January 29, 2002
Bad Ferret!

I don't know who this guy is, or what naughty thing the ferret did, but it just seemed fitting.

I haven't had my coffee yet. So, pardon my bitchiness but...

If you are thinking of sending me an email as part of a gigantic mass forward, DON'T.
I don't want any surveys or jokes or "inspiring" e-cards. If you send me one of these things, I'm going to delete it. If it has an attachment, I'm going to block it, because that's how viruses are propagated.
Now, I'm NOT talking about individual emails, where you say "Hey krix, hows it going? I came across this link/quote/picture and I thought you'd dig it"
That's cool, in fact, I don't get enough of those. But I have no desire to cut and paste some long-ass link, go to a site with a bunch of pop-up ads, or download some mysterious ZIP file to open up some stupid eCard that says "Happy Tuesday! I think you're SWELL!!" If you think I'm swell, just send the thought in a plain text email. I'll believe you. I don't need an animated frog telling me. Besides, if you sent that same frog to 2 dozen other people...well, that's just tacky.


I mean it.


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January 28, 2002
Sexy Noses

Here's a page of stars with sexy noses (haha, gotta love the internet) that includes Keanu. He does have a sexy nose, of course. Makes me want to give him eskimo kisses.
By the way, I have NO IDEA what's going on with David Duchovny in that first pic...
Nice pants, dude....

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I feel like hell today and I don't know why.
Last night, I dreamed that I was chatting up Cuba Gooding, Jr. so he would give Keanu my phone number.
My subconcious is so bold..."Denzel Washington? I just don't see it in him, but you, Cuba...YOU are the man. So you'll tell him to call me, right?..." SHAMELESS, I tell you.

I have to find a new book to read because I've finished Ecstasy Club.

I ran a few quick google searches for some Keanu content to post today. "Keanu" and "politics" didn't yield anything of worth. "Keanu" and "reading" did give up a numerology reading, so if you're into that kind of stuff, check it out.

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January 25, 2002
Archers of Loaf

Speaking of music, I hope my Archers of Loaf CD came in the mail today. When I get it, I'll make an mp3 of one of the songs and put it on the MISC page, so you can check it out. For the full "Being Keanu Reeves" experience, I suggest putting on some comfy jeans, a faded black t-shirt, kicking back in well-worn boots, and lighting up a Marlboro Red while you listen to it.
Oh, and don't shave for a few days.....

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Keanu's Basses

circa 1992

Romeo's Pic of the Day Club sent out this pic today as the first of a series on Keanu's basses over the years. I'm pretty sure it's a Fender.
These days, I think Keanu is having all his basses custom made by Dan Ransom. I've never owned a custom instrument, but I've had a chance to play a couple, and the difference is amazing, like buying off-the-rack as opposed to having a suit tailor-made.
I remember after seeing Dogstar for the first time, trying to get info on Ransom basses and not really being able to find any. I came across this eBay auction last fall, via a discussion on some bass players' site (I think it was TalkBass.com, but they now make you register to browse the forums so I'm not sure.) Anyway, as far as I can remember, every time I have seen Dogstar, Keanu has played a maroon/wine-colored Ransom bass. It looks like a really nice instrument, but I'm not suprised, Keanu seems to have a taste for quality in those things that are important to him. And the more I learn about him, I think that music is very important to him.

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January 22, 2002
Happy Birthday to Rob

Happy Birthday to Rob Mailhouse

Last night I dreamed that Dogstar played a concert in my living room.

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January 21, 2002
Ecstasy Club

Looking for a book to read?

I suggest Ecstasy Club by Douglas Rushkoff.

"A darkly comic contemporary fable: a brave, very funny, very knowing trip through the neo-psychedelic substrate of the wired world."
--William Gibson

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January 20, 2002
Sex and Keanu

Keanu is like the missionary position?

That article came up in a google search for the terms "Keanu" and "Sex"

So did some Matrix slash* ,
a page with some sound clips,
this almost interesting article
and this stupid one.

*(slash is homoerotic fan fiction, consider yourself warned)

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There are two men on this planet for whom I would get on my hands and knees and scrub a stone tile floor.
My father and Keanu Reeves.

Guess which one called in that favor today?

And another thing, just because you call it "swiffering", doesn't mean it's not drudgery.

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January 19, 2002
Stuff from 'Tash

So, I'm going through the pile of stuff that 'Tash sent. I'll be keeping all the photos but most of the clippings are either going to get clipped further (for the pictures) or just tossed. I have enough chaos in my life without savng pages of magazines. By the way, she TOLD me I could toss what I didn't want, so don't think I'm an ingrate or anything. There are a couple of magazine articles that I'm reading before I make my final "cut" and I'm going to type up any really good quotes I find, and maybe make a page or something with them.
Anyway, I found this one from Movieline:

Two great 21st century mysteries wait to be solved:
How will the Chinese look in Mustang convertibles, and when will Keanu Reeves face the camera and smile?
Of course, if Reeves ever does, half of his sexual allure will go out the window. Harder to read than a doctor’s prescription, Reeves has bounced all that physical allure around for years like a heavy metal electron looking for a nucleus party to crash. It’s good to see an actor who cares more about taking chances than doing Vanity Fair covers. Even when he became a mute action hero in Speed (there were more sparks coming from the sideswiped cars than between him and Sandra Bullock), it didn’t slow down his grand evasion. Then came The Matrix and all the qualities in Reeves’ arsenal of inscrutability came together. And why not? The guy is a frigging load, a great big building of sexual empathy who could probably keep a woman out of the rain with just his big ol’ Fender bass-hugging hands –and still get her wet.

...Emphasis mine.....

Also in a little "What are you listening to?" blurb Keanu says:

Seconds Before the Accident
by Archers of Loaf
"It's new and good"

So, naturally.... I just ordered it... I'm such a lemming.

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January 17, 2002

In a prime example of the internet snake chasing its own tail, I was happily suprised to be mentioned on that whole Vegas thing thread at ComingSoon.net's forum. And it seems that the guy who runs that forum, Frizzo the Clown (no, really, that's his handle) was all shocked and smiley that his forum was mentioned here. So in order to feed the snake and spread the love I'd like to give a shout out to Frizzo and MatrixFan. And by the way, I'm totally buying the whole Will Smith thing. It could happen.

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January 16, 2002
More on the rumor

This Just In:
The head of UNLV's film department just called me and told me that NO, no major productions have filmed on campus. He did say that he has heard of some students that might be putting together a Matrix-like short and he will call me back if he hears anything. Super nice guy. I'm not suprised since his first name begins with a "K".

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Matrix in Las Vegas Rumor

So there's this story on TheMatrixOnline.com regarding a story at CountingDown.com (I think the whole thing originated as a forum post at ComingSoon.net)claiming that Keanu was in my little town shooting scenes to Reloaded a couple weeks ago.
Well, since I know how many of you are looking to me to confirm or deny what goes on in my own backyard, I decided to look into it, seeing as how I didn't have anything better to do this morning. I bothered several people at UNLV (well, I called them anyway, but I can assure you they were pretty bothered by it. Except the guy that laughed at me) and this is what I have found out. Any major production that seeks permission to film on campus would have to go through the President of the University's office. The woman I spoke to there had no idea what I was talking about. Although I will say that she said "I don't know" rather strangely. Probably because I was yammering like an idiot trying to keep a straight face while I tried to say the phrase "Chasing down an internet rumor".The guy with the undeterminable accent in the film department said he had no idea, but he put me through to the Head of the film department's voice mail. So I REALLY bothered this guy by asking him to take time out of his busy day and call me with any info. I really don't expect to get a call. I would like to know if maybe some students were filming a Matrix spoof or something, because THAT would be interesting (plus this rumor could be great publicity since it's on all the Matrix boards)
I personally think that this is a false report. It makes no sense for many reasons, Here's a few:
a) UNLV has nothing especially unique to offer, besides the ugliest piece of campus art in history, to the production of a sci-fi film. If they were looking for a special trapeze or something they would have used one of the Strip's La Cirque-type shows rehearsal arena. But even that is something easily built in Austraila, anyway.
b) The guy that submitted the report says he works as security at UNLV. I can tell you that UNLV has its own police department and you better NOT call them security guards because they will get very very pissy and make you pour out all your beers in the parking lot before they let you into the Thomas and Mack.
c) I do know a couple people at and around UNLV and really, they would have called me to get my ass down there.
So I can't positively, absolutely confirm or deny this story as of yet, but that's MY take on it.
It's bullshit.
But really, what does it matter where a few scenes are filmed? I mean, besides the fact that IF it were true and IF Reeves once again dissed me, this time, in my own 'hood, well...I'm crushed.... again.... where's the love ?????
Dude, you are so lucky that "KieferVision" just does NOT roll off the tongue...

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January 12, 2002
Keanu Philosophy

A Google search for the terms Keanu and philosophy returns over 3,000 results.


And the recap is # 29. Wheeeee!

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January 11, 2002

Hee! I love these.
*snark* He's quite a handful, eh?
Dude! Can I give you a hand with that?......please?
If you aren't already a member of Romeo's Pic of the Day club aka the Yahoo group KeanuPix, I recommend joining.

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January 01, 2002
New Year's Day

I'm alive!
And none worse for wear. Had a nice time last night, the fireworks display was impressive and I still have a fondness for K cider.
I woke up groggily this morning and turned on the computer, hoping it didn't suck.
I still need a new video card or something but I'm getting used to the brightness.
I'll spend half the day today finding good things about the new monitor, convincing myself to keep it.
Lobby and Dojo are homeless now, however. They can't live on my pillow like they did last night can they? That would be weird. Last night was special circumstances. And thankfully, I have the day off, because I don't want ot explain the tiny Keanu face imprinted in my cheek this morning.
Yeah, I have to find a place for them.
In other news~ A Keanu quote made it in to Metroactive's memorable quote's of the year.

"I mean really wonderful. In teaching. Personal epiphanies. About life. About different perspectives--help with different perspectives that you have. You know what I mean? Relationships to nature. Relationships with the self. With other people. With events."

--Actor Keanu Reeves, 36, on the "wonderful experiences" he's had with drugs

A dubious honor, but I thought I'd mention it.

Time for the first caffiene of 2002.....

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