sweet, though....
The Gift....LOVE this movie, love Giovanni Ribisi,... Keanu is great as Donnie "motherfucking" Barksdale...that bastard...
The Watcher......SO bad....really amazingly bad, although Griffin looked great in that sweater....Left the theater wanting to kick Joe Charbonic in the nuts... in fact, I still do....however, I bought this movie anyway, just so I can see the "devil-bunny dance" whenever I want to...
The nephew likes this one...It's a fun movie...Shane Falco is just dreamy.... and it's got Jon Favreau, whom I LOVE.
The Matrix......The best movie secret shame is that I never saw this on the big screen.....but it has such a big place in my heart, my vanity plates say MTRXHZU and a 6"Neo doll rides around on my steering column.
The Devil's Advocate....a great one...Mr. Reeves should be proud of his work in this...accent be damned.
The Last Time I Committed Suicide....being a fan of Kerouac and Cassady. I thought this film did pretty well capturing the beat feeling...Harry was disgusting....I loved him.
Chain Reaction....An action flick....I hear this one also was butchered....I like him with some meat on him, and Eddie Kasalivich is a nice slavic boy my dad would be happy if I brought home.
Feeling Minesota...another one of my favorites...funny funny film...My birthday present to myself this year was his director's chair canvas from this movie...complete with stageblood stains....I'm sitting on it right now...wheeee!
Johnny Mnemonic.....I LIKED this movie, but I didn't read the book *OK, I have read the book now, and while it's very different than Gibson's original story, I still really liked this movie...I think it gets a bad rap.
A Walk in the Clouds....Another Romance....beautiful cinematography....Keanu was pretty good in this, I was actually convinced that he couldn't sing.
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues...I am a big Tom Robbins fan and I really liked this book....the movie sucked. I could barely sit through it once so I really can't comment on Keanu in it.
Little Buddha...I didn't think I would like this but I loved it. ...another performance he should be very proud of.
Speed......ACTION!....BOMBS!!!.....Gum-chewin' FBI agents and DENNIS HOPPER!!! This is a good movie to make your Keanu-hatin' boyfriend buy for you.
Much Ado About Nothing....leather pants..mmmm...Branaugh is a genius...Don John is simply diabolical.....he makes me want to donate to PBS.
Bram Stoker's Dracula...I saw this in the theater with my best friend, Eric....I think we were stoned because the shadow thing freaked us out...Richard E. Grant and Tom Waits alone make this a great flick in my book.
My Own Private Idaho....saw this in the theater with Eric, too...I have only been able to watch the video once since I got it...I miss River so much.
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey...the better of the 2 Bill and Ted movies...I had a traumatic eBay experience regarding Ted's smileyface jacket from this movie...I'm sure I'll tell you about it sometime.
Point Break... Rocking good movie, lots of running....Johnny Utah is my hero for jumping outta that plane with no chute...balls the size of grapefruits, baby.
I Love You to Death....FUNNY, funny movie....quirky River (sigh)...and Marlon cracks me the fuck up EVERY time I watch this...
Tune in Tomorrow...I've only watched this once since I got it...I'll have to give it another look, because I have heard a few people just rave about it.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure....a classic of course, but I actually liked Bogus Journey more.
Parenthood....I had a boyfriend like Tod once, he never became endearing, though...
Dangerous Liaisons.....Great movie.
Permanent Record....He made me cry in this one, but the ending was a litle too "after school special" for me.
The Prince of Pennsylvania....Pretty funny, I hated his hair in this....the opening made me fall in love with his feet.
The Night Before...Winston is just about the cutest thing ever...."it's a little owl, and...its eyes wiggle"....handcuff me to the bed, you silly boy.
The River's Edge....This is one of my favorite movies of all time...a great film for a young actor....creepy.
Babes in Toyland....when I've done something really bad, I punish myself by watching this movie.
The Brotherhood of Justice...another "after school special" type deal....BIG crush on Keifer Sutherland in this one.
Teenage Dream....If still don't feel punished enough after Babes....I watch this.

I'd like to get my hands on a copy of Freaked if anyone has a spare laying about....
*Ditto on Under the Influence.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at 11:44 PM | comments (2)
Billy Jacked

(via keanuweb)
So, Variety reports that the deal for the remake of Billy Jack has been re--made and Keanu probably won't be part of the new deal.

I never saw the original, so while I'm bummed for Reeves (losing work is losing work), I'm not going to lose sleep over this. Actually, from speaking to some friends that know and love the original, it's probably just as well.

cinema | from inside the mind of krix at 09:06 PM | comments (4)
Let's get this party started

Well, it's the first of May so I decided I'd better just start writing something, anything here in order to make it feel like a real blog. I got the header picture up but of course there's still a hell of a lot of work to do. I'm not nuts about the layout, it's going to take a lot of tuning. See where that calendar is? (it should be to the right, but it may be at the bottom if your screen is 800x600, that's one of the issues I have with the layout) Anyway, I really want to put that full length sexy Fierce picture there, but it doesn't want to co-operate. I also have a lot of linkage to import and what-not, too. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the Blogger archives. I know there is a way to import them all over here, but I may just end up putting a "go to the old blog" link somewhere.
Of course, I'm tackling all this at SO the wrong time in my life. I have all kinds of stuff going on in 3-D. That's just the way I am. I work best under pressure.
So here it is, The Beginning of "Inside the mind of a Keanu fan" Version 2.0.


and stuff......

Oh, yeah. One of the new features is you can leave comments.

the site | from inside the mind of krix at 11:49 AM | comments (10)