March 31, 2002

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

Last Easter I was at the Dogstar show in Santa Clara.

This year I'm laying about eating a leftover ham sandwich and watching Mutant X.

So very glamorous, no?

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March 28, 2002
I *heart* Bret Domrose

We got to the Viper Room about a half hour before the doors opened. Ran into 2 girls (Hi Suzy and Loretta!) that I met last April at the Dogstar show in Santa Clara and chatted. There wasn't a huge crowd and we were some of the first ones in. We got some drinks and stood around one of the silly pillar tables since all of the booths (boothes?, whatever) were "Reserved".
Bret went on first. Mike N. was on drums as usual. Tony J., who I recognized from Dogstar's crew, was playing bass, and a new guy (I feel awful that I missed his name as Bret told us) was playing guitar. The atmosphere was very laid back and the crowd was small but Bret, as always, rocked. He played a few songs from Rough Around the Edges along with some new ones. The one that stood out was one called either 'Comfort Me' or 'Come For Me', I think it's the latter, which is appropriate because it, like Mr. Domrose when he plays, was Just. Dead. Sexy.
Great song. Please let it be released soon.
Bret talked a little in each break, made some jokes, etc.
After the set (which was way too short, but there were still 2 more bands that night) I caught Bret outside and told him thank you, and that my friend and I had come from out of town to see him. He thanked me and asked if we were going hang out for a bit, he would be back in after he put his gear away. When he came back in, he stopped and talked to us for a few. I didn't ask about Dogstar, because I really wanted him to know that we were there for him. He really is so gifted.
While I love Dogstar, I actually think that Bret's solo stuff rocks a little bit more. I'm so glad that we made the trip. I can't say enough what a sweet guy he is.
Thanks, Bret.

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March 20, 2002
Still more on the Dressage

So, I open up my email this morning and find that Sparrowhawk is trying to kill me.

No, really.

Just look at these pictures she sent to contribute to the "Dressage" project...

Guhhhhh...*blink* *blink*. He must have been making adjustments as I previously noted, because this is SO to the right, I think I need to take a cold shower.

This one is inconclusive, but good grief....
Is anyone else totally enthralled by the belly scar? I would willingly eat aerosol cheese off of that tummy of his. And I hate aerosol cheese.
I also love all the pics from this shoot because he has that little paunch at his sides. I just want to grab him.
And of course, leather pants....rwowrrrrr.
Remember the No Foo Foo soaps I mentioned a while back?
Well there is one that is leather scented, and when I first used it, I was all "Whoa, this smells like porn."
(The good porn, the East German kind that you have to know someone behind the counter to get access to)
But I bet next time I use it, I'm going to be thinking of these pants..

Also in my inbox this morning, I got a neat link from Ana in Brazil.
She's a big anime fan and found this character from Samurai X, Saitou, that reminds her of Keanu.
I have to agree.

She sent me a page with a bunch of pictures.

Go check it out
and see what you think.

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March 19, 2002
More Dressage

I blog today with blackened fingers.
Printer cartridge ink refill kits?
Brilliant in theory, a damn mess in execution. And don't ever ever play ER by trying to hold the syringe upward and squirting out the air. Unless you're going for that dalmation look.

I have further advances in the Keanu Dress Theory, compliments of my new field researcher and honorary lemur, Lori (formerly known as L.C.). I quote:

Keanu is ambidresstrous, dressing either left or right as the need occurs or the situation allows.

She offers this photographic proof...

Ummm, Hi Conor. Going commando today? Niiiiice.
Definitely to the left here.

And what's going on here? Is he mid-adjustment? Have an itch?

Frankly, I don't care. This exquisite picture is to-the-left evidence.
Although it makes me wonder if Keanu ever has "Al Bundy" moments.

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March 18, 2002

Desperate times call for desperate blogging.
Not too much Keanu news these days, aside from where he's eating and what he's driving while he's down in Sydney, taking his own sweet time getting these sequels done, dammit...
OH! Sorry...I know it's not his fault that it seems like forever and a fortnight that he's been away. is, but just because we love and miss him so much.

Luckily there's always
My results? I'm glad you asked..


And since I was there, I had to check my results with ...


So...basically, it looks like I'll be discussing philosophy with Keanu, and then going to fuck Kiefer's brains out.

Which doesn't sound bad at all, really...

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March 17, 2002
St. Pat's

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I tried to come up with something Irish to blog today, so here's Conor O'Neill

Roll me over in the clover, Conor...

Man, don't you just want to touch his hair???
...and that perfect amount of five o'clock shadow...

Hockey ranks high on the list of things I love.
Yesterday, Kiefer Sutherland (also on that list, just under Keanu), played in a charity game in Seattle.
The Kiefer, on ice. Much thanks to Cyn for sharing this pic and others. LUCKY GIRL!
I wonder what position he plays? Oh stop, you know what I mean....hmm, actually...
No really. I mean, he's no goalie. He's probably a forward.
Have I mentioned how much I want to move to Seattle?


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March 12, 2002

In an effort to put off figuring out my taxes for another day, I've decided to occupy myself exploring the very superficial question...

Does Keanu Dress Left or Right?

This page says that typically, most american men "dress left". It's so common, in fact, that most men's suits are actually tailored with a little extra room at the top of the left leg. Isn't that an interesting little bit of trivia?

However, Mr. Reeves is hardly ever "typical" (I believe he's also considered Canadian, which may or may not be significant in this study).

==Exhibit "A"==

He's so sweet and young here. Now, there's a weird fold thing going on with these pants though, but it would seem that in his younger years, Keanu dressed right. But, so many things can change as one matures. I decided that more research was required.

==Exhibit "B"==

AH! Faded jeans are your friend. Positively...umm, compelling "to the right" evidence here...

==Exhibit "C"==

This picture from Rolling Stone is a bit too dark for research purposes, but damn, it's a nice one, isn't it?

==Exhibit "D"==

If he had a quarter in his pocket we could read the date. I find this picture further supports my original hypothesis.

So, my research shows, thus far, that Keanu Reeves dresses to the right.
Of course this shall be an ongoing study, and I welcome your contibutions of photographic or other (!?) evidence to support or refute this claim.

It's purely academic, of course....

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March 10, 2002
House of Blues

Hey! I did have something to blog today..

One year ago, I was at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip watching Dogstar.

Sigh, it was great.

Now I'm depressed. When are they gonna play again?

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March 07, 2002
My best friend Eric

WARNING: gushy personal entry ahead....

I got to see my best friend Eric last night for the first time since he moved to Seattle. About 6 years.
Seeing him was like a mega B-12 shot for my soul. We sat in the bar at the Rio for hours, just talking about life, love, friendship, and destiny. I can honestly say it's been years since I felt so good just to be around someone.


He, I , and his friend Floyd (who was super sweet, quiet enough to let Eric and I yap and very cool about it) went to a great italian resturant and then hit the bar Eric used to work at here for karaoke, of all things.
It was much more of a dive than I remember.
Reason #482,613 why I love Eric? He got up and sang the BeeGees "How Deep is Your Love".
So very fun and cool. I pondered getting up and belting out "Superstar" but dinner had absorbed the alcohol in my system by then, and I chickened out. We bailed on that scene soon after and went to meet Eric's boss at the Bellagio, where we drank and smoked and talked some more.
We talked a lot.
Most of it, stuff none of you would be interested in, BUT here's one little tidbit...
How many of you thought that maybe Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville was about/inspired by Keanu? Well, apparently it's not. Eric knows the one who it is about.

I got home about 2am and spent another hour in staring at the ceiling and thinking about my best friend.
It was a very good night. He leaves today, unfortunately.
I'm going up to Seattle to visit as soon as I can swing it.
I'm pretty sure I'm not going to want to come back.

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March 03, 2002

Speaking of groupies, it's been WAY too long since the last Dogstar show.
Hey Domrose! Throw us a bone, eh? Solo show? Something?
Ah well, at least I have my memories.
Here's one.

You can't really see it but he had some MAJOR bedhead going on here.

This pic was taken by my good friend and frequent road trip partner, Maria at a benefit concert for The Garden Nursery School in L.A. on Jan. 18, 2001.
It was a fun show. A little short, and there weren't a whole lot of people at the club. So it was very laid back and casual. Bret even came out and talked to a bunch of us before they went on, and Rob was wandering aound, too. Keanu kept backstage, though. I heard from some friends (that were at the club early and had a chance to speak with him) that he was pretty sick that night. The blonde must have been his nurse. *snark*
But all in all, it was a great benefit show for a good cause.

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March 02, 2002
Quattro Formaggi Fix

Quattro Formaggi is an "enhanced" CD, meaning that along with the four nifty tunes, it has a bunch of video clips that you can watch on your computer. Unfortunately, it usually doesn't work because of some screwy quicktime file thing. HOWEVER, there was a page for another band, Treble Charger that had a "fix" that you could do to your computer. I guess they had a CD with the same type of enhancements. A couple years ago, when I was gifted my first Dogstar CD, (QF of course) by a lovely woman Diane, I was told about this page. Credit goes to Mary Jo for providing me and many other fans with this info.
Unfortunately that page is no longer online.
Janice, over at her Dogstar site: My Happy Ending made a page with the info on it, which is very helpful (in fact it contains much more thorough installation instuctions so check it out), but doesn't contain the actual file needed to do the fix. (I'm not sure if the file is still at that old treble charger site, all I know is that I looked for the page and it's no longer there).
For some reason, I had the foresight to save that old treble charger page and the zip file to my computer and I'm glad I did.
SO, I have made my own QF fix page that hopefully will be around for a while.
Props to: Diane (for giving me the CD and pointing me toward..), Mary Jo (for helping out with the fix link way back when), Janice (for making a record of the page and the info so I could find it again, before it went offline) and mostly to the Treble Charger guy, whoever he is (for figuring out the fix and making it available for all of us Dogstar fans without even knowing it)

(for future reference, there will be a link to the fix page on's misc page)

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